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ayer, whity faithful

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bearts bard, and our corrupcions bursting forch upon us, which enakçs our hearts biccerly fo grieve, and stirres up excrcamo loatbings of our sile natures, and caused the soule to lie groveling with most nriving and servene importunities at hea. ven gare; Why, here are now the very things chae' we would bave, yet we are not many times sensible chat these things are answers.

4. We must distinguish'cwixt nothing absolutely, and nolbing comparatively. Why, it is crue, that the Holy heart hach such an istream abomination of sinne, and such an high chirit of grace, that the present answers from heaven feeme as noihing (That is) chere is gec Tomething more and more which I would bave, the present grapes are not satisfying of my defires, yet something is got by every faithful seeking; there is not one faithfólprayer, which thou hast dispatched to heaven, buc it delivers thy meßage, and is returned with a bler

Eicher ic gets more additios grace or other, or more Alienation from fome finne or other, or more disponion to fome duty a sober, or more resolution to seek, or more strength to waité. Like the many Bees which go out, every one comes home with some chiog, one with honey, another with wax; so every faichful prayer flies up to heaven and garbers fomeihing or other from the good promises, and though not lo much as chçu desse rest, yet alwayes more then chou deserves, though not so macb as co farsi fie , yet as to help.

5. Suppose that yet you are not answered, it is then a linne to. murmurand guarrel, but iç is thy dwylo wait..

I observe this,

I. That God never gives the large an almes, buc that thou needest che next houre to become a farcher Petia tioner.

2. That God is pleased to make the beggar to stay sometimes at door; he doch not alwayęs presently give whac'he intends certainly to bestow, büç as bis own free grace is the 196afury of our gifts and supplies, fo his own wisdom is the dispensor of the time and season. .

Now then, as the goodnelle of ihe promise thould draw us to beleeze, fo the fideliryand cerainy, of it should cause us to

'Whit wait and expect : God doch give chee leave to urge bim, but he likes ic illco bafter him; if God doth promise, then it is thy duty to believe, and if he stayes, then it is thy duty to wait, for God dorb wait that be may be gracious, and blesed art all they ihat wait for him.

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AUTO SALAD, Aving formerly showed unto you what it is to

bekove in che Lord Jesus Christ, and carnestly
presed upon you co get faith in him. I now
proceed to another use, which (lupposing that
by this cime you bave attained unto faith) shall..

bic to cxcite and perlwade you then to live by that faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Beloved, there be cwo offices of faith,

One is to brced conjun&tion and acceptance, and this is done when the heart is upon good, and choise, and deliberared

grounds effe Atually inclined to consent aod take whole Christ · upon his own terms.

Another is to breed dependance, and this is done when che beleeving soul makes continued use of that fulnesse and vertue which is in Christ touching the continued exigencies of its Nace and condicion in this life. As it is with a woman, the firft gives her consent, and becomes a wife, and then being a wife, the Jooks upon her husband as the oncly person to supply her, dired her, comfort ber, provide for her and hers. .

So is it wich faith, first ie doch espoose the foule co Chrilt, it cakes him as Lord and husband, and then it cafts all the provisions of the soule upon bim, all the fapplies and helps, it trufts on bim for righteousnesse, on him For pardon of Ginnes, on him for grace, one bim for


frengch, on

him for comfort, on him for eternal life,


Now because this is a point of singular consequence, give me leave therefore (and it matters not, if now and then I make a liccle digression) to unfold these particulars, that you may the better understand and be assisted, how to use chat faich in Christ, which you have to live upon him by

1. What it is (in.che general) to live by faith.
2. To what states the life of faith may extend.

3. Wbac it is more particularly to live by faith an Chrift.

4. What arguments and inducements I have to prefie. not only chie getting of fairl, but also the living by faill on Cbrift. ; :

s. In what particulars i be Beleevers should live by faith on Christ. 6. What things oppose the life of faith. .. 7. Tryals, if so that we live by faith. 8. what good helps may be found out to affift, and more and more to enclive and enable the beleeving beart still to live by faich.

If any other proficable and pertinent enquiry may hereafter fall in for the better information and dire&ion, befides chose particular heads which I have now propound. ed unto you, you shall have a view of them likewise, , but for the presene I can chink of no more : Now the God of mercy, and Facher of all consolacions, direa and blesse their deliveries so unto you, that you may not only have that precious fuiel, but live by faitlo, nay, and die in fairb, and so receive the end of your fairl, even the laluation of your fowles.

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Queft. 1. V V Hat it is in the general) to live by ·

V V faith. :' . . · Sal. Iwill not now stand on the several kindes, and forts of life, viz. That there is a life of vegiiation which the trees and planes do live, and a life of fenfe, which the beasts and carrel do live; and thac there is a life of relax and knowledge which man doch live; and chat chere is a life of faith which the Christian either doth, or should live.

Neither vidt I fand upon the oppofision owixt che living dage fasth, and Wiving by works, and being plegal life, and upon our selves; the other being an evangelical life, and upon Christ. . I hide s ni. Pin': ,,!.' ';: !

Nor now of chat opposition 'ewixt che life of faith and che life of sense, the one being a life in tand, the ocher in promiles; That depending upon our eye, this upon our ivare, that is) fonse dwelling on what it can fee; and fail on chat good word which it doth hear. . ;:

These things being passed over, I conjecture, chat to live by fairb, may be chys described. ..le is an heavenly and dursful committings of our sokole perFons, and of our wbole afdates anno God with a pior do pending upon his faithfund xrid good promises in Chrift; for Jutable and seasonable / applies in all our exigenoes,occurrences and changes whatsoever.

Here are divers things observable. i ; !. First, to live by faith, is to commit allıo God: It is as it were to introst him with our felves and oursa di kawin (Vaith Pay! whom I have belecved, and I am perswaded clar bilan is able to keep obat a bicb bave committed unto bim, 2 Tim. 1.12. As if he 'Ahould say, I have put my very soal and life into the hands of Christ, who I know will look to it, take care of it for ever. David makes cbis to be the purring of our selves under God, as-e ut Shepherd, Psal.23.1, and as our Keeper, Pfalm. 121. 5. Mark this; a man lives not by faith when he undertakes ro be, himself, the Lord of himself, or a God to himself, when

To live by faith, wbát.

he be crosts to his own heart, or will sublift by his own árme, or when he puts his confidence in any arme of flesh. O no, faith gives Göd the bonour of our beings and safeties, and relignes up all co be, and to be dispofed as the Lord pleaseth ; If he will have' me to enjoy, well; if to want, well; if to abound, well; if co be abased, well; I wouid be as he would have me to be, and I would be estared as he would have me to be estaced ; If he thinks good to bestow'a faire eftace upon me, I desire to be bumbles and bankful; If he thinks good to limit me co a meane estate, I desire to be humble and contented; If he keeps me in a free condition, I desire to love him ; if in a perplexed condition, I yer desire to fear and serve him : chough I would be careful and diligent, yet I would not be anxious and vexing ; I dare to trust him with my soul, to preserve, fan&ifie, uphold, comfort, save it ; I trust him with my body , to preserve , enable, change, and dispose it; I trust him wich my whole eftate, to give it, alter it, increase it, lessen it, keep it; bleffe it', as may make most for his glory and my good.

Secondly, To'live by faich is to depend upon God for all. You'al! conje&ore, That '

Fiift, God is an alsufficient goodnese, he is goodneste it felfe; And whatsoever good the creature is capable of, or doch actually participate, he is che sole cause therea of; meanes which be next at hand and neare' our eyes, are but pipes and Intewards, but God he is the fountaine and

to preler uphold, dare co trull me, yet and serve bin if in

Secondly, he hath pui all Covenant good for his servants into promife's. The promises are nothing else but a deed of gift, Tealed with the truth of God: There nach God freely undertakeh whatsoever belongs to grace or glory; có chis life, or to that which is to come; doelt thou want this or that, Why, whatsoever is fit for thee' io have, 'thae. I promise in the Name of my Sonne to give unto thee, faich Godi ..

Now to live by faith, is to cast anchor at heaven gates, it is to cast the fodl upon Gods promile's in Christ, to rely on God for any good which God hach' promised; and undertaken this I want, and this God hath promifed; he hach'underá


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