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caken eie Tupply, and I will craft upon bim for it.

Though I feel no such thing; nay, though I feel the conIrary, yer I do not cast away my confidence : Tbougb fige' grees bloccome noi, i bougl olives faile, and bindes are gone , yee if my supply appears in any word of pri mise, I take heart and say, yet my condition is good, all is well and sure; My God hach undertaken it for me, and in his Word will I trust, which is good and crue, he will not faile me, I shall have whar. loever is good, and chat too in a good time: This only in general.


Quest. 2. T O what fates the life of faith may extend.

You know that there are two eminent ftates of our life. . : 1. One is fpiritual, wbich respects all obe exigencies, varie. ties, windings, curnings, changes, defe&ions, eclipses, cryals, and hardships of the soul: Whatsoever accidents may befall an holy soul about the heavenly condition, thac appertaines to the spiritual fate; all the supplies of grace , of Itrength, of comfort, of assurance, of aftitance against temptations, corrections , troubles, all enlivements and quicknings of the Spirit about all sorts of duties and services, active or pala five.

2. Another is temporal, wbich is not onely the terme of oor natural breathings, but also the lundry and manifold oc. currences which befal us in the employments of our life; all the accidents, and interrupcions, croffjogs,cbeckings, contrarieties, cicher in our bodies, or calling, or wealth, or persons, or children, or servants, or good name,

Bricfty, ihe temporal face comprehends all whatsoever may weaken; or waft, or diftra&t : All or any of our temporalconcentments, delighes, de fires, ends; as also all our remporal lupplements for the being, or well-beiøg of this poore and shore life of ours, as hcalth, strength, friends., food,

liberty,estate, peace, and quietoesse, &c.

Now then living by faitb extends to both: The juft Mall live by his faith, said the Prophet , Hab. 2. 4. of the Jews in the temporal state, and , I live by the faith of the Sonne of God, riid Pawl in Gal. 2. 2. speaking of his spiritual state.

So that faich bears up soul and body, and is both for hea. ven and earth : It serves to ferch in the blood of Christ, the redemprion by Chrift, pardon of Gone, Gods favour, all grace and comfort to the soul :: And it serves to fetch in allo health co the body,riches to the estate, plenty, peace, friends, whac not? When I am sick,I yet trust in God for healeh, when poor, I yet crust on God for sufficiency, when under reproach, I yer crust onGod to clear my innocency,when under discomforts and forsakements,I yet trust on God for favor and countenance: In all my distresses and reproaches, I have yet bis-Word for my Supplies and helps, upon which I rest, and thus I live by faith: ro. far as the promises exiend, so far doch living by faith extenj.

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. SECT. III. ... ... Queft.3. Nj Ow more particularly wbar it is to live by fairb:

I Von Chrift.. ',a: i . ;' :'
Sch. I will tell you what I think of it, lo is an boly work and in

To live by Course of a beleeving person, mberein be doth depend on Cbrift, and in make use of bm for all she condicions and exigencies of the soul ani boue is's primaal Aate.

For the opening of this description, I will couch opon three

1. Tte parţicular condicion; and exigencies of the foul, by.rea. Three things. Son of which ic hath need io live by faith. ?

2. The fulmefje and fitneffe and fidelity of Christ, for the supply. and help of a beleeving soul.

3. The conjunction of bonhebele togeb:r, which is the very living, by faith on Chrift., alt on Çorint.. !


:.. First, the particular conditions and exigencies of the foul :you must know chis, That to live by fairla presupposuth two chjags on our part, defeat and insufficiency:


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There is something lyeg upon os which should not, and we eam or help our felves, and therefore we go abroad by faith;this is to live upon the market.!.!!', 1:Tworn!

Now there are many things whichdy upon our souls. i. .

1. The fenpe of guili; this is a great matrer', it makes the very heart oft-cimes co cremble ; it is an beavy burden when a man Annes againnt an boly cand just God, the least of them provoking and damnable : This is a cime of trouble, for a man fees much in debe, and nothing in fock, he is not able co pay a barthing', álfihat he is or cando; can never answer divine Justice. This is one exigence now which makes à man capable to live by faith, co-look out to Chrift, and to try what he will do for hima nijferable finnet, as you fhalt heare', anoni !5.7 WW'10:11?: 70 ki...sists

: 2. The fensé oft unriglarede meffe : Why, God requires an ho ly conformity to his divine will, in heart, and in life, that our nature Mould be as he requires, and our wayes ág: fie commands, but wben the soul is able actively to reflect on it felfe, and look on God, and then to compare what it is and hath done, with what it should be, and should have done ; It is a mazed at its own unrighteousneffe, and this is much increased, for it knows that no unrighteous person Mall go to heaven; la knows that God will not pronounce unrighteous judgement; He will not acquit a man as righteous who bach not righteoul. neffe, nor (hali he ever stand in judgemene before him. Now chis is another exigence which puts the soul upon the life of faith. . . . i si i n

3. The times of defertion, when all the comfortable evidences of the Chriftian face are drawn off, as it were, when the Lord confines bimselfe and all to his promise: The poor foul hath no fpark of comfort, it-liath no glimpse of divine fa. vour , if it can finde God to be his God, and Christ to beiis Christ in che promises, well and good, but there is no feeling, nor.handling any sensible tokens. This is another exigence..

4. The times of contrariety; when the Sunne seemes to be darkened, and when mercy seems to be angry, and when fide. lity seems to cast off, when mindfulnesse leemes forgetful, God seemes not co regard us, but to fight against us,and Christ who did call to us to come unto him, doch seem to go away from us:

O this is a Itrong exigence of the soule, and if ever, now mult ir live by faith, -145. The time of weaknee: when a man sees that bis work is great, and his ftrength is fmall, duties many, power litrle, affe&tions dull, not able to do for Christ, not able to fuffer for Chrift, cannot pray, bear, receive, obey as he should, as be would. This is also an exigence of the soul wherein ic needs to five by faith on Christ. I :11: · ts who 16. The times of corruption : wheni'a mah feels finne afresh, he had thougbt finne had been dead long ago, and all coliAlicts had been past, but now'he perceives linne to risé like an armed 'man, and like a flood, even ready to beare' down the foule with thar hideous insolency, and violence of wicked thoughts and inclinations ; yea, fo great is this, storme, that as chey laid to Chrift in another case, so here, Mafter help,or ello we perish. Dag The rimes of templation, which like a crofle winde, beares the ship almoft under water. The gaces of hell seems to open themfelves againit 'the toul, and the powers of darknelle fall in upon it with all the cunning of unbelief, and exciration to blafphemy Tb deny God, to flight his Word, to let go our confidence in Chrift, to that the poore soul is almost brought io dust and death by reason of them. This is also another exigeance for the soul to make use of Christ, and to live bu faistaiOTO' O,O., SIT

D 78. Therims of contradiction when the mouths of wicked and foolih men, 'like sharp rafors, wound and cuciff á mais good Nam:, when their hands, 'like'claws of Lyons, ceareas way the prey, they cake away the innocency of the upright, and the estates, liberties, tricods, all the earthly encourage; ments of the righteous; I lay chis may also be an exigence, fos the foot co live by faich in Christ, and to make up all in hinda: lone.

2. Now, as he who lives by faith, is (in the ading of chac lifey Nift lentīble of Come, one of these exigencies or straits of His Toute la 'in the second place lit must be able to Bebold, a Smable 'fulnesse in Chrift: He mult know ewe things. First, that Cbriši baih enough in him to answer all obese.. .


offer up his greater doch noch. As the lead in make perfect

Secondly, chat Cbrift is appointed of God, and willing to do it; therefore I pray you remember. 2. Fiift,chat Christ bara exough in him: 10, answer all the exi. emcies of she foule : Thy foule cannot be cast on any fea, but he is there as a sure Thip and harbour,, Ie cannot be cast upon any streighi or crouble whatsoever, buc Christ is able Lo relieve ice

1. For the sense of guile: wby, in this there is that in Chrilt wbich can take it off : , His blood is good payment, and it was shed for be remission of fons; He can make perfeá peace, and farisfe to the utmost. As the least Gione needs his merit, roche gieacest doch not exceed it : If Christ would buc offer up his foul for chine, his merits for chy trespasses , bis precious blood for thy bloody crimes; Why, God will be pa. cified, for his blood is cbe blood of aronement of reconciliation, of bloccing out of peace &c.'

2. So for unrighteousne fe; Why, there is that in Cbrift which can present the righteous unspotted, unblameable; which can presenc chee glorious without spor or Wrinkle, as the Apostle speaks Eph.s.

He can finde an ample garment without any rent, an obedi. ence which was perfe&, which God will accept, for which he will justifie cheę; Though shine own rightcom nesse ( foc Matter of judicial Justificacion) be as filiby rags. .

3. The like may be said in a proportion to all the orber exigencies. Though thou be weak in grace, feeble in duty. yet he can make all grace to abound, and he can ftrengibens ike feeble knees, and he can comfort i he mourning spirit, and he can open heaven againe : He can open tby eyes chat chou Thale see thy God again, yea, and as thou hast done formerly, as chy God, yea, he can conquer the busieft corruption, and put by the strongest cempcacion, and stand by chee in the bitterett opposition.

2. Nay, and Christ is both appointed of God to be, and do all this for the beleever, and is very willing. He is made unio wa of God, (laith the Apostle, 1 Cor. 1. 30.) mi/dome, rigbreousnese, sanctification and redemption: therefore is be called the horn of selvation, the wifier of his people, the Standard to which we should repaire, the strengib of them that truff in bim, in a


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