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Real Estate, Loan and Financial Agents.

Special Attention Given to the Interests of Nonresidents.




424 pages. Nearly 100 illustrations.
Gives location of all gold fields in Alaska and British Yukon country.
How to get to them.
What it costs to reach them, with necessary outfit.
What to do when you get there.
How to prospect for gold.

Every route described in detail, with good, clear maps and complete tables of distances.

Mining laws and land regulations of United States and Canada complete.
Method of procedure in locating and filing claims.

In addition a great store of miscellaneous information of great interest and educational value.

Complete and exhaustive index.

No expense has been spared to make “THE CHICAGO RECORD'S BOOK FOR GOLD-SEEKERS” indispensable to the prospective gold-seeker and a treasure for every library. Of a high order in a literary, typographical and artistic sense. Bound in art canvas, with beautiful cover design in three colors.

Mailed postpaid on receipt of $1.00 by THE CHICAGO RECORD, 181 Madison-st., Chicago.

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Van Buren, near Wabash-av. 10 $100,000 Jenney & Mundie. Vendome Club. Oglesby-av. and 62d-st.

8 200.000 F. B. Townsend. Reynolds Apartment Bldg.. Cottage Grove-av. and 52d-st. 7 200,000 J.J Koubn. Corbin Apartment Building. . Cottage Grove-av. and 51st-st. 8 200,000 J. M. Van Osdel & Co. Van Buren.

Van Buren-st., near 5th-av... 10 250,000 Fland'rs & Zim'rman Historical Society Building Dearborn-av. and Ontario-st. 2% 150,000 Henry I. Cobb. Kuh, Nathan & Fischer Bldg. Franklin and Van Buren... 7 150,000 C. S. Frost. Rribens Apartment Building.. Cass-st. and Walton.pl. 7 150,000 E. Krause. Stringfield Building.. Wabash-av. and 12th-st.

8 150,000 J. de Horvath, Gillespie Building. 331-333 Dearborn

12 150,000 J.J. Egan. Mineola.

LaSalle-av. and Oak-st.... 7 125,000 Fromman & Jebsen, Kedzie Building. Randolph, near Clark...

8 100,000 E. R. Krause.
Dexter Building.
Adams, near Dearborn.

8 100,000 Mayo & Curry.
Koch Apartment Building.. LaSalle-av. and Locust-st. 6 100,000 E. Krause.
Dearborn and 17th.

4 100,000 Lienau & Nash. Unity.

Dearborn, near Randolph.. 16 800,000 C. J. Warren Lexington Hotel.

Michigan-av. and 22d-st... 10 750.000 C. J. Warren, Cook County Abstract.

100 and 102 Washington. 16 700,000 Henry I. Cobb. Ashland.. Clark and Randolph.

16 650,000 Burnham & Root. Mecca Anartments.. Dearborn and 34th.......

4 600,000 W.J. Edbrooke. German Theater and Hotel... 103-109 Randolph.

15 600,000 Adler & Sullivan. Chicago Athletic Association. Michigan-av., near Madison.. 10 600,000 Henry I. Cobb. Hartford Deposit Co...

Madison and Dearborn.. 14 600,000 Henry I. Cobb. Mrs. S. P. Lee's Building. 147-153 5th-av.......

14 400,000 James G. Rogers. Warren Apartment House.... Clark-st. and North-av

8 400,000 C. J. Warren. Venetian.

Washington, near State. 13 350,000 Holabird & Roche. Chicago University Dormi. tory and Recitation Hall.... Midway Plaisance

350,000 Henry I. Cobb Smyth.. 150-166 W. Madison..

350,000 William Stripplem'n American Ex. Co.'s Stables... Sebor..

320,000 Jenney & Mundie. Leiter.

Wabash-av. between Van

Buren and Congress-sts.... 250,000 Jenney & Mundie. Waller's

S. E. cor. Market and Quincy 10 210,000 Fland rs & Zim'rman Kimball.

Harmon-ct. and Michigan-avl 7 200,000 Fland'rs & Zim'rman N.W. Division High School... Davis and Potomac..

2 125,000 Fland'rs & Zim'rman 1890. Masonic Temple State and Randolph

20 3,000,000 Burnham & Root. W.C.T. U. Temple LaSalle and Monroe.

12 1,000,000 Burnham & Root. Chicago Hotel.. 227-245 Dearborn.

