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* Resigned January 13, 1903.
· Appointed January 20, 1903.

Term expired.

* Appointed February 18, 1903.
• Became Judge April 30, 1903.

VERMONT-Supreme Court.








Court Rules and Amendments Adopted Since the Revision and Publication of the Law Court Rules in 1894, and Readopted in 1897.

Amendment to Rule VII.

judge shall appoint a day or days not later

than two weeks thereafter for a meeting in He shall also, at least one week before the Dover of the judges who sat in the causes commencement of the trial term, mail to each member of the court a list of causes argued at said term, for the purpose of con

ference upon said causes and the assignment then at issue together with a copy of the of the judge or judges who shall prepare the printed record, and of the briefs of counsel, opinion or opinions of the court therein. filed in each of said causes. (Adopted June 21, 1899.)

2. The judge or judges so allotted shall,

not later than one month before the next Rule XXII.

term of the court, submit to each of the oth

er judges who sat in the cause, a copy of Conferences and Opinions.

the opinion or opinions so prepared by him 1. Upon the adjournment of this court, at or them. the end of each term thereof, the presiding

(Adopted January 22, 1902.)


Amendment to Rule V.

Amendments to Rule IX. That paragraph 6 of rule 5 of the Superior 2242. No commissioner in cases of divorce Court of the state of Delaware be amended shall be appointed before the first Friday of by adding to the end of said paragraph the the term to which the summons is returnafollowing, viz.:

ble. If by the return of the commissioner it (Adopted New Castle County, February Term, shall appear that the taking of such oral 1901.) testimony has not been completed, the court 29. In all actions where a nonsuit shall be may remand the commission to the commis- granted, the plaintiff shall at that time be sioner with like power and authority as were entitled, upon motion, to a rule to show originally granted to such commissioner, re- cause why such nonsuit should not be set turnable at such time as the court may di- aside. rect.

(Adopted February 26, 1897.) (Adopted New Castle County, February Term, 1901.)

Rule XIV.

Amendments to Rule VII.

1. No record, document or paper of any Upon the filing of a demurrer to any kind or description filed in or belonging to pleading the prothonotary shall forthwith the office of the prothonotary shall hereafter enter joinder in demurrer, and the cause be taken from the said office for any purshall be placed on the trial list, as herein

pose whatsoever, except upon order of court. provided.

(Adopted January 8, 1896.) Any cause at issue on demurrer may be set down for argument at any time during a

Rule XV. term of court, although said cause may not be published upon the trial list, upon ten

Pleadings. days' written notice given by the party filing 1. A copy of any pleading or other paper, the demurrer, or upon five days' written no- required to be filed in any cause or proceedtice given by the party whose pleadings may ing, shall be filed in the prothonotary's office be demurred to.

together with said pleading or paper, and 55 A.


such copy so filled shall be for the use of the party shall not be required to plead, answer adverse party or his attorney and shall be or reply until five days after such copy is delivered by the prothonotary to such party filed. or attorney upon application. The adverse

(Adopted January 13, 1896.)


Amendment to Rule XI.

No such company shall be accepted in any No foreign surety company shall be ac

case when the liability may continue more cepted by this court as surety for a penal than two years. sum exceeding ten thousand (10,000) dollars. (Adopted January 22, 1902.)


Ordered, by the court, all the Justices, the following rule be established relative to thereof concurring, that the following rule be naturalization cases, to wit: established and promulgated as a rule of Every applicant for naturalization shall file court, viz:

with the Clerk of the Court his application RULE.

in writing, according to the Statutes of the Oral arguments before the law court, in the Court in that County at which his appli

United States, thirty days before the term of cluding the reading of briefs and arguments cation is to be heard. The Clerk shall enter in reply, are limited to one hour for each side such application upon a special docket in the unless for cause shown the court shall fix a order of filing and shall, at the expense of the longer time before the arguments are begun. applicant, cause notice thereof to be published Adopted December 20, 1902.

in some public newspaper published in the

county of the applicant's residence fourteen NATURALIZATION..

days at least before such term. All the Justices being present, ordered, that

Adopted June 29, 1903.






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