City Planning: Hearing Before the Committee on the District of Columbia, United States Senate, on the Subject of City Planning.June 1, 1909

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1910 - 105 страница

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Страница 26 - When private property shall be taken for any public use the compensation to be made therefor, when such compensation is not made by the State, shall be ascertained by a jury, or by not less than three commissioners appointed by a court of record, as shall be prescribed by law.
Страница 35 - The state or any of its cities may acquire by gift, purchase, or condemnation lands for establishing, laying out, widening, enlarging, extending, and maintaining memorial grounds, streets, squares, parkways, boulevards, parks, playgrounds, sites for public buildings, and reservations in and about and along and leading to any or all of. the same...
Страница 39 - We are not prepared to hold that this limitation of eighty to one hundred feet, while in fact a discrimination or classification, is so unreasonable that it deprives the owner of the property of its profitable use without justification, and that he is therefore entitled under the Constitution to compensation for such invasion of his rights. The discrimination thus made is, as we think, reasonable, and is justified by the police power. It might well be supposed that taller buildings in the commercial...
Страница 71 - SECTION 1. That there shall be in the city of Hartford a commission on the city plan, which shall consist of the mayor, who shall be its presiding officer; the president of the board of street commissioners ; the president of the board of park commissioners ; the city engineer ; two citizens, neither of whom shall hold any other office in said city government ; one member of the board of aldermen, and one member of the common council board, to be appointed as hereinafter provided.
Страница 55 - ... part to secure adequate ground with less investment of capital, and also to be more secure from labor disturbances. (6) The housing of the homeless men and women must be an important part of this policy. In each city there is a large number of persons of both sexes without regular habitation.* Mr. B. C Marsh, Executive Secretary of the Committee on Congestion of Population...
Страница 35 - ... may convey any such real estate thus acquired and not necessary for such improvements, with reservations concerning the future use and occupation of such real estate, so as to protect such public works and improvements, and their environs, and to preserve the view, appearance, light, air, and usefulness of such public works.
Страница 77 - Aristotle defined a city as a place where men live a common life for a noble end.
Страница 35 - January in the year nineteen hundred and six, revise such order, and the revision shall be recorded in the registry of deeds for the county of Suffolk and shall date back to the original date of recording. The...
Страница 35 - ... the city of Boston, to compel the defendants to issue a permit to him to build on his lot on the corner of Arlington and Marlborough streets, in that city. The application was referred by the justice presiding to the full court, and was by it denied (193 Mass., 364), and the plaintiff has brought the case here by writ of error.
Страница 30 - In the memory of men now living, a proposition to take private property, without the consent of its owner, for a public park, and to assess a proportionate part of the cost upon real estate benefited thereby, would have been regarded as a novel exercise of legislative power.

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