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full of joy, and his eyes full of ceares, They foall look on him whom they have pierced, and shall mourne as a man mournes for his only childe, Zach. 12. 10. There is no. ching softens che hearc so well as faich, and which melcsic lo much as assurance. The powers of the greatest kind. aelle, and most gracious love, do open the fountain of godly forrow within the ioul. :

2. Love kindles in the heart ufor assurance. Tombom much is . forgiven, the same will love much, luid Chrift, Luke 7. 47. We

love him because he loved us first, said jobs. The love of God lo us is the cause of our love to him agaive, and againe, and the more chat love is cleared co us, the more is our love re. kindlad to bim; goodnesse is a cause of love, here it is; bouncifulnesse is a cause of love, here it is; know. ledge of both a special provocation of love, in assurance here it is.

What a thing is this ! char God should give his Covenant to me, his Sonne to me, his Mercies to me, bis loving kind. nesse co me, his glory in heaven unto me! I love a man who defends my Name, I love a man who gives me a book. I love a man who gives me my ransom, I love a man who gives me a meales mcar; Ab! poore things in comparison : how do I chen infinitely exceed in love to my God, who I know. hath pardoned, hath justified , hath accepted, will fave me for ever?

More might be said of all particular graces whatro. ever.

8. Assurance by faith doth but ease us of the world, and mounts the soul above si.

i. It easech us of the world: How can he walk with cares. who is indeed perswaded chac God is bis Father,; be chat gave him Chrift will give him all other things freely : God will not land for a little earth , who hath bountifully given a whole heaven; and he will surely finde me food and rayment for my body, who found mercy and the blood of his own Sonne

for my body


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dorhev do observechat these

2. Náy it mounts us above the world;they do observe that these lower chings grow little and lesse, by how much the high.


er a man is seated : If a man could be elevated to one of the celestial orbes, the whole world would seeme but a narrow Spot of ground unto him. In one point this is most true, the neerer God draws unto the soule, the more nothing doch this world appeare. .

O the blessed favour of God! the evidences of our union with Christ! This is like the light of the Sunne, which puts out the light of een chousand candles : Thou wouldest never complaine of coo little in the world, if thou baddest so much as made up a true assurance of hea. ven.

9. Lastly, Asurance will breed comfort in life and confidence in dearl.

Obje&t. Why! are Gods people afraid many times to die? they cannot lay with Christ, I will go to my Fa: ther.

They have the bond , bur fee not the seale : They are not assured of Reconciliation, of pardon , of falvation.

But if they could with Simeon , Take Cbrift into ibeir armes; if once they could be assured, Now lenteft boy aby fervant depart in peace , for mixe, ejes bave seen thy falva rion.

He who by assurance looks Christ in the face, may with cheerful confidence look death in the face: I have a desire to depart and to be with Chrift, Said Paul, Phil. 1. 23. How lo verse 21? For to me to live is Christ, and to die, is gaine : But how knows he ehat? 2 Tim. 1. 12. For I know whom I bave beleeved, and I am per/Waded, that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him again that day. So, 2 Cor. 5.1, For We know that if our eartbly house of this Tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an benje not made mith bands, ciernal in the beavens.


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Queft. 1. Ow I come to the last inquiry, by what means

h the fowle may get up to this assurance ? :
Sol. I shåll only prescribe luch rules as reach a beleeving
person. Therefore thus,

1. If thou be a beleever and wouldest be assured, then preserve the sense of thy oben natural wretchednefe, and of the darkne l'a of thy souls ftate without assurance. Christ came to Mary when sbee was weeping; and the Great God looks down upon the broken Spirit. î he highest mountaine bach the first sight of the Sunne , but che lowest Christian hach the first sight of God. When the people of God were mourning, then faith God, Comfore ye, comfort ye my people, and Jay into them your fins are pardoned.

You shall finde this, that the truely sensible heart bath thręc properties in it, which envite the Lord much to gratifie it with assurance, ziz. One that is very humble.

. • Another that is much in the prizing of Gods love and mercy.

And a third, that it is exceeding thirfty after a good look from God, after some taste of Christ, and God will latisfie all there.

