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Humbled finner

What he should do to be Saved.

Faith in the Lord Jelus Christ the only way

of salvation for sen ble sinners.

The quality, object, acts, feat , fubje&, inseparable

concomitants and degrees of justifying faithi. The agreement and difference of a strong and weak faith; the se difficulty of beleeving, the facility of mistake about -it, and the misery of unbelief. The nature of living by faith,

and the improvement of it to a full Aflurance. Wherein several Cases are Relolved, antObjections Answered.

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By Obadiah Sedgwick, Batchelour in Divinity and se

late Minister of the Gospel in Covent Garden. The

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Match: 11.28. Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy liden, and I will give me 5 you reft,

LONDON, Printed by T. R. & E.M. for Adoniram Byfield at the Bible in so 36 Popes-head Alley, neere Lumbardftreet. 1656.

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To The




Barron of Tbornaugh.

th e Badiah Sedgwick, in Testimony of

his real thankfulnesse for all his singular Relped unto him, and great

incouragement in the work of the Ble Ministery in Covent Garden, and of his Pious care in fettling so able and faithful a fucceffour to carry on che work of the Gospel in the said place. Prefenteth this enfaing Treatise.

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Christian Reader,

T is sufficient commendation to the enfilTh i ng Treatise to let thee know, that it was

Fritten and compleated by Mr.Obadiah al Sedgwick in the time of his health. It hath now pleased God by sicknesse to disen.able bim for publick service in the way of preaching, and if by Printing that he hath formerly preached, he may become further useful to the Church of Christ, as it will be much comfort to him, so I doubt not but it will be matter of much rejoycing, and great benefit unto many others. These Sermons handle the doEtrine of justifying faith, and if they shall prove inftrumental, either to work or increase faith in thee, Let God have the glory, and the Anthour thy fervent prayers for his recovery.

Thy Servant in the

work of Christ, EDM. CALAMI.

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