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by way of merit, one of charity, another of dignity, When I pray for any man in distresse, I am said to be an intercessor, to deal for him with God, as a matter of my duty, and out of a cha:itable respect; But Christ he only incerceeds meritoriously, ånd by way of dignity. His interceffion, as I conceive, intimates three things.

The exhibition of his person before the Farber, as our Surety, our Redeemer, our Mediator, I am he,and I am here so anfwer.

This exbibision of bis glorious merits: for he doth not nakedly appeare, who appeares as an intercessor, but he must actively appeare, and so doth Christ. He went up to heaven wicb che price of his blood, with the ransome which ke purchased, with the righteousneffe, and satisfa&tion made with che merits of bis oblation and sacrifice, and there he presents them continually before his father, as if Christ should still lay , Father I am be that dyed for 10 get pardom, to get favour, to get grace, and to get such or fucb good things, this is the blood ibat i poed, the price that I paid, to facisfie tby juftice, to fulfileby Law,to remit these fons, to confer these graces, So.. " i i " . i ... :;:... ?

The ingratiaiing us wish the Father :.which he doch by the continuall application of his own merits; when fin gets up to accuse our persons, and our prayers, then Christ shews bimself our intercessor by putting aside the force of the bill of complaint, and answers for our persons, and for our services. ' ',

True O Father!this man hach fingedthus against ches, but I am his furety, to satisfie for these his finnes, and I did fhed my blood for them, therefore now look not on him, but on me, and for my fake, accept of him and be propicious co bim.

So for infirmities, tru: O.Facher ! his imperfe&ions in duty are many, but I am co beare the iniquity of the holy offerings; and my rigbecuasne le is perfeet, and chai I present unto thee for him; now notwithstanding his weaknesses, for my merits, accept of bis person, grant him his request, do him good. Thus Christ is the Angel , who offered up the prayers of the Saints with incense, Rev. 8.3, 4. Nay, Father accepe and incline thine eares, I have deserved acceptance, and audience, &c.

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CÉcondly, Christ was anointed to be a Propber, lo Dear. 18.18
o I will raise you up a Propbet from among their brethren, che
which is exprefly interpreted co be Christ, by Peter, in A&t. 3.
20, 21. Therefore Chrilt is called Counsellor, 1/.9.6. one who
doch advise, and dire& his Church; and the Doctor or Teacher,
Mar. 23. 8. and che Apostle of our profession, Heb. 3. I, and
the faithfull witnesse, Rev. 1.5. And a widochs to the people,
Ifa.35.4. A Leader and a Commander, yea, he is called the
Light of his Church, Ifai. 61, 1. Aad che ligbc of the world, Luke
2. 32. (that is ) it is he who did reveal to the world, the true
Do&rine of eternal life, and the Angel of sbe Covenant, Mal. 3.
1. and the Bishop of our souls, 1 Pet. 2.25. and the wisdome of
God, I Cor. . 24.
· The anoincing of Christ to be a Prophet implyes,

Thạc he was to reveale the will of his Fathers and the wages of life, Joh. 15.15 All things thai I have heard of my farber, have I made known unio jor: So Heb. 1. 2. 'In thefe last dages be barb spoken 10 us by his Som, Joh. 6. 68. Mafter, lo ubom jould we ca, abon bast the words of eternall life? Sec Ifaiab 61. 2. M atsbon 11.27.

There is no person, who moft dare to prescribe any other do Arine, but such as Chrift hath delivered. He may not coine new Articles of faith nor of obedience; Christ is appointed to be the Prophet of his Church, ( that is ) to deliver unto them, all such truths from his father, which shall and do concerne cheis everlasting salvacion.

That he is to make us know effc &ually the things which he doth reveale in his Word. There is ao Prophet able to convey his,do&rine beyond the eare, tbough it be as true, as truth it self; and as good, as goodneffe ic self; we cannot fake men to under: Itand it, nor to believe it, nor to yield unto it; but Chrift is that Prophet, whose Chair is in heaven, and whose Speaking can yet pierce into the hearts of men : He can make us co know wirdome, he can reach our reines, and truth in the inward parts, there can be write his Law in our hearts; though she minde be

his Chrift hatbedience; Christ is appoo them, all

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as dark as darknesie iç self, yet he can niake the light of knowledge to arise in tbc thickest darknelle of che minde, though the judgment be corrupt, and full of errors, yet Christ can erect a

throne of truth, and direct us iaco the paches of righteousnesse; li chough the heart bc dull, yet his words are as fire to quickea tbac

heart; though it be as hard as the rock, yet his word can be as the

hammer to break that Itong heart : His teaching can soften the en most unflexible adamaot, he is able to convince, and bend, and

alter, and bow ic; the very dead hall beare his voice, and live. So , that if any person doth need any dire&ions, any enablement for 08. heaven, or the way thither, he must koow that Christ is che Prodi phet anointed; whatsoever belongs to an heavenly instructing, D and to an heavenly drawing, and obeying, that is to be found in en Cbrist, and had from him who is anointed a Prophet (that is) la desigoed co teach the Church, and furnisbeth with all the treas * [ures of wisdome, and knowledge, and ability, &c.



