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Printed for J. DODSLEY, in Pall-Mall, 1793:

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P R E F A C E.

HE year which is the subject of this

volume, is not without interesting events, especially with regard to our internal politics. Among these, the decisions of the parliament, upon a subject of the highest importance to the peace, wealth, and prosperity of the whole British empire, naturally claim the preference. We have therefore been particularly attentive to this part of the work, and have spared no pains to render it as clear and instructive as posfible ; at the same time ftri&ly observing that impartiality which we have hitherto professed, and to which we shall always inviolably adhere.

Whilst we bestowed on this part the extraordinary attention which it justly merited, we have not however been negligent in our relation of the transactions of other parts of Europe; of these we have given a full, and we hope not an unsatisfactory ac


count. count.

In this volume we have closed our account of the war in the East-Indies ; but have purposely omitted entering into any of the disputes which arose at home, in consequence of the affairs of that company. These disputes, it is true, arose in the year

of which we treat; but they were confined to, and within the company itself during the course of that period. They have now a wider extent; are continued on a more conspicuous theatre; and are become a very great and interesting object. But these disputes, as well as their final determination, if they shall happen to be foon determined, must naturally fall into the accounts of the year now begun, and will be part of the subject of our next volume. Upon the whole, we have spared neither diligence nor labour, and this is all we pretend to, to render this volume worthy of the same favour with which the former were received.



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General aspect of affairs at the beginning of the year. Commotions and

infurrections in various parts of the world. State of Europe. France. Cioje union of the house of Bourbon fill continues. Protestant syfem frengt bened, by the Prince of Orange's being of age, as well as by the late marriages. Denmark. Rufa. Germany. Italy. Present appear. eace of things in general pacific.

*HOUGH the great changes to be an æra of great revolutions.

in the general political lyf- A spirit of liberty, which no time tem have not taken place, which nor oppression can entirely efface the aspect of the times seemed to in the human breaft, dawned forth indicate, when we closed the hif. in regions and amongst people, torical part of our last volume; where, it might have been imagine yet ic will be allowed, that the ed. the term was scarce ever heard, beginning of the year 1766 ap. much less understood. peared to teem with the most in. The dissatisfactions which had teresting events, and threatened unhappily fubfifted between Great Vol. IX.




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