2. Be no ftrangers to the Ordinances : you shall finde this, tbar the ripening of faith belongs to them as well as the seeds of it. · The word you know is the foule of faith, it was that. which did incline the heart to yeild, which did make it to accept of Christ, and it is that also which can make us to know our possessions : 1 John 15.13. These things have I written unto you that beleeve on the Name of the Sonne of God, that ge may know that we have eternal life. So 1 John 1.4 These things we write unto you that your jor may be full. More plainly : In whom, after you beard the Word of truth, we believed, in whom also, after that ye beleevedi.

je were feeled wirb that boly Spirit of promise , Ephesians 1.13.

For, look as the Word hath promises which draw the soul to Christ, so it bath promises to clear the soul in its interest in Christ, to answer all doubts and feares , and to answer the feare about acceptance, so it removes doubts which strive a. gainst evidence and propriety.

The Sacrament, you know, it is the Seal of righteousnesse Which is by faith , Rom.4. 11. Look, as a Seale doch di. stinguish, and confirme, and secole che minde, so is the Sacrament ordained to satisfie, and perswade the heart of a beleiver, God appointed this Ordinance, as for other ends, so for chis , That the maccer mighe be out of doube, out of controversie, cbae Christ is ours, and sinne is pardoned in his biood.

3. Be much in prayer: If a man would gaine assurance, he must be much in prayers, to perswade and assure the heart : David found marvellous loving kindnesle, but then he cried in Supplications, Plalmę 31, 21, 22.

Thou must pray carnestly for mercy,earnestly for pardon, and most earnestly for Christ.”.

And ibou must use diligence. Remember this, that in all chy. endeavours for assurance ,, thou must use diligence, a cold hearing, a cold reading, a cold praying will not bring the soul co je : No, you must be most diligent and ferven; in chem, and so , &c,

4 Again, with all these there mut be joyned forang uprighe Care so please God.

This know, thae sipne feparares, but uprightnesse garbers God and the soule cogeiher. To kim ibat ordereil bisi con versation arighe, i will join the salvation of the Lord, Pfalme 50.23.

Why ? Lighe is fown for the righteous, and joy for the uprighe is heart, Paal 97. 11. Sce chat of the Propher, 1/6. 67. 5. Thou meetest bim that rejoyceth and Worketh righteousness, abofe chat remember thee in thy wages. Unevennesle of heart or way, it is a law, and ic is that which cuts us off after many prayers , it renews our doubtings again, and we are as far to seek as at the 00

first; first, buc if the heart be plaine, if it be fincercly let for God, delirous to please him in all things, chis a compendious way of assurance : the Word falls in direaly to fetile and confirm: luch a loul: The steps of the Word's direct us to the footie of our God.

s Lastly, you must be much in the exercise of faith. There be two parts of it which you must improve. One is, you must ePainst all fonse and feeling, and against all the contradi&.ons of reason and unbelief, cast the soul on God in Chrift, and rest on him to be your God, and on Christ to be your Lord and Sa. viour, and that your fios shali be pardoned. · Then you must wait , you most nor limit God, but leek ftill,

I will bearken, said David, what God she Lord will speak, for bo Will fpeak peace to fois Saints, Pralme 85.$. Seella. 64 4. Since ibe beginning of the world men have not beard nor perceived by Ebe caro , neil her haih obe ego fecx, O God besides wher, wbal be bath prepared for bim obat waitch for Him. The Lord will wait that he may be gracious: blefsed are obey that wait for him, Ifa. 20. 18. so Ia. 25.9. It shall be said in rbat day, Lo this is om God, we have waiird for bim, oci This is the Lard, we have waite ed for him, we will be glad and rejoyce in kis falvarion. For Pralo 147..11. The Lord oakerb pleasure in them that fear bim in those that bope in bis mercy.

So that this is the summe of all, walk with all uprightnefle, and with an humble, penitent, and believing soul, caft your fins apon God in Chrift, trusting in him alone for the favour of God, pardon of finnes, and eternal salvacion, and wait opon God for all this in the use of the means, and constant diligence in prayer; you shall at length have your hearts de. fire, you shall bear from God thus much, I am aby salvation; and from Cbrift as much: Be of good cheer, iby finnes are for cidenthee


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