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1 John 2, 1.

fed Saviour , tby blood was thed for the remiffion of sinoes, and thou haft inviced all chac are heavy laden so come winta thee, and thou wilt eafe rhem: Thou sayeit, if any man linne, he hash an advocate with the Faber , ?e/14 Cbrit ihe righteous, and he is the propiciation for finnes. Now I am ihus and chus inful, and there goiles fic upon my conscience, I am never a. ble co get them to be partoned for any thing in me, but I do puc my soul upon thee, and do trust to thee co get off these fiones, I put them on thy sccount, yea all of them, and do be. leeve chac in chiy blood they shall be pardoned, &c.



MTOw for the second thing which faich looks on in Christi
IV and chat is righteoufnete.
. Beloved, chis know, that God doch never Juftifie à man, nor
will ever fade a man who hath not a perfe&t Righicou mesc, for bie
is a Highrcomes God, and will nor pronougce che finner guilc
leffe; his Law and Puftice must be facisfred in all points, or elle
che (inner shall never come to heaven.

Now she lout of a person is marvelloufly diftreffed, when it serioufly chinks of this; How shall I stand before the great and Holy Godanother day, being By narure fo wholly sinful, and ac the beft being but defe&ively and imperfe&tly good?But faich in this cale brings the foul to Christ, and in bin it findes a mort perfect and abot'ure'righicoufneffe: For whom låicb che Scrupu.

Jous fouls' for cbee, faith Faith; what for me? yea for thee, for Cor.1.30.

ctie Scripture faitli, That Clorift was made the righteousne le of

God forn, and that he was made finne for us, that we might be . 2 Cor.5.21.

made the righteousnelle of God ix him. So that if thou wouldnt Have fach a rigtireousnesfe, as may answer the Law and facisfie God, and'which God will'accept for Juftification: Thou must By: faicht get out of chu lelf, and lay hold on thacrighteousness which is in Chrift: As Poul, l'account all things bus dung thaa

I'may win Cbrift, and be found in him, not having mine amnrigba - Icom/nelse which of the Land, but that which is through ibe

faith of Christ, the righteousnegle, which is of God' by Failb
Pbil. 3.8,9..


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There is a twofold righceousnesse.

Onc inherent, whicb is in us, and this imperfect, it can acver justifie us in the fight of God.

Another is impured, wbich is not in us, yet it is for us; And this is the righreousnesfe of Jesus Christ, both in his nature, and in his obedience; Aliive, and Pallive, which God reckons unto him who doch belceve in Chrift, of which the Apostle abundantly in Rom. & op this doch faith reft only in the matter of justicacion. Though inherent righteousnclse be abloJutely required to salvation, yet no righteousnelle bör that only which is Chrifts, and is impuced to beleevers, is the matter of our justification. When a finner comes to account it with God, he can never say, Lord, Lo here I am, see if there be any lin in my person, or defe& in my holinedic, I will expoftulate wich chee upon bare termes; I have not offended chee, or if

I have, here's grace enough to answer for me, my heart is whola C ly cleane, my duties at all times in every respect, for, maccer

and manner, have been performed just as chou requirest 21 in chy holy Law, enter into judgement wich me ifchou pleafcit; Ek I will be tryed by my own holineste, by my own goodneffe. sp O no, chere can be no such thing, no finner can be prou a nounced just this way, ever che Saints must caffe beir crowns so

the ground, and give glory to the Lamb who only is worthy. For ole when we come to the point of justification before God, we

must renounce our own righteoufne feas.fileby rags, we must cry asi out,enter not into judgement with olor forvant, for in. Eby Fagbo fail.

no flesh living be juftified. 11. But as they who were in danger, fled to the bornes of the Altar 1th for their lives; so must we, if we would be justified, fly by faith

to the Alcar, of Christs perfed righteousnelle, and to doch

faich,when it would present the person of a finner perfect and vó unblameable before God; le doth bring him unto Christ, and be faich before God, I beleeve in him to be the Lord ing rightslei onsneffc. : .. .i'ii..




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How it may appeare, that to believe in the Lord

Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved. :

2. Premises

D i Efore I give you the Arguments or Reasons
A t o evince this, I must premise some particu-

lars, viz.' .. .
na S : First, That beleeving, or faith, may be cons

Gidered four wayes; eicher,

1. Absolutely, as a simple habit, or qualicy

of grace, apt to change the unbelievingneffe of the heart, and to send forth the acts of trusting and accep. tance. Thus faith is not the only way of salvacion, partly be-. caufe other habits are required as well as faith, and partly because there is not in faith, (absolutely considered) any meritorious dignity (of it self) to challenge Salvation. We fay that a Ring is worth a hundred pound, not absolutely considered, not cbarche gold which makes the Ring, amounis co that van lue, bur in respect of the Diamond set in that Ring ; so faich is a grace of wonderful price (much more precious then gold) Not fo much in respect of ic self, as if it did by its own natural dig. nity cause our Juftification, and Salvacion, but in respect of Chrift, whole person it takes, and on whose'rightcousnelle it doth rely; fo though this be true, we are justified by faith, yet: chis.is as true, we are not justified for fuitb, t'u for Christ, on: whom faich doth cruft.