14 1,250,000 Burnham & Root. Monadnock. Dearborn and Jackson

16 1,000,000 Burnham & Root. "The Fair'' Building. State and Adams.

16 3,000,000 W. L. B. Jenney. Leiter Building. State and Van Buren..

8 1,250,000 W. L. B. Jenney. Cold Storage Exchange. ke-st. and the river..

2,000,000 Adler & llivan. Grand Central Depot Harrison-st. and 5th-av..

7 1,000,000 S. S. Beman. The Manhattan. 307-321 Dearborn...

16 700.000 W. L. B. Jepney. Chamber of Commerce. LaSalle and Washington. 13 2,000,000 H. W. Huehl. First Regiment Armory. Michigan-av. and 16th-st. 3 150,000 Burnham & Root. Rand, McNally & Co.. LaSalle and Adams.

10 1,000,000 Burnham & Root. The Pontiac..

Harrison and Dearborn. 14 350,000 Holabird & Roche. The Caxton... 356 Dearborn..

12 225.000 Holabird & Roche. Hotel Metropole. Michigan-av. and 23d-st.

7 425,000 C. J. Warren.
Newberry Library
N. Clark and Washington-sq. 5

H. I. Cobb.
Virginia Hotel..
Ohio and Rush..

10 500,000 C. J. Warren.
Aldrich Hotel.
Lake-av. and 23d-st.

7 300,000 C. J. Warren. Henning & Speed. 299-301 S. Clark.

10 300,000 W. L. B. Jenney. Fairbank Hotel

Michigan-av. and 21st-st.... 10 450,000 C. J. Warren. Ald. Kerr's Apartment House Washington-av. and 61st-st... 10 400,0001C. J. Warren.

Following is a list of the more important tion, though a number of minor changes Chicago buildings begunor completed in 1897: were made and doubtless more will be made FEDERAL BUILDING.

before the building is completed. The first

two stories are to be built flush with the The bill for the construction of a new fed.inner sidewalk line, with ground dimensions eral building in Chicago passed the house of of 321 by 396 feet. The first floor will be representatives Jan. 21 and the senate Feb. 6, lighted from a skylight at the bottom of an 1855. It was signed by the president and be ample shaft cut through the second story. came a law Feb. 14. Tbe work of building a Above the second story the building is to be temporary postoftice and tearing down the of a cruciform shape, so as to admit of the old one occasioned much delay, and it was maximum of light and air. In the center of not until the 13th of September, 1897, that the cross rise all the elevators and stairactual work upon the foundation of the new ways to the eighth story from the ground, structure was begun. In March, 1896, Henry while surmounting the whole is a flat-topped Ives Cobb was appointed architect and in dome 100 feet in diameter and 200 feet bigb. September of that year preliminary sketches in this it is expected that the weather bureau and plans were submitted by him. These will be quartered, were accepted without substantial modifica | in the Corinthian style throughout.

The bullding is planned


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The News Uses Bonnell's Inks.

The Record Uses Bonnell's Inks.

The Post Uses Bonnell's Inks.

The Chronicle Uses Bonnell's Inks.

The Inter Ocean Uses Bornell's Inks.

The Times-Herald Uses Bonnell's Inks.

The Abendpost Uses Bonnell's Inks.

The Staats Zeitung Uses Bonnell's Inks.

Leading Publishing Houses

Use Bonnell's Inks.


material is to be smooth-dressed, light-gray street fronts, and the entire building; from granite, iron and brick. On the central basement to ninth floor, inclusive, 18 plandome, which is to be gilded, bronze eagles tered and finished complete. Holabird & are to be placed, wbile bronze statuary will Roche were the architects. The cost was till niches in other parts of the structure: about $200,000. The arrangement of the interior has not

ALDIS BUILDING, been fully decided upon at the time this is written, but ample provision will be made The eight-story building at the southeast for the federal courts, customs officers and corner of Market and Van Buren streets was other departments in the upper stories. begun early in the summer and completed in The lower floors will, of course, be ex

December. It stands on a triangular lot 80 clusively devoted to the postal work. Con- by 170 feet in area formerly occupied by a grass appropriated $4,000,000 for build three-story structure which for several years ing.

was used by the American Express company, WELLS BUILDING.

