Daughters of Genius: A Series of Sketches of Authors, Artists, Reformers ...

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Hubbard Brothers, 1885 - 563 страница

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Страница 108 - O May I Join The Choir Invisible! O may I join the choir invisible Of those immortal dead who live again In minds made better by their presence...
Страница 163 - I wist all their sport in the park is but a shadow to that pleasure that I find in Plato. Alas ! good folk, they never felt what true pleasure meant.
Страница 360 - Christmas comes but once a year : And, when it comes, it brings good cheer ; % But, when it's gone, it's never the near.
Страница 58 - Of a slight, delicate figure, with a shower of dark curls falling on either side of a most expressive face, large tender eyes richly fringed by dark eyelashes, a smile like a sunbeam...
Страница 214 - It flooded the crimson twilight Like the close of an Angel's Psalm, And it lay on my fevered spirit With a touch of infinite calm. It quieted pain and sorrow, Like love overcoming strife; It seemed the harmonious echo From our discordant life. It linked all perplexed meanings Into one perfect peace, And trembled away into silence As if it were loth to cease.
Страница 163 - I must do it, as it were, in such weight, measure, and number, even so perfectly as God made the world, or else I am so sharply taunted, so cruelly threatened, yea presently sometimes with pinches, nips, and bobs...
Страница 29 - She looked a little old woman, so short-sighted that she always appeared to be seeking something, and moving her head from side to side to catch a sight of it. She was very shy and nervous, and spoke with a strong Irish accent. When a book was given her, she dropped her head over it till her nose nearly touched it, and when she was told to hold her head up, up went the book after it, still close to her nose, so that it was not possible to help laughing.
Страница 37 - MS.," and, instead, he took out of the envelope a letter of two pages. He read it trembling. It declined, indeed, to publish that tale, for business reasons, but it discussed its merits and demerits so courteously, so considerately, in a spirit so rational, with a discrimination so enlightened, that this very refusal cheered the author better than a vulgarly-expressed acceptance would have done. It was added, that a work in three volumes would meet with careful attention.
Страница 162 - THE | SCHOLEMASTER | Or plaine and perfite way of teachyng | children, to understand, write, and speake, the | Latin tong, but specially purposed for the | private brynging up of youth in Jentlemen | and Noble mens houses, and commodious also | for all such, as have forgot the Latin tonge, | and would, by themselves, without a | Scholemaster, in short tyme, and | with small paines, recover | a sufficient habilitie, to | understand, write, | and speake | Latin.
Страница 22 - Abe was a good boy, and I can say what scarcely one woman — a mother — can say in a thousand : Abe never gave me a cross word or look, and never refused, in fact or appearance, to do anything I requested him. I never gave him a cross word in all my life. . . . His mind and mine — what little I had — seemed to run together.

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