2. A&tually, (that is) for the very act of beleving: Arminio ws, and Birtiw, and some of that cut,do say, That not the riebo rcoufne fe of Christ is thai which justifieth, but the act of beleeving on it, is that which is impuied in our Justification. A righteousnesse of Cbrift they do grant, but 'tis the act of our beleeving on this, which (by divine acceptation or favour)


is impured, for righteou'ne se'; boe this is a - rotten opi-

Becaufe-first; it makes void the righteousnesfe of Chrill: by
bis blood we are justified, Rom:5.9. By his obedience are We-made
righteoxs, verse 19. If this doth just fie us, eben faith as an ad
doch not, unlesse we will be doobly justified.

Secondly, no works of ours, before or after grace , do justifie us, bue che act of faich is one of theie.Ergo, ..,

3. Correlatively (that is) with relation to Christ and his righteousnesle, and in this respect faith is the onely way: one faith well, faith doch not justific as an action, but as a passion, his Bucer: meaning is chis, not faith apprebending, but the thing appres bended by faith doth justifie: It is true, I must by faith appre. hend Chrift if I will be saved ; but it is not the apprehension which saves, but he who is apprehended is the cause of my falva- • cion. If I were like to be drowned in the water, I must pue forch my hand to him, who stands and reachech our his hand unto me; yet it is not the meer purring forth of my hand which saves me from drowning, but his hand which is laid hold on by mine, which draws me forch, and so I am preserved, both must meer, but the cause is in him. . 4. Inftrumentally, or in respe&t of office; you know well how to distinguilh'cwixt actions a man doth as a man,and actions which- a man doth as an officer : If a man be condemned, and ready for-execution, and one comes from the King with the message of pardon, the delivering of this message is an ad of his employmenç and office, not of his ablolute nature as a man only. Thus ic is wicb faith, ie sends out some actions, as an absolute grace, and ic performes others as a grace in office, as an inftrument designed and deputed ; It juftifies us in chis latter refpe&; nor that it is the matter or caose which cleares all for us with God,'but because it is the instrument, Paying hold on him who doth this for us : As the hand.is faid to cloach the body, not that the hand is any cloaching (for a man doch noc : weare his hand) but because it is the instrument to put on our cloaching; or as che cup is said to quench our cbirst, not that chei mecral of the cup can go down and facisfie chat nacural appetite, but because ic holds that wine or liquor which coth quench; so doch taiib juftife a finner, not as:


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the obje&t, not as the caufe, but as the instrumeni (that is ) as the hand of the foule , laying hold on the Robes of Cirilis righreppsneffe, putting on chat garment of his, and as an instrument, receiving, and bolding, and bringing to che foul that precious blood of Christ, which onely can immediately satisfie God, and appeale a thirsty con'cience... ;

2. Againe we must distinguish of che manner and peculiar L'ewofold re-ne

habitudes, or respe& of things unto salvation; some chings rence of nings.

have a reference 'to salvation by way of proper caufality. wbich have in them a meritorious reason, for the proper dignity of which a person is justified and saved; And in this respect we say,that beleeving in Jesus Cbrift is she only method, and way of falvation. Noc chat faich can (from its own worth ) dispute and challenge from God, but becausc cfus Cbrift, (who is che object of faith)bach as a cause mersted our pardon, juftification and falvation.

Other things have a reference by way of order; As suppose a man were to be Knighred by the King, co obraine chis Knighchood, he must come to the Coure, and stoop down on his kace, and so receive that honqur ; This acceffe co the Court, and humbling on his knee, is not a matcer of merit or cause, but boly of order and condition: In this latter respect, we deny por but good works look towards salvation and are at quired thereto. Not as any.cance (Cbrift only as the case) but as conditions,

and order la ftops, and wayes, which we must tread, if we will be crnard.

favedn via ad regnum,non caufa regnandi.
- When we lay, that beleving in Christ Jesus is the onely Way
to be saved; you must not understand it fo, as if no other grace
were required from a man but faith only, but chus, There is no
ocber grace which layes hold on Chrif(who is the cause of sal-
vacion ) but faith only: As it was with che father of the Pro-
digal, when be met his sonne, falling down on his knees, he
presently forgave him: but before he brought him into bis boule,
be did cloath him wioh ozber garments : So doth God our Fa-
tter, upon our humbling and believing, freely conter on us re-
miffion of fins for his Chrifts fake; yet before be brings us to
heaven, he docb inveft our fouls with the fingular graces of his
holy Spirit; yea, though justificariaza be noc. sanctification, yet
where God doch the ope, he ever bestowes and works the


the casc)bu

favedy vidiad, Ps, and wayes, while

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