I Astly, Chrift was anointed to be a King; therefore Pfal. 2. 2.,
L he is called Gods anointed;and ver. 6. the King whom be

did fes upon baia baly bill of Sion. The King of Kings, Rev. 19.16. di He shall reigns over the bamse of Jacob, Lúk. . 33. fo Mat. 28.

18. All power is given to me in beaven and incarek. He hath -1 che Scepler of Royalty and the Rod of authority, and the fword of

al power and obe brone of judgement, and the Laws of his lips, Et and the keys of life and death..

Now this regal office of his, to wbich he was anointed, imporis many things.

Fickt chat he is to beare sale over all the Nations and indeed his naural kingdome reacheck over all the world, from the highest

Angel to the lowest Devil. ! . Secondly, that he is to Governe and rule the Church, which be

barb purchased with bis bloed; The Government is upon bis Soomado - dars, 1 la. 9. 6. And therefore he is called the Langiver, Jam. 4.

12. and all judgment is committed to his hand. Job.5. 22,27. co this
end you wave the rod of his Scepter bis boly and righteous Laws, and



his mighty and blessed Spirit, to give force unto them, even into our hearts, and there to bring every thoughi inso capriviry to the obedience of Chrif. ; .

Thirdly, that he is to maintaine and uphold his Church, therefore he is laid ro Gird his sword upon his thigh, Psal 45.3.and coride upon a horse with his garment dipped in blood and armed, as if he were ready to fighe. He is the mighty redeemer of his fervants, against all who intrench upon their peace'and safety; and he strikes dowrie Paal to the earth for persecuring him... - It belongs to the King to be the defence of his subjects, so here, God hath appointed all the Procedtions, and safeties, and deliverances of the Church to be in Christ. · Fourthly, he is to conquer all his and our enemies; God hach given Christ a Kingdome, but it is such as he mult fight for Not a Subject which he hath, which comes in unto him, but by conquest; If we be in our own bands, peccatum Hofliseft, quania diueft, said Saint Auguftine, and if we be in Satans hands,we are in that enemies hands.

More plainely, there are these enemies of Christ and his Church which he is to conquer for himselfe and them.

Firft hell, and we read that he hath Spoiled principalities and powers, and made a few of them openly, and triumphed over them,

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Secondly death, 1 Cor. 15:54. Death is fivallowed up in victory, 55. O death where is thy fting; o grave where is thy vi&tiri, peci 56,57. But ibank's be 10 God which givell us the vi&tory through our Lord Jefus Cbrift... · Thirdly fin, and this is Christ also to conquer; he is to cart dotin all the strong holds of lufts, and all imaginarions, and to capri. vate the whole man; He is to subdue our iniquities for us, and not to suffer sin to have dominion over us. . - Fourthly, Wicked men, he will ftick his arrowes in the brefts of Princes, and in the hearts of the mighty, and cerrible; he is to brwise the Nations with a rod of Irox, and co das them in pieces like a.polters dessell: He will execute judgment upon all of them, and caft them all to the dust, who role up against his person, or Go. vernment, or people. He will see his people at reft from them that rise against them, and will make bis enemies bis foot.ftool.


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What Believing in the Lord Iesus :

Christ doth importi

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Hat doth the believing in the Lord Jesus Christ ime

SOV 7 pors?

folus Chrift, is like a ring, and faith is like the finger, which wears it. He is like a treasury,and faich like the hand, which draws out thence. As

David spake in another kinde,come and I will tell yox, whas the Lord hath done for my foul! or as Pbilip to Narha. nael, can there any good thing come out of Nazareth} Philip faith, come and see. The same is to be said of faith, God hath done great maccers for sinful man saith faith, Why? but can any good be brought by any to us who are so bad? yes, sayes faith, come and fee, Christ is very good, he is a Saviour for a poor finger, but it is faith which finds him fo. :

Marke che answer of the Apostles here in the text, that all I do to be saved, saith the Jayler?

They do not answer, there is a Jesus Christ, take thou no more care ; he did dye for sinners, and thou shale do well e. nough: Nay, this they answer, thou maieft be saved by Chrift.. but thou must believe in Christ. Nor a medicine is the remedy; but a medicine applyed. "Not the man, but the man taken, ben comes the husband; So the taking of Christ, the believing in him is the way to heaven. .!

Because this is an excellent point (for our life lies in it) give me leave to speak somewhat ot faich ' '

Firft; in the general and there I will be brief.

Secondly in special, as justifying of faith, or faith believing in Jşsus Christ our Lord.


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