The new building is of the most modern con.

struction, the material chiefly used being The Wells building at the southeast corner iron, pressed brick and glass. It is designed of Harrison and Clark streets will, when for the wholesale clothing trade and precompleted, be ten stories high. The lot is sents no distinctive features. The owners 100 feet square. The exterior will be of are represented by Owen Aldis. The archipressed brick, with terra-cotta trimmings, tects were Holabird & Roche and the cost and the interior will be of steel skeleton was about $150,000. construction. The building will be unusual

WATSON BUILDING. ly substantial, some of the floors being designed to carry 150 pounds to the square foot The Watson building at 84 Wabash avenue and others a heavier load than that. The is seven stories high, 24 feet wide and 163 equipment so far as heating, lighting and feet deep. There are two elevators, one for power are concerned will be of a high grade. passengers and one for freight, both being The building will be provided with passen operated by electricity. The street front 18 ger and freight elevators and will be heated of iron and plate-glass. The alley front is by steam and lighted by electricity. The of brick, with small wood mutins dividbuilding will be devoted to the occupancy of ing large plate-glass. The amount of light printers and publishers. Hola bird & Roche in the rear is about equal to that of the are the architects of the building, the cost front. The transoms are provided with of which will be approximately $200,000. W. semi-prism glass. The entrance to store and A. and E. A. Wells are the owners. They corridor is in mosaic, and the corridor floor have a lease on the lot from Dr. J. E. Baker is of the same material. The corridor enfor ninety-nine years.

trance and first-story corridor have marble WILLIAMS BUILDING.

wainscoting five feet high. The upper cor

ridors are finished with cement wainscoting The Williams building, so named after the and will be painted. The floors throughout owner, Mr. J. M. Williams, is a ten-story the building are of maple. The building is structure at the southwest corner of Monroe arranged for two tenants on a floor if destreet and 5th avenue. The lot on which it sided, or for one tenant on entire floor or stands is 90 feet on Monroe street by 125 feet entire building. The building is lighted by on 5th avenue, with an eleven-foot alley on electricity and gas. The basement is prothe west, with larger space at the rear for vided with freight chute, and a large general teaming. The building is in Italian renais- packing and receiving room will be arranged sance design, constructed of dark red brick, near the freight elevator in the basement. with terra cotta on front and with plate-The walls will be tinted with calcimine. glass, and is absolutely fireproof. The foun- Mrs. Julia M. Watson, represented by Frank dations are of combined steel and concrete. M. Elliot, is the owner and Holabird & The building is designed for two tenants, Roche were the architects. The cost was each occupying one-half of the Monroe street about $100,000. front, or for one tenant for the entire building, and is also so arranged that each floor

MILLS-SPOFFORD BUILDING. or portion of floors may be leased to sepa- The old Willoughby-Hill building, on the rate tenants.

southeast corner of Madison and Clark There are two entrances on Monroe street. streets, put up immediately after the fire of The ent're first story is of terra cotta and 1871, was remodeled and greatly enlarged iron, with ample plăte-glass. The building during the summer and fall of 1897. Four is provided with two passenger and


stories were added, making the building freight elevators of the latest improved by eight stories high. The supporting pillars draulic pattern, and is equipped with power were strengthened and the structure made plant, heated by steam and lighted by elec- as nearly fireproof as possible, the constructricity. In construction the building is ab- tion being of brick, steel, stone and terra solutely fireproof, using fat bollow tile cotta. The first floor was divided into arches and porous tile partitions. The floors stores, wbile the other seven were made throughout the building are of selected ma- into a botel of 225 rooms. The cost of the ple, and the inside finish is of red oak, fin- improvement was about $100.000. D. W. Ished in dark antique. The basement is Mills and George W. Spotford are the own. lighted with semi-prism glass on the two ers.


The Civio Federation of Chicago. 215-216 First National Bank Building, Telo

phone Main 2502.

President-Adolph Nathan,
First Vice-President-William A. Giles,
Second Vice-President-M. J. Carroll.

Secretary-Ralph M. Easley.
Assistant Secretary-Gertrude Beeks.
Treasurer-E. G. Keith.
Executive Committee Adolph Nathan, Wil.

liam T. Baker, William A. Giles, M. J.
Carroll, E. G, Keith. William A. Vincent,
Sadie American, William R. Harper, sid-
ney C, Eastman, 8. J. Kline, Edward B.














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