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9. If all this will not move us to live by faith in Chrift, (that is ) to trust upon him for the help and supply of our ipi. ritual efface ; then take one thing more, there is an impossibility of lupplies for shy loul any orber way; go and think, and ad any other course to do thy soul good, besides chis, and it shall be fruitlese, after many years industry ; as chou art, so still shalc thou be

Obj. Thou wile say, I will never leave complaining of this påture will ic be bectered.

Sol, Thy naiure is not bettered by complaint, but by grace, and that is in Christ, and never had cill we can trust.

Osjell, Thou wilt say, I will never leave grieving, nor praying, nor hearing, nor reading, nor fasting, nor conferring, uill, &c.

Sol, 'Tis true, these are meanes, but where is the caule ? What if a man should say, I will ftay here all my life at these conduit pipes, but I will have water, whiles in the meane cime che fountaine yields not forth. I confesse the Christian must apply himself to the Ordinances, but then it is Chrift who sends forth the help, and then do the Ordinances deliver us. our helps from Cbrift, not presently when one hears, but when effectually they have enabled us to beleeye. If 'chou canst heare and beleeve, pray and beleeve, mourne and beleeve, fast and beleeve, &c. Then good shall come unto thy soul.

Draw a thousand bonds , yet if they be none of them sealed, nothing is yet legally and forcibly made over and conveyed: many prayers availe lietle or nothing till they are seal. cd with faith, and now God will acknowledge our des mands as auchentick, and Christ will deliver unto us our hearts desire.

I had thought to have handled the opposites.of the life of faith, with the evidence of a true living by faitb, and also the meane's which might affist us to the life of faith : But I recal my leif, I may not expatiace so farre , sufficient bath been couch. ed for this Use, perhaps the subje& may be more amply treatised, if ever I should come to let down before that cherme dis : redly and intentionally: I therefore proceed to another Ule.


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The improvement of faith to a full


Rytas Will yet advance on to one Ule more; Since

faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved; therefore not only to labour for chat faith, but to exale obar faith, my meaning is to improve this faith also, yet furtber to strength and comfort.

Divines observe a double ad of faith. " One of adberence, by which ic cleaves onto Christ, and relies upon him alonc for righteoufnesse; pardon of fin, grace and salvation.

Another is of evidence, by which it cleares onto the Soule irs interest in Chrift, and bis righteousnessé and merits.

In the former, the foul renouncech all other corner stones, all other rocks of salvation, and crusts only upon the Name of Jesus Christ, accepes of him as the only Lord, and relies on him as the only Saviour, casting or rolling its heavenly and eternal ssfeties inro his blessed armes.

In the latrer, the soul feels it feff reciprocally embraced by: Christ; I have accepred of him to be my Lord, and he faith, I am tky King..., 3 . . . :! .

"I have relyed on him to be my Saviour , and he said, I am a boy Salvation; For pardow of finnes, and he faich unto me? Be of goods cheer, iby, fins are for given thoa. '30 . ..:,!!: 'I

Now to this part of faith dol defireco mount the foul of a true beleever, viz. not only to apprehend Christ, but to loow bimself to be apprehended by bim; not only to belavc, but to know him wobom be barb beleeved. To rise thus far, by fadele co


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an assurance , that Cbrift is my Chrift; my Redeemer liveth, who gave himself for me ; My Lord, and my God, that he is my righteousnelle, my redemption, my propitiation.

For the better sercling and exciting of you in this particular, I will briefly couch at thele things.

1. Wbac the assurance of faith is.'
2. It may be had. '
3. It should be had.

4. The Argumenes to stir us up to labour for it (that is) to know our riches, and to know our possessions.

5. The means to get it.

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Queff. 1. W Haribe allurance of faith is.

Sol...VV It is a victorious conclufou again it the strength of doubts, whereby ebe minde of a beleeving person is alcertained and perfwaded, and wpor good ground setiled, concerning bis per. fonal interest in Christ and bis benefits.

For the better opening of this description, be pleased to obferve chese subsequent propositions.

1. That the assurance of faill, it is the conclusion of an euangelical fyllogisme : The syllogisme is this, wholoover repenis and believes in Cbrift, Chrift with his benefits are bis, and he is Christs ; but I do truly repent and beleeve in Chrift, therefore Cbrif and bis benefits are mine, and I am bis... - In this Syllogifme there are three propositions.

The first is, a Proposition of most infallible certainty, it being expresly the voice of Jesus Christ himself, and of it che minde bach no doubt, but fally assents unto it as a principle of Divine truth, viz. Tbai be who repents and beleeves in Chrift, bis, and be is Chrifts. And of ihis che minde of a belcever may. be abundantly perswaded without questionings, and doubes, for as much as it is a part of the Word of God, co whose abroInce truth is doth plencifully subscribe.'


The second is a proposicion, carrying with it the direct act of faith, in which the belceving foul doch accept of Cbrift, or receive bim, and cruft upon him, by vertue of which there ariseth a most real and crae union 'cwixe Christ and the belecver.

The third and the last, which is the conclusion or inference drawn from both the former, comprehends in ic che formal alsurance of a beleeving beart, that therefore Christ is mine and I am his.

That he who beleeves in Christ, hath Christ, and shall be saved; this is not yet that subje&tive assurance of juftifying fairb, for as much as many an hypocrite may beleeve chat cruch, and yet bave no personal intereft in Chrift. '

Againe, that I do beleeve in Christ, neither is chis effentially assurance, for as much as to beleeve is one thing, and to be assured is another ching; many a good beart may accept of Christ upon all bis termes, and articles of peace and life, and may cast and repose ic self on him as the only rock and hope of the soul, and yet it may be so farre from assurance , (even at that time when ir doch so earnestly cleave unto Chrift) that instead of assurance, it may be both coffed and prevailed upon by doubrings , suspicions, and feares, concern. ing its particular and personal propriety in Christ and in his merits.

But the last of the propositions, I am Cbrifts, and Clarist is mine , this is formal asurance : for this concludes the difu. pure of the heart, and bach in it parcicular and perfonale. vidence.

2. It is a victorious conclufion againft the strengeb.of donbro. ing: you know ibat in the minde of man, there are three kinds of working about an obje& comprehending goodnesle and, truth.

One they call peremptory aslensing, and peremptory diffentingsi in which ihe minde doch: yeild plainly, or else refusech to subscribe , and grant che maccer proposed to be true and


Another they call doubtings,which are che wavering acts of of the minde, wherein ir doch noc absolutely grant or deny, it doch not absolucely conclude , that so it is, nor absolutely, L13


thai so it is not'; yet rather enclines ( for want of further evidence in the foul.) chac. it is not so, then that it is


The chird they call evidence or assurance, which is luch a work of the minde, wherein, against all doubtings and suspicia ons, the minde fees clearly che ching to be so, or not to belo: And thus is it here in the affurance of faith, it bath such a ligbe, che minde bath that it is able to rise beyond, and against doubt ings, aná to convince the foulagainst all suspicions, that Chrift indeed is mine, and I am his. ..,

Where, by the way observe thus much; chat assurance doch presuppose lome doubtings, for if the mind of a believer had not doubrings about its personall interest, it could not well be said to be now affured. Doubrings did verily, and do, and may work in a believing soul; yea, but am I fure thac Christ is mine is it certain that my fins are pardoned? I trust chey are, but I fear they are not.. . Now assurance comes and conquers these workings, and clears all the doubting arguments, and convincech the minde, that of a truch Christ is mine, and my sins are pardoned i ... i . . ! ... There are two degrees of doubtings. ; i...

One' confifts in the questioning of our belocving proprieries, is Christ mine , is his righteousnesle mine, &c? -'..

Another exceeds this, and consists in dominion, when the foul is fuppreft by the Atrength of these doubtings, to side with it, and

still co bang in suspense. i : Now cbis latter degree (especially ) is assurance oppofice'un-' to namely,it conquers our doubtings, answers our argomenes, cleares it unto the soul against the many lufpitions which did arise, sbec Christ doch indeed owne it, that he is the Saviour chereof, and therefore I call it a victorious concluision. Si in

niin 3. Alurance of faith, it is an ascorraining of perswading all, and chac is proper and infeparable from affurance; therefore is ic so expressed in Rom. 8. 38. I am perswaded that neither Death, nar Life, nor Angels, nor Principalities, nor Powers, nor thingspree leni, nor things to come, ver. 39 Nor Height, nor Depth, nor any other creature fall be able to separate us from the love of God which

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