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BUILLABER, MR.-See Knapp's trial.

lege ; studies law with Samuel Sewall; enters office of
BUIPPEN, DR., 1. 846.

Samuel Putnam, of Salem; declines office ; early lite-
SIGOURNEY, ANDEE, notice of, ii. 237.

rary efforts; election to Legislature, ii. 422 ; his logal

publications; appointed Judge of Supreme Court; pro
SIGOURNEY, Mary, ii. 237.

fessorship at Cambridge; personal habits; death, il. 423,
Silesia, Journal of a Tour through, by John Quincy Adams, 424; characteristics of the age, ii. 424, 437; the Ameri-
ii. 250.

can Indians, 488; sketch of Samuel Dexter quoted, 237.
SISMONDI, the historian, ii. 180.

STORY, Wr. W., life of Joseph Story by, ii. 422.
Six Nations, Col. Pickering's treaty with, i. 427.

STOUGHTON, JAMES, killed by R. M. Goodwin, i, 537.
Slashes," The, birthplace of Henry Clay, il. 259.

Slavery, in the original thirteen States, the question of de- STUART, CAPT. JOHN, i. 52.

cided, ii. 44; impairs industry, 49; has any State in the Sullivan, General, proposed by John Jay, for the Ameri
United States a constitutional capacity to originate or can Army, i. 152; taken prisoner, 293; at Rhode Island,
establish a state of slavery ? 521; an evil founded in ii. 33, 336.
wrong, 526; danger from an extension of, 525; its in. SULLIVAN, William, his “Public men of the Revolution,"
fluence on individual and national character, 562

1. 158, 226, 412, 449, 527; ii. 34, 239; remarks of, relativo
Slace Trade, abolished by England; reasons why, li. 123 ; to the conspiracy of Aaron Burr, i. 174; anecdote of
prohibited by the United States, 44

Samuel Dexter, recorded by, il. 239.-Sec Hartford
Slave representation, il. 49.

Slaves, the introduction of, not imputable to the present SUMTER, GENERAL Leroism of, i. 122

generation, ii. 48; property in, 49; condition of in the Swann, Thomas, il. 441.
United States, 1818, 50.

SWARTWOUT, COL.-See “Miranda's Expedition."
SMELLIE, the naturalist, edits the Thesaurus Medicus, i. SWITZERLAND, remarks on the confederacy of, I. 22, 25.

SMITH, JOHN, Senator from Ohio; participation in the con-

spiracy of Aaron Burr; resolution to expel, il 147.
SMITH, MAJOR, see trial of R. M. Goodwin.

TALLEYBAND, M., il. 59, his answer to Mr. Livingston, 341.
SMITH, Rev. MR., tutor of James A. Bayard, ii. 52.

TALLIEN AND BARBAS, “ the nation of France,"ii. 69.
SMITII, SAMUEL, of Maryland, i. 495; ii. 337.

Tariff, speech on the, by John Randolph of Roanoke, il
SMITH, SAMUEL STANHOPE, President of New Jersey College, 169; Henry Clay's speech on the, 1824, 296 ; John C.
ii. 189.

Calhoun's speech on the, 1816, 488; the praises of, to be
SMITH, WILLIAM, account of, i. 83, 270, 454.

sung to the tune of Old Hundred, 565.
SMITH, WILLIAM, Jr., biographical sketch of, i. 83, 850. TAYLOR, JAMES, COLONEL, testimony of, in the case of John
SMITH, WILLIAM, Rev., il. 247.

Smith, ii. 154,
SMITH, Wx. L., 1. 94.

TAYLOR, Jonx, il. 84.
SMITH, WILLIAM 8., speech of Thomas Addis Emmet in de Taylor, ZACHARY, President, i. 559.
fence of, i. 528.

