The Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review, Том 27

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Страница 371 - America, have caused the said convention to be made public, to the end that the same, and every clause and article thereof, may be observed and fulfilled with good faith by the United States and the citizens thereof. And whereas the said convention has been duly ratified on both parts, and the respective ratification.
Страница 118 - favored nation, it is hereby agreed between them that any favor, privilege, or immunity whatever, in matters of Commerce and navigation, which either contracting party has actually granted, or may hereafter grant to the subjects or citizens of any other State, shall be extended to the subjects or citizens of the other high contracting
Страница 119 - in the territories of either of the high contracting parties, on the exportation of any articles to the territories of the other, than such as are or may be payable on the exportation of the like article to any other foreign country ; nor shall any prohibition be imposed upon the exportation or importation of any articles the
Страница 368 - property, shall be understood as applying to those powers only who recognize this principle ; but if either of the two contracting parties shall be at war with a third and the other neutral, the flag of the neutral shall cover the property of enemies whose governments acknowledge this principle, and not of others.
Страница 502 - night with a clear atmosphere, and the lantern is to be so constructed as to show a uniform and unbroken light over an arc of the horizon of twenty points of the compass, being ten points on each side of the ship, viz : from right ahead to two points abaft the beam on either side.
Страница 368 - zens aforesaid to sail with the ships and merchandise aforementioned, and to trade with the same liberty and security, from the places, ports, and havens of those who are enemies of both or either party, without any opposition or disturbance whatsoever, not only directly from the places of the enemy
Страница 225 - due it ; or conveyed to it in satisfaction of debts previously contracted in the course of its dealings; or such as it shall purchase at sales, under judgments, decrees or mortgages held by
Страница 71 - 54,) Congress declared that all pilots in the bays, inlets, rivers, harbors, and ports of the United States, shall continue to be regulated in conformity with the existing laws of the States, &c., and that this contemporaneous construction of the Constitution, since acted on with such uniformity, in a
Страница 368 - ART. XVI. This liberty of navigation and Commerce shall extend to all kinds of merchandises, excepting those only which are distinguished by the name of contraband ; and under this name of contraband or prohibited goods shall be comprehended :— 1st. Cannons, mortars, howitzers, swivels, blunderbusses, muskets, fusees, rifles, carbines,
Страница 368 - other merchandise and things not comprehended in the articles of contraband explicitly enumerated and classified, as above, shall be held and considered as free, and subjects of free and lawful Commerce, so that they may be carried and transported in the freest manner by both the contracting parties, even to places belonging

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