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Diss Word reveo Salvation

to every thing which may indeed save him. But where the heart is rightly understanding, and truly sensible, there is not only a consideration of meanes, but an ilimited resolution for all the wages of Salvation : whatsoever course God doth by his Word reveale and prescribe, for that it is resolved and pura posed, chough they may be contrary to my proud reasoning and capacity; though they may be contrary to the bent of my affections; though they may require much time and employment, &c. i

What the Princes speak with a disembling heart, char the fin. ner rightly sensible of his condition, affirms.with a plaine spirit, of true intention. The Lord be a true and failbfal witne sebe. itteen us, if we do not even according 10 all things for the which the Lordeby God Mall sendibee to us. Wherber ir be good, or whether it be evil, we will obey the voice ofibe Lord our God to whom we fondo bec, i hat it may be well with us when we obey the voice of the Lord our God. “He who will be saved must come to this, to deny his own will; to crucifie his own affe&ions; to captivate his own imaginacions;to resigne up his own desires and pleasures; to afflid his heart for bis sins; to give up himself to the rule and command of Gods Word; to draw off bis heart from the world ; to settle , all his confidence upon Jesus Christ; to watch over his own fpirit; To love the Lord God with all his soul, and with all bis might : These and other things are required as the way to life, and unto them all, doch a finner, rightly feasible, yield up himself with all readiness and gladneffe.

For as much as, though there may be some difficulty in these, yet there is Salvation by them, yea, and there is a fingular help for them, as well as a special reward, but the present and former condition and way of sinne is engraven with much paines, and sore horror, and death, and hell; But I pass


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Another conclusion from the words is this, when God dorh Throughly work upom mens consciences, perfonall injurion must be forgotten by i hem who are to deale with them.

You see here that Paul and Silas speakes not a word of this cruei usage towards them, but instantly addresse themselves to the dire&ion of his safety and comfort, Believe in the Lord7eSus Cbrift, &C.


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We read of the Farber of the Prodigall, that when his son came humbling and bewailing his fore-paft miscarriages of Prodiga, licy and Luxury. He saw bim a far off, and ran ta meer bim, and kif. Jed him, and put the raiment on bim, and a gold Ring. He did noc rate and upbraid him; Nay,I will not look on chee, I will not accept of thee, go now to thy Harlots, amongst whom thou hast riocously wasted all that goodly portion which I put into thy hands:0,no, he accuseth not him, whom he heareş to accuse him. self, and reviles nor him, whom he seeth to condemn himself. It is enough that his Son who was loft,is now returned ; and char be who was dead, is now alive.

We mult imicate our heavenly Father in this, who in the Coo venant of Grace, will forgive our iniquities, and remember our fins Jer. 31. 34. no more. So in another place, If i be wicked will lørn from all bis finnes that be hall committed, and keep all my ftatuies, &c. Al Ezek, 18.21,22 bis transgressions which he haib commitçed,they fall not be mention. ed unto him. Why? Brethren, If God forgives the man, all the wrongs done againf bim, should not we forgive the smaller tref pales against us? and what have we to do to upbraid, when God is pleased to forgive and convert? and what should we stand upon our respects,when God bach paft by all the indigniţies caft upon his honour and glory?

There are two sorts of finners.

Stowe ,and resolute, who know how to fight mercy, neglect command, and to fear at the threatnings; A severe denun, ciation of judgment and wrath, à conviđion and aggravation of their sinnes, are the proper dilcoveries for chem: For where hath God spoken a word of peace,or comfort, or ease co such ?

Bleeding and efleted, who tremble at threatnings, gaspe for. 2. mercy, faint for deliverance, and change. Here now Minifers must have eyes of pity, and tongues and hands of Og!; they must not pour in scorpions, nor add cerrors to che afflicted, but Preach liberty to the Captives. They must birde spt he broken hearled,and. give them beauty for ases, the Oyl. of joy for mourning the gar: Elay 61. ment of prayer for the spirit of heavine te, that they may be called trees of rightcow/neffe, rie planting of ibe. Lord, Hpi, 61. -1,2,3 In these cases, we are not to look on our selves,but on our office; not on our own indignities, buc on the patients necessities thac

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way which God looks, and speaks, that inult we speak allo. Now God looks on the Condrite to revive them, and speakes comfort to the troubled soules, and therefore we must be filent co opbraid, and ready to direct and comfort afflicted Souls. - Troxbled fouls must be directed to Chrift: for this is it which Paul and Silas advilech the aided Jayler, Believe on the Lord Pelsus Christ, ác. They do not dired him to any man or Angel, to any pilgrimage or Sain's, they let him nor up on any selfe-standing project i but, Belecue in the Lord. 7ouis Christ.

