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The humble sinner resolved what he

should do to be saved.

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A&s 16. 30, 31:

. :

Sirs ! What must I do to be saved.

And they said, believe on the Lord le sus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.

The Dependance of the words.

Q ul and Silas ( on their journey ) make a step to

Philippi,a chiefe City in Macedonia, vers. 12. They had a special call for it, ver.9. Being there the next Sabbath, they apply themselves to Praying and Preaching, ver. 13. and each of these was

crowned with a blessed effe. By che former, Lydia is converted, ver. 14, 15. By the latter, the Devil is difpofered one of a Damafell, ver. 16, 18. The Word and Prayer are the great power of God to change the heart and conquer Satan.

But if we trouble tbe Devil, the Devil will not cease to croyble us, It hath been the lot of the best Ministers, co do moft good, and find most affli&ion. Look but in the 19. ver. and there you shall see Panland Silas caugbt and drawn before the




beares and gonan lose their go what is th

cast out a Devil! Bu: this is not the matter objeđed, nor the immediate ground of the trouble ( Her Master saw that the hope of their gaines was gone. ) How far will the love of the world chruit a man against Gods servants,even Paul himselfis brought to the Bar,when he cuts off the gaines which che Devil brought. Covervus hearts and good Miristers can never agree.' They will racher sell she Truth than lose their Gaine.''

But being now before the Magistrate, what is thcir accuration? What! That Pauland Silas did caftout the Devil ? No. That they who were che Masters of the Damosel were impaired and disadvantaged by their Preaching ? No, though this was the ground, yet something else was the Pretence. This would seeme iomewhat too base,and therefore they urge against them ano. ther allegation, which they knew would easily take, vers, 20.4. T hele being lews exceedingly trouble our City, and ver. 21. Teacher Customes which are not lawful for us to receive, nor to observe, being Romans. * As if he said, they are a couple of factious and schymatical fel. lows, men of a singular spirit,given to innovation, speak strange things of one Christ, and of Believing, and of Repenting, and we know not wbar. . . . .

They need say no more, prefently there is an uprore, and with. out any more ado, right or wrong, they have Justice. The Ma. gistrates rent their clothes, and command to beate them. verí 22. "And this is not enough, besides the whip, they must to the Prijon,and be kept safe and close, verse 23. Hatred of goodnelle doth many times precipitale evil men to the acts of injustice;

and he who hates a good man, will many times - become a bad · Judge. .

But in the prison and stocks they are,and the layler is as frict ' to execute, as they unjust to command, verse 24. He did ihrujt them into che inner prison, and made their feet fast in the

stocks. : A strange Providence is chat of God, Paul and Silas are sent

to prison to convert a Jayler, to uploose him, who bound them, to heale him, who fcourged them, God hath some special ends in the times and places of his servants sufferings. Well, ac Mid


niebt Paul and Silas prayed and sang prajses to God, verse 25. No
prison can bolt out our Communion with God. Prayer will get
upto heaven in dispite of all opposition, and even a suffering
Christian may be very cheerful.

But now sex che consequents of this, their prayers Thooke the • Heaven and the Heaven shooke the Earth, so that the foundations

of the Prison were shakex, and immediately all the doores were opened.
and every ones bands were loofed, ver. 26. I do not marvel that
Prayer can breake the bonds of Iron,when I know it is able to
break asunder che bonds of deach it self.

The layler aWake, fees the prison deores open, and for onghe he
knew, an escape of all his prisoners, for whose lives,probable it is,
that he must pay his own, and therefore in a pafli

onate desperatenesse, drawes , oui his word to kill 'bime o- self. :

Paulespies him, and cryes out with a loud voice, ( bold, hold)
Do thy reif no harme, for we are all bere, not a man of us that hath
stirred. i .

Which when he had searched and found, O, what a strange
alteration is in this Jayler, verse 29. He came in trembling.
What!he who before made them to bleed, doch he now tremble!
he that before cast them into the stocks,doth he come trembling
to them! What were they, or what could they do, shackled,
and scourged, and imprisoned persons, that he trembled before
them! But lo he did. Scorners will become Tremblers, when God
hath once touched their hearts ; yet this is not all. He also
falls down before them. He is upon his knees to ask them for-
giveneffe, for his cruel usage. And then he brings them

Which is in this made theme ftocks, dond they doled before

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But what of all this. All this may arise from sparks of pitty and
- bumanicy....... ....
Nay,but there is a greater matter then all

: Sirs, said he,
what mall I de to be saved? ( As if he said ) I am in a miserable
condition, I have lived wickedly, and done wrong to many of
the people of God, and in particular to you; Good Lord what
Thall become of me; you are the Ministers of Christ, I be secch you
have pity on me, and shew unto me what I may do to save this
poore soul of mine,

What does Paul, and Silas Answer him? they said, Beleeve


in the Lord Jesus Chrift, and sbor falt be (avedi And I bei feech you marke it, how immediate their answer is to hi, question; they do not say, as the High Priests to afflicted indas, look thow to that, they do not upbraid him with his hard and cruell usage. They take not chac advantage, and say, nay. now doch thy conscience trodble thee for being so wicked and scourging us so sharply? yea, and so let it; doelt chou come for direction and comfort to us, whom thou hast fo Thamefully abused? .

No, they forget the injuries, and presently pour in che Oyl, They instantly direct bim into the true way of life, Believe is. the Lord lefus Christ, and I hou shalt be saved. But more of this a non,

I have chosen this text on purpose, that I may proceed to th: next article of the Creed (I believe in lesus Christ our Lord) yo see it is exprest in the next.

But before I handle it give me leave to Analyse the words,ar..' to touch upon some fingular conclusions, and then I will fec. down upon the Article it self more fully,

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The opening of the words with the severall

Dottrines in the text.

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He words of the text do containe two pares.

Acase of Conscience to be propounded by a trova bled and trembling finner : The cale is not for a. nother, but for himself, what Mall I do? And noc, about his Riches, or wealth, or his body, but a..

bout his soul : And that not for meer fpeculatsz, on, but for practicals, it is a cale about his falvacion,and about che mcanes which bs should take to accaine :, Sirs, what shall I do 10 be. Az ed?


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s about his soul: Anue his falvacion,

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