TECUMSEH, birth; early exploits; forms a plan of uniting
Songs and Ballads of the American Revolution, i. 275.

all the Western tribes of Indians, to oppose the Ameri-
South, The, conduct of during the Revolution, li. 567.

cans; his speeches; abuse of the United States; his
South America, Miranda's expedition against, i. 528; the council with General Harrison at Vincennes; ally of
independence of, ii. 425.

the British; holds the rank of Brigadier General; bat-
South Carolina, history of, by David Ramsay, 1. 809 ; revo- tle of Brownstown; leads his Indians against General

lution in, by Ramsay, 809; speeches of John Rutledge Miller; death at the battle of the Thames; anecdotes,
to the Assembly of, 1776, 1782, 1. 120, 122 ; tribute to, il. ii. 354, 855; speech at Vincennes ; speech to General

Proctor, ii. 355, 356.
SOUTHWICK, MR.-See Knapp's trial.

TENNENT, WILLIAM, life of, by Elias Boudinot, i. 263, -809.
SPARKS, JARED, LL.D., I. 454, 456; ii. 180.

Tennessee, powers of the district judges of, under the old
Spain, the transactions of, 1. 25; treaty between the United establishment, ii, 77.

States and, relative to the navigation of the Mississippi, TERRY, NATHAN. See Hartford Convention.

THACHER, OXEN BRIDGE, opposes the writs of assistance;'
Spectator, The, ii, 155.

author of “The Bentiments of a British American,"
Squinting towards Monarchy," i. 20.

1. 2; notice of, ii. 446.
Stamp Act, 1. 4; Patrick Henry's resolutions on the, il. 450. TEACHER, THOMAS, REV., sermon on the death of Samuel
STARK, Gex. Joux, ii. 364.

Adams, 1. 828.
Statesmen, John Randolph's definition of, ii. 188.

u The Jubilee of the Constitution," an address before the
Steamboats, the first in America, i. 351.

New York Historical Society, by John Q. Adams,
STEPHEN, MR., author of the Orders in Council, ii. 271.

ii. 250.
STEVENS, COL., at the battle of the Great Bridge, ii. 8. " The Millboy of the Slashes," il. 259.

Theology, a new era in, ii. 429.
"STIFF ARMED GEORGE," Red Jacket's defence of, L. 427. Thesaurus Medicus, edited by Smellie, i. 525.
STILES, Ezra, Holmes' life of, ii. 144.

Thirty Years' Viero," quoted, ii. 190.
STOCKTON, Joux, 1. 262.

Thompson, MR. of Va., ii. 72.
STOCKTON, RICHARD, biographical notice of, l. 262

THORPE, T. B., his reminiscences of S. S. Prentiss, il. 580.
Stone, Thomas, 1. 296.

Ticonderoga, i. 54.
STONE, Wm. L., lives of Brant and Red Jacket, by, L 424. TINSLEY, PETER, il. 259.
STOOPE, Rev. MR., tutor of John Jay, i. 151.

STORY, DR., the case of, 11. 547.

TOOKE, Horne, anecdote of, and the English judge, il. 17%
STOEY, JOSEPH, li. 8, 97; birth; education at Harvard Col- | TOWNLY, COLONEL, the case of, ii. 546, 647.

VOL. II.-39


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TOWNSEND, CHARLES, death of, I. 320.

Vincennes, Ohio, Tecumseh's speech at, 1810, 11. 855.
TEACY, Urian, his early youth; graduates at Yale College ; | Vindication of the British Colonies, by James Otis, i. &

his eloquence; studies law; practice; elected to Con- Vinegar Hill, battle of, i. 526.
gress; his wit and repartee; anecdote of a retort upon Virginia, declaration of rights of, l. 11; the position of, re-
the British Minister; his Congressional speeches; poli- specting the Federal Constitution, 30, 33; patriotism and
tics, i. 431; society in Philadelphia in 1796; Mrs. genius of, 83; origin of the name Ancient Dominion,
Wolcott, and Mrs. Goodrich, 431; anecdote of John 40; Cromwell's ships and troops invade, 40; Baptists in;
Adams, 432; “Boston Junto;" death of Abraham persecution of, 125; union necessary to, i. 165; Arnold's
Baldwin; his funeral; Mr. Tracy's last illness and invasion of, ii. 8; letter to the Governor of, from Wm.
death, 432.