But why to Christ? Because none is appointed to relieve a troubled soul but Chrift. Him barb God the faiber sealed,and he was anointed to preach glad ridings. - Secondly, none is able to pacifie and quiet a troubled soul, but Chrift; whatsoever is sinful or imperfed cannot be a stay to an afflicted couscience; But Christ hath perfect righteousnese; he hath wrought full redemption, be is able 10 lage to the nt mort.

That which cannot facisfie Gods Justice,can never pacifie an affided heart; but if God might be fully satisfied, if he might be ręconciled, then the conscience would be quiet; now Christ hath done ibis, he hath made peace and become a curse, and is a propia siarion, &c.

He will relieve the affli&ed heart. He is called a merciful High Priest, and one who is ronched wirbibe feeling of our infirmities, and he will not break the bruled reed, and he calls the beavy ladenia "come so him robe cared.

There be three things which would marvelously ease and reo fresh a troubled soul. One,if he could get off the guilt of former fins. Another, if he could get such a righteousness, as with which he might boldly stand before God.. A third is, if he could get bis heart and wayes to be changed. Now Christ can yield out all this : his blood gets off the gilc of our sins, be is made fin for sa, that we may be made the righteousneffe of God in him; and he can change our natures by his blessed Spirit. Therefore the ApoAle faitb, that he is made; redemption, righteousnesse, and (anctifisprion unto na,


But I passe over all these concluions, and come to chat upon which I must somewhat infiit.

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Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ the onely

way to salvation.

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Parallel places are there. Mark, 16.15. Go go into all she world and preacbihe Gor: pel 80 every creature, 16. he that belieus ethandis baptized fhall be saved. Joh.3.16. God so lovearbe world, ibai be gave bis only

begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him fould not perisa but have everlasting life. AA. 4. 12. Neither is there Salvation in any other, for there is no otber name under hea. ven given amongst men whereby we must be saved.

For the discovery of this affertion, we must open these particulars.

First, the meaning of each of these cicles, ( viz.) Jesus, and Chrift, and Lord.

Secondly, what the believing in the Lord Jesus Christ doch inport.

Thirdly, how it may appeare to be the onely way of salvar ison,

Fourtbly, the usefull application of all this to ourselves,

What is the sense and lumme of chose three ticles 7efus,Chrift, Lord, I shall resolve thema. diftin&ly.

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J us signifies a Saviour: as it was a name imposed from the s pleasure of heaven, by an Angel, Mac. 1:21. Thou shalt call his nume fe[us, for he mall save his people from their firsnes. The first name that you read of imposed on Christ in the New Testament, is chis name of Jesus; for the best name that sinners could possi. bly desire to beare,was this, that God hath provided a Saviour for them. The Prophet Ifaiab 9.6. saith, that his name shall be called wonderful and indeed Jesus is a wonderful name: It is a name wbich breeds just wonder and admiration to all the world,

to men and Angels; it may make our hearts to wonder at the Mirandum A. hyperbode, of Gods love ( as one of the Fachers speaks ) that he moris.

fhould notwithstanding our viie deserts) bestow a Saviourup: on us, who else had been loft for ever..

The Apostle saith, Pbil. 2, 9, 10. That it is a nane above all names, no name like it, either for the authority which was conferred on him, who báït cat name; or for the comfort which that name beares in it, for a sinner.

Therefore said the Angel to the Shepherds, fear ner, for bebold, I bring yow good tydings of great joy which shall be to all people,

for into you is borne rhis day in the City of David, a Saviour, Luk. What kind of 2, 11. yea, that is good news indeed. A Saviour for a finner : Saviour Christ no such news as that!

Now here observe divers things. The Sonne of God in a singular Saviour. No Saviour in all the world like him. Joshuab is called a Saviour: and the Judges were called to, yet the Son of God is a Saviour infinitely beyond them. For,

They could save bodies only, they could not save fouls, not one ofihem, not all of them;co ransome, to rescue, to redeem a foul, requires more then an arme of flesh: Fleth may save or protect felh, but he must be more then flesh who can save a soul: Now Jesus Christ is a Saviour of fouls, 1 Pet. 1.9. Rev.20 4. the price of our souls is in his blood, with it be bought them and redeemed chem.

They could save from fome out Ward misery, the tyranny and oppression of the enemy, they have ofc-cimes put back, but from

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