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By Alexander Chalmers, A. M.

A New and Carefully Revised Edition, Domplete in six volumes, 8vo., pica type. Price in cloth, $9; half call

extra or'antique, $15; calf extra or antique, $20.

" It is praiso enongh to say of a writer, that, in a high department of literature, in which many eminent writers have distingnished themselves, he has had no equal; and this may, with strict justice, be said of Addison. He is entitled to be considered not only as the greatest of the English essayists, but as the forerunner of the great Eng. lish novelists. His best essays approach near to absolute perfection; nor is their es. cellence more wonderful than their variety. His invention never seems to flag; nor is he ever under the necessity of repeating himself, or of wearing out a subject."- Macaulay.

* He was not only the ornament of his age and country, but he reflects dignity on the nature of man. He has divested vice of its meretricious ornaments, and painted religion and virtue in the modest and gracoful attire wbich charm and elevate the heart."-Dr. Anderson,

" In Addison the reader will find a rich and chaste vein of humor and satire; lessons of morality and religion, divested of all austerity and gloom; criticism at onco pleasing and profound; and pictures of national character and manners that must ever charm, from their vivacity and truth.”- Dr. Ilurd.

“Of Addison's numerous and well-known writings, it may be affirmed, that they rest on the solid basis of real excellence, in moral tendency as well as literary merit. Vice and folly are satirized, virtue and decorum are rendered attractive; and while polished diction and Attic wit abound, the purest ethics are inculcated."- Maunder.

“ His glory is that of one of our greatest writers in proso. Here, with his delicato sense of propriety, his lively fancy, and, above all, his most original and exquisite humor, he was in his proper walk. He is the founder of a new school of popular writing, in which, like most other founders of schools, be is still unsurpassed by any who have attempted to imitate him. His Spectutor gave us the first examples of a style possessing all the best qualities of a vehicle of general amusement and instruction; easy and familiar without coarseness, animated without extravagance, polished without un. natural labor, and, from its flexibility, adapted to all the variety of the gay and the serious."-- Penny Cyclopedia.

"To correct the vices, ridicule the follies, and dissipate the ignorance, which too generally prevailed at the commencement of the eighteenth century, were the great and noble objects the Spectator ever holds in view; and by enlivening morality with wit, and tempering wit with morality, not only were those objects attained in an emi. nent degree, but the authors conferred a lasting benefit on their country, by establishing and rendering popular a species of writing wbich has materially tended to cultivate the understanding, refine the taste, and augment and purify the moral feeling of successivo generations."-Chalmers.

“He not only brought a good philological taste into fashion, but gave a pleasing ole vation and popular turn to religious studies, and placed Milton upon a pedestal from which he can never be pulled down."-Aiken.

" It stands at the head of all works of the same kind that have since been produced, and as a miscellany of polite literature, is not surpassed by any book whatever." Chambers.

"I consider the spectator invaluable, as containing on the subject of religion all that the world would then bear. Had Addison or bis friends attempted more, it would not have been en lured. The work was a stepping-stone to truth of the highest order, and, as such, our obligations to it are great."- John Wesley.




New and Splendid Library Edition POPULAR POETS AND POETRY OF BRITAIN



BY THE REV. GEORGE GILFILLAN, AUTHOR OF "GALLERY OF LITERARY PORTRAITS," “ BARDS OF THE BIBLE" ETO, La demy-octavo size, printed from a new pica type, on superfine paper, and neatly boand

Price, only $1 a volume in cloth, or $2 50 in calf extra.

"Strangely enough, we have never had as yet any thing at all approaching a satis factory edition of the English poets. We have bad Johnson's, and Bell's, and Cooke's, and sharpe's small sized editions—we have had the one hundred voluine edition from the Chiswick press--we have had the double-columneil editions of Chalmers and Anderson-and we have the, as yet, imperfect Aldine edition ; but no series has bitherto given evidence that a man of cultivated taste and research directed the whole."— Athen,

The splendid series of books now offered to the public at such an unusually low rate of charge, will be got up with all the care and elegance which the present advanced state of the publishing art can command.

The well-known literary character and ability of the editor is sufficient guaranty for the accuracy and general elucidation of the text, while the paper, printing, and binding of the volumes will be of the highest class, formning, in these respects, a striking contrast to all existing cheap editions, in which so few efforts have been made to combine superiority in production with low prices.

Under the impression that a chronological issue of the Poets would not be so acceptable as one inore diversified, it has been deemed advisable to intermix the earlier and the later Poets. Care, however, will be taken that either the author or the volumes are in themselves complete, as published; so that no purchaser discontinuing the series at any time, will be possessed of imperfect books.

The absence in the book market of any handsome uniform series of the Popuer BritIsh Poets, at a moderate price, has induced the publishers to project the present edition, under the impression that, produced in superior style, deserving a place on the shelves of the best libraries, and offered at less than one half the usual selling price, it will meet that amount of patronage which an enterprise, based on such liberal terms, requires,

The series will conclude with a few volumes of fugitive pieces, and a History on British Poetry, in which selections will be given from the writings of those authors whose works do not possess sufficient interest to warrant their pnblication as a wbole.

It is believed that this will render the present edition of the British Poets the most complete wbich has ever been issued, and secure for it extensive support. The series is intended to include the following authors:

[blocks in formation]

The follning Authors are now ready : JOIN MILTON, 2 vols.; JAMES THOMSON, 1 vol.; GEORGE HERBERT, 1 vol


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