B. Giles, resigning his seat in the United States Senate,
Speech on the amendment of the Constitution; relative 189; Court of Appeals of, 259; resolutions of 1798 con.
to the mode of electing President and Vice-President; a sidered, 895; reception of the Stamp Act in, 450 ; resola-
full and fair discussion necessary; the resolution; has a tions of 1798, 575.
tendency to injure the small States; the great States Virginia, Convention of, 1776, i. 164.
objects of jealousy; "man is man,” 432; Compromise | Virginia Gazette, i. 164.
& principle of the Constitution; the Senate, 433; Dela- VOLTAIRE, his history of Charles XII., ii. 155.
ware; debates in the Virginia Convention; the amend.
ment tends to a consolidation of the Union into a simple
republic, 434, 435; struggle in framing the Constitution,

435; great States destroy the small; powers of the Pres-
ident: mode of electing the President, 436; compre- Wabash River, the massacre on the, ii. 183; Indian towns
hensiveness of the Constitution; dangers to be feared

on the destroyed, 272.
from the amendment, 438; speech on the judiciary sys- WADDELL, Rev. Doctor, il. 472.
tem, 1802, 442.

WADSWORTH, J., of Conn, at Philadelphis, ii. 9.
Treason, definition of, ii. 463, 465.

Ward's Essay on Contraband, ii, 106.
Treaty-making Power, remarks on, i. 21; vested exclusive- WARNER, COLONEL.-See trial of R. M. Goodwin.
ly in the President, 111.

WARREN, JOSEPH, birth of, his parentage, graduates at
Trenton, New Jersey, Continental Congress met at, ii. 83; Harvard University; an anecdote of his college life;
battle of, 364.

studies medicine; success in the treatment of small-pox;
TRIMBLE, MR., ii. 307.

marries a daughter of Dr. Richard Hooton; commencos

his political life; quotation from a private letter of
TRUXTON, COMMODORE, his connection with Aaron Burr's concerning the impositior of England, i. 57; contrib-
conspiracy; his deposition in the trial of, ii. 151.

utes to the Boston Gazette, under the signature of a
Tryox, GENERAL, invades New Haven, Conn., ii. 144.

true patriot ; quotation from; orations in commemora-
TUCKER, ST. GEORGF, notico of, ii. 155.

tion of the Boston massacre; anecdote illustrative of
TUCKERMAN, HENRY T., his biographical essays, I. 456; his his fearlessness of character, i. 58; Darrow escape from

skotch of Gouverneur Morris, 456; his sketch of the life death, during an engagement with the British on their
of De Witt Clinton, 566; his "essays biographical and return from Lexington; elected President of the Pro-
critical, 567.

vincial Congress of Massachusetts; the battle of Bunker
TUDOR, WILLIAM, I. 2, 551; sketch of the life of, 91.

Hill; death of Warren, i. 59; oration on the Boston
massacre, i. 60, 330, 559; tribute to, il. 364.



Washington City, Rufus King's speech on the destruction

of, ii. 85.
UNDERWOOD, MR., of Kentucky, his sketch of the life and WASHINGTON, GEORGE, parentage and birth of; early love
services of Henry Clay, ii. 263.

of military life; desire to enter the British navy; mid-
United States, exports from to England, year ending 30th shipman's warrant; the surveying expedition; appoint-

September, 1790, i. 94; address to the people of, on the ed major in the Virginia militia; visits the valley of the
past, present, and eventual relations of that country to Ohio; placed in command of troops; march to Great
France, 276; address to the