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who preserveth them that are 6 Thou makest him to have true of heart.

dominion of the works of thy 12 God is a righteous judge, hands: and thou hast put all strong, and patient; and God things in subjection under his is provoked every day.

feet; 13 If a man will not turn, he 7 All sheep and oxen; yea, will whet his sword; he hath and the beasts of the field; bent his bow, and made it ready. 8 The fowls of the air, and

14 He hath prepared for him the fishes of the sea; and what. the instruments of death; he soever walketh through the paths ordaineth his arrows against the of the seas. persecutors.

9 O Lord, our Governor, 15 Behold, he travaileth with how excellent is thy name in mischief; he hath conceived all the world! sorrow, and brought forth ungodliness. 16 He hath graven and dig

The second Day. ged up a pit, and is fallen him. MORNING PRAYER. self into the destruction that he made for other.

Psalm ix. Confitebor tibi. 17 For his travail shall come Will give thanks unto thee, upon his own head, and his O Lord, with my whole heart; wickedness shall fall on his own I will speak of all thy marvel. pate.

lous works. 18 I will give thanks unto 2 I will be glad and rejoice in the Lord, according to his righ- thee; yea, my songs will I make teousness; and I will praise the of thy name, 0 thou Most name of the Lord most high. Highest. Psalm viii. Domine, Dominus

3 While mine enemies are noster.

driven back, they shall fall and O Lord, our Governor, how perish at thy presence :

4 For thou hast maintained the world; thou that hast set my right and my cause; thou thy glory above the heavens ! art set in the throne that judg.

2 Out of the mouth of very est right. babes and sucklings hast thou 5 Thou hast rebuked the hea. ordained strength, because of then, and destroyed the ungodthine enemies, that thou might- ly; thou hast put out their name est still the enemy and the aven- for ever and ever. ger.

6 thou enemy, destructions 3 For I will consider thy hea- are come to a perpetual end; vens, even the works of thy fin- even as the cities which thou gers; the moon and the stars hast destroyed, their memorial which thou hast ordained. is perished with them.

4 What is man, that thou art 7 But the Lord shall endure mindful of him? and the son of for ever; he hath also prepared man, that thou visitest him? his seat for judgment.

5 Thou madest him lower 8 For he shall judge the world than the angels, to crown him in righteousness, and minister with glory and worship. true judgment unto the people. 9 The Lord also will be a de. 2 The ungodly, for his own fence for the oppressed, even a lust, doth persecute the poor : refuge in due time of trouble. let them be taken in the crafty

10 And they that know thy wiliness that they have imaginname will put their trust in ed. thee; for thou, Lord, hast never 3 For the ungodly hath made failed them that seek thee. boast of his own heart's desire,

11 O praise the Lord which, and speaketh good of the covedwelleth in Sion; show the peo- tous, whom God abhorreth. ple of his doings:

4 The ungodly is so proud, 12 For when he maketh in- that he careth not for God, neiquisition for blood, he remem- ther is God in all his thoughts. bereth them, and forgetteth not 5 His ways are alway grievthe complaint of the poor. ous; thy judgments are far 13 Have mercy upon me, O above out of his

sight, and thereLord; consider the trouble fore defieth he all his enemies. which I suffer of them that hate 6 For he hath said in his me, thou that liftest me up from heart, Tush, I shall never be the gates of death;

cast down, there shall no harm 14 That I may show all thy happen unto me. praises within the ports of the 7 His mouth is full of curs. daughter of Sion: I will rejoice ing, deceit, and fraud; under in thy salvation.

his tongue is ungodliness and 15 The heathen are sunk vanity. down in the pit that they made; 8 He sitteth lurking in the in the same net which they hid thievish corners of the streets, privily is their foot taken. and privily in his lurking dens

16 The Lord is known to doth he murder the innocent; execute judgment; the ungod- his eyes are set against the ly is trapped in the work of his poor. own hands.

9 For he lieth waiting secret17 The wicked shall be turn- ly; even as a lion lurketh he in ed into hell, and all the people his den, that he may ravish the that forget God.

poor. 18 For the poor shall not al- 10 He doth ravish the poor, way be forgotten; the patient when he getteth him into his abiding of the meek shall not net. perish for ever.

11 He falleth down and hum19 Up, Lord, and let not man bleth himself, that the congrehave the upper hand; let the gation of the poor may fall into

; heathen be judged in thy sight. the hands of his captains.

20 Put them in fear, O Lord, 12 He hath said in his heart, that the heathen may know Tush, God hath forgotten; he themselves to be but men. hideth away his face, and he

will never see it. Psalm x. Ut quid, Domine?

13 Arise, O Lord God, and HY standest thou so far lift up thine hand; forget not

off, O Lord, and hidest the poor. thy face in the needful time of 14 Wherefore should the trouble?

wicked blaspheme God, while



and wrong.

HELP me, Lord,

thou pre

he doth say in his heart, Tush, storm and tempest: this shall thou God carest not for it? be their portion to drink.

15 Surely thou hast seen it; 8 For the righteous Lord for thou beholdest ungodliness loveth righteousness: his coun.

tenance will behold the thing 16 That thou mayest take that is just. the matter into thy hand: the

EVENING PRAYER. poor committeth himself unto thee; for thou art the helper of

Psalm xii. Salvum me fac. the friendless.

Lord, for there is 17 Break thou the power of not one godly man left; for the ungodly and malicious;

malicious; the faithful are minished from take away his ungodliness, and among the children of men. thou shalt find none.

2 They talk of vanity every 18 The Lord is King for one with his neighbour; they ever and ever, and the heathen do but flatter with their lips, are perished out of the land. and dissemble in their double

19 Lord, thou hast heard the heart. desire of the poor; thou

3 The Lord shall root out all parest their heart, and thine ear deceitful lips, and the tongue hearkeneth thereto.

that speaketh proud things: 20 To help the fatherless and 4 Which have said, With our poor unto their right, that the tongue will we prevail; we are man of the earth be no more they that ought to speak : who exalted against them.

is Lord over us? Psalm xi. In Domino confido. 5 Now, for the comfortless IN N the Lord put I my trust; troubles sake of the needy, and how say ye then to my soul,

because of the deep sighing of that she should flee as a bird


poor, to the hill ?

6 I will up, saith the Lord, 2 For lo, the ungodly bend and will help every one from their bow, and make ready their him that swelleth against him, arrows within the quiver, that and will set him at rest. they may privily shoot at them 7 The words of the Lord are which are true of heart.

pure words, even as the silver 3 For the foundations will be which from the earth is tried, cast down; and what hath the and purified seven times in the righteous done?

fire. 4 The Lord is in his holy 8 Thou shalt keep them, O temple; the Lord's seat is in Lord; thou shalt preserve him heaven.

from this generation for ever. - 5 His eyes consider the poor,

9 The ungodly walk on every and his eye-lids try the children side: when they are exalted, of men.

the children of men are put to 6 The Lord alloweth the rebuke. righteous; but the ungodly, and Psalm xiii. Usque quo Domine? him that delighteth in wicked. How long

wilt thou forget , soul abhor 7 Upon the ungodly he shall how long wilt thou hide thy face rain snares, fire and brimstone, from me?



2 How long shall I seek coun- ple as it were bread, and call sel in my soul, and be so vexed not upon the Lord ? in my heart? How long shall

9 There were they brought mine enemies triumphover me? in great fear, even where no fear

3 Consider, and hear me, was; for God is in the generaLord my God; lighten mine tion of the righteous. eyes, that I sleep not in death 10 As for you, ye have made

4 Lest mine enemy say, I a mock at the counsel of the have prevailed against him: for poor; because he putteth his if I be cast down, they that trust in the Lord. trouble me will rejoice at it. 11 Who shall give salvation 5 But my trust is in thy mer- unto Israel out of Sion? When

? cy, and my heart is joyful in the Lord turneth the captivity thy salvation.

of his people, then shall Jacob 6 I will sing of the Lord, be- rejoice, and Israel shall be glad. cause he hath dealt so lovingly

The third Day. with me; yea, I will praise the name of the Lord most Highest. Psalm xv. Domine, quis ha

MORNING PRAYER. Psalm xiv. Dixit insipiens. 'HE fool hath said in his

bitabit? THE heart, There is no God.

ORD, who shall dwell in 2. They are corrupt, and be

thy tabernacle? or who come abominable in their do- shall rest upon thy holy hill? ings; there is none that doeth

2 Even he that leadeth an good, no not one.

uncorrupt life, and doeth the 3 The Lord looked down thing which is right, and speakfrom heaven upon the children eth the truth from his heart: of men, to see if there were

3 He that hath used no deany that would understand, and ceit in his tongue, nor done evil seek after God :

to his neighbour, and hath not 4 But they are all gone out slandered his neighbour :

: of the way, they are altogether

4 He that setteth not by himbecome abominable; there is self; but is lowly in his own none that doeth good, no not eyes, and maketh much of them one.

that fear the Lord : 5 Their throat is an open

5 He that sweareth unto his sepulchre; with their tongues neighbour, and disappointeth have they deceived: the poison him not,

him not, though it were to his of asps is under their lips. .

own hindrance: 6 Their mouth is full of curs

6 He that hath not given his ing and bitterness; their feet money upon usury, nor taken are swift to shed blood.

reward against the innocent. 7 Destruction and unhappi

7 Whoso doeth these things ness is in their ways, and

the shall never fall. way of peace have they not Psalm xvi. Conserva me, known; there is no fear of God

Domine. before their eyes.

RESERVE me, O. God; 8 Have they no knowledge, for in thee have I put my that they are all such workers trust. of mischief, eating up my peo- 2 O my soul, thou hast said


unto the Lord, Thou art my son; thou hast tried me, and God; my goods are nothing shalt find no wickedness in me; unto thee.

for I am utterly purposed that 3 All my delight is upon the my mouth shall not offend. saints that are in the earth, and 4 Because of men's works upon such as excel in virtue. that are done against the words

4 But they that run after of thy lips, I have kept me from another God shall have great the ways of the destroyer. trouble.

5 O hold thou up my goings 5 Their drink-offerings of in thy paths, that my footsteps blood will I not offer, neither slip nat. make mention of their names 6 I have called upon thee, within my lips,

Q God, for thou shalt hear me: 6 The Lord himself is the incline thine ear to me, and portion of mine inheritance, hearken unto my words. and of my cup; thou shalt 7 Show thy marvellous loving maintain my lot.

kindness, thou that art the Sa7 The lot is fallen unto me viour of them which put their in a fair ground; yea, I have a trust in thee, from such as resist

a goodly heritage.

thy right hand. 8 I will thank the Lord for & Keep me as the apple of an giving me warning; my reins eye; hide me under the shadow also chasten me in the night of thy wings, season.

9 From the ungodly, that 9 I have set God always be- trouble me; mine enemies comfore me; for he is on my right pass me, round about, to take hand, therefore I shall not fall.

away my soul. 10 Wherefore my heart was 10 They are enclosed in their glad, and my glory rejoiced; own fat, and their mouth speakmy flesh also shall rest in hope. eth proud things.

11 For why? thou shalt not 11 They lie waiting in our leave my soul in hell; neither way on every side, turning their shalt thou suffer thy Holy One eyes down to the ground. to see corruption.

12 Like as a lion that is gree12 Thou shalt show me the dy of his prey, and as it were a path of life: in thy presence is lion's whelp lurking in secret the fulness of joy, and at thy places. right hand there is pleasure for 13 Up, Lord, disappoint him, evermore.

and cast him down; deliver my Psalm xvii. Exaudi, Domine. soul from the ungodly, which is

EAR the right, O Lord, a sword of thine :

consider my complaint, 14 From the men of thy and hearken unto my prayer, that hand, O Lord, from the men I goeth not out of feigned lips. say, and from the evil world;

2. Let my sentence come which have their portion in this forth from thy presence, and let life, whose bellies thou fillest thine eyes look upon the thing with thy hid treasure. that is equal.

15 They have children at 3 Thou hast proved and vi. their desire, and leave the rest of sited mine heart in the night sea- their substance for their babes.


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