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ance, which at first did not exceed 40 or 50 children, has greatly increased ; and there are now, generally, from 150 to 200 present. A more interesting sight is seldom presented than this little audience, when engaged in the services of that hour.

So pressing have been our calls at the office, together with the time it has necessarily taken to effect a union of the several Ministers at large and the various Benevolent Societies in this city, that we have been able to give our attention only on the Sabbath to this part of our work. A great field for usefulness is here presented to us, and by what has been done we are convinced that a still greater amount of good may yet be effected, by pointing out to the young the way in which they should go, and by leading those, who are wandering in the paths of ignorance and vice, to a knowledge of that which alone will advance their happiness here and hereafter. Encouraged by the past, we shall spare no effort, therefore, that will promote the great object of this school and chapel, not doubting that He, who has thus far blessed us in our feeble efforts, will strengthen and prepare us for every duty that shall present itself in the great field we are entering.

Dr Tuckerman's absence, and Mr Gray's feeble health the two months past, with the many engagements of the winter, have obliged us still to defer opening a chapel at the South End. Those we visit in that part of the city have expressed strong desires to have a place of worship provided for them; and it is hoped that their wishes may be complied with before long. Our experience at Friend Street is, in the meantime, affording us valuable suggestions and preparation for future and similar measures elsewhere.


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The Sunday School in Hollis Street has been very full the last six months, presenting, at times, an attendance of 226 children. It continues to give promise of leading to highly important results, and of forming, hereafter, the central point of wide and beneficial influ

It still gathers in its classes the rich and the poor together. It has been, and we trust it always will be, most sacredly devoted to the cause of christian truth and love, the promotion of active benevolence, the diffusion of peace and good will among all who are made the subjects of its sway.

We look forward with pleasing anticipation to our future connection with the poor, as their religious teachers and Christian pastors. It is our earnest prayer that God will long continue us in the discharge of such high and holy offices to man. Permit us to ex


Board our thanks for the care and interest you have long shown towards the great mission to which we have been called ; and to rejoice with you in the prospect that such care and interest will pass from your body only to descend and expand itself through the whole class of our fellow-christians. Whatever honor and success shall crown the Ministry at large in future years, the praise must ever rest with you of having laid the foundations of all.

Our friends will be pleased to hear that Dr Tuckerman's health continues to improve in Europe. His return may now soon be expected. Rev. Mr Arnold meets with success in his kindred mission in New York. His first semi-annual report is full of interest. He has procured a hall for public worship, and a Sunday School, which he hopes will prove useful auxiliaries to his other labors.'

Allow us, through our communication with you, to thank our many known and unknown friends for the assistance they have rendered us. Some gifts have reached us that awakened deep gratitude to our Heavenly Father, and gave us a happy pledge of the sympathy and support we shall always so much need. The Ladies of · The Sewing circle' have each month rendered us very important aid. Our engagements the past winter having brought a great extent of suffering beneath our notice, and having led us, besides supplying those immediately under our own care, to aid the resources of our associates, in assisting many of the applicants in their districts also, our Poor's Purse account is necessarily at present somewhat in arrears. Respectfully,


FREDERICK T. GRAY. May 9, 1834.

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JUNE, 1834.

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