Some account of the life of ... William Windham; intended as a preface to his Speeches in parliament

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author, 1812 - 175 страница

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Страница 122 - Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey, Where wealth accumulates, and men decay: Princes and lords may flourish, or may fade; A breath can make them, as a breath has made: But a bold peasantry, their country's pride, When once destroyed, can never be supplied.
Страница 97 - Great Julius, on the mountains bred, A flock perhaps, or herd, had led : He *, that the world subdued, had been But the best wrestler on the green.
Страница 97 - Longevity is found in persons of habits the most opposite ; but are not certain habits more favourable to it than others ? The courage does not arise from mere boxing, from the mere beating or being beat ; — - but from the sentiments excited by the contemplation and cultivation of such practices. Will it make no difference in the mass of a people, whether their amusements are all of a pacific, pleasurable, and effeminate nature, or whether they are of a sort that calls forth a continued admiration...
Страница 35 - London, and to such business as that of the war-office, is more than you can conceive. It has given me a new stock of health ; and the beauty of the autumn mornings, joined to the general idleness in which one lives by necessity, and therefore without self-reproach, has given me a feeling of youthful enjoyment, such as I now but rarely know. You cannot conceive how you would like a ride here, with the idea that if you wandered too far, and went beyond the out-posts, you might be carried off by a...
Страница 7 - January 177s» at a meeting of gentlemen of the county of Norfolk, held at Norwich, that Mr. Windham gave the first promise of that eminence which he afterwards attained as an orator and statesman. Of his speech upon this occasion, a report has fortunately been preserved ; and though...
Страница 35 - But it is curious enough that this remarkable sentiment, which was first charged on him in a pamphlet under the fictitious signature of Jasper Wilson, and was afterwards echoed and re-echoed through the country, had in fact never been uttered by him, but was owned by Mr. Hardinge. Mr. Windham, however, though he denied having spoken the words, justified the sentiment, under the explanation which he gave of it, namely, a preference, as an alternative, of government, order, and the British laws, above...
Страница 145 - Ireland is, for the greater part of its population, that of a sort of semi-barbarism ; which not only keeps that country in a depressed state, deprived, for the greater part, of those advantages, which nature seems to have intended for it ; but renders it, in the present circumstances of the world, a source of continued and imminent danger to us. This. depressed and disordered state seems to have been altogether produced, by the system of laws and government adopted originally, perhaps necessarily,...
Страница 6 - Mr. Windham had gone down to Norfolk, in consequence of a proposed meeting in that county, under the auspices of Lord Townshend, for the purpose of raising a subscription in aid of government, to be applied towards carrying on the war with the American colonies.
Страница 2 - Par. liament, was a man of versatile talents and an ardent mind. He was the associate of the wits of his time, the friend and admirer of Garrick, and the distinguished patron of all manly exercises. In his father's lifetime, he had lived much on. the continent, particularly in Spain. Of his proficiency in the language Df that country, he gave proofs in some printed observations on Smollett's Translation of Don Quixote.
Страница 8 - ... to the subscriptions, and to the war itself; and that his friend and his father's friend, the first Marquis Townshend, who had himself proposed the measure of the subscription, bore, in his reply, the warmest testimony to the abilities, knowledge, eloquence, and integrity, of his young antagonist. Some time before the event which has been last noticed, he had entered himself as an officer in the western battalion of Norfolk militia. In this character, he proved that he inherited the military...

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