Institutes of International Law, Томови 1-2

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Страница 211 - hereby declared to be just objects of confiscation, whenever they are attempted to be carried to an enemy. And whereas the difficulty of agreeing on the precise cases, in which alone provisions and other articles not generally contraband may be regarded as such, renders it expedient to provide against the inconveniences and misunderstandings that might
Страница 123 - allied, should be engaged in war, the ships and vessels belonging to the subjects of the other ally must be furnished with sea letters or passports, expressing the name, property and bulk of the ship, as also the name and place of habitation of the
Страница 2 - if at any time a rupture should take place between his Majesty and the United States, the merchants and others of each of the two nations residing in the dominions of the other shall have the privilege of remaining and continuing their trade, so long as they
Страница 42 - the exercise of a part of that exclusive territorial jurisdiction which has been stated to be the attribute of every nation. One of these is admitted to be the exemption of the person of a sovereign from arrest or detention within a foreign territory.
Страница 202 - has been represented, a mere challenge to be accepted or refused at pleasure by the other. It proves the existence of actual hostilities on one side at least, and puts the other party also into a state of war, though he may, perhaps, think proper to act on the defensive only.
Страница 30 - access and intermixture are permitted and they become incorporated to almost the full extent. But in the East, from the oldest times, an immiscible character has been kept up. Foreigners are not admitted into the general body and mass of the society of the nation; they continue
Страница 4 - any other footing than that of the direct permission of the state. Who can be insensible to the consequences that might follow, if every person in time of war had a right to carry on a commercial intercourse with the enemy, and under colour of that had the means of carrying on
Страница 36 - how the law of nations in the given case is understood in that country, and will be considered in adopting the rule, which is to prevail in this. Without taking a comparative view of the justice or fairness of the rules established in the British Courts, and of those established in the Courts of other nations;
Страница 129 - always excepted; it is also agreed in like manner, that the same liberty shall be extended to persons who are on board a free ship with this effect, that although they be enemies to both or to either party, they
Страница 66 - power and whose safety might greatly depend on retaining the exclusive command and disposition of this force. The grant of a free passage, therefore, implies a waiver of all jurisdiction over the troops during their passage, and permits the foreign general to use that discipline and inflict those punishments, which the government of his army requires.

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