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Gift of Sen. Chas. Sumner,





CINCINNATI, MAY 5th, 1865.

To Whom it may Concern:

This is to certify that I am well acquainted with Newport, Ky., and feel the deepest solicitude to see a Methodist Episcopal Church built in the place. We have now over two hundred members, mostly poor, and there is an overshadowing Southern organization. I heartily commend the proposed effort

of the Trustees to erect a building, and bespeak for them a most liberal consideration.


Editor of the Western Christian Advocate.

I concur in the foregoing most heartily.

ADAM POE, Book Agent.

WM. ANDREWS, P. M., Newport, Ky.

WE, the Trustees of the "Methodist Episcopal Church" of Newport, Ky., convinced of the great necessity of having a suitable place for worship, and being urged by the loyal portion of our citizens to make an effort to build a church edifice suited to our wants, so that we can better extend our influence as the "Methodist Episcopal Church," in oppositition to the "Methodist Episcopal Church South," in this State; and having the promise of aid from our friends in this vicinity to the extent of their ability, we ask the assistance of all Chis tian friends at this time, that we may succeed in our enterprise, and for the encouragement of loyalty in opposition to treason,-Freedom in opposition to Slavery, and the religion of Our Lord Jesus Christ as the foundation of all good. In connection with this timely and laudable enterprise, and to assist us in th object in view, we most cordially recommend our friend and brother, William S. Bailey, Esq., Editor of The Free South in this city, as a most worthy loyal man, and well-wisher of the cause and object of the Trustees, and also recommend him as one suitable and trustworthy to collect funds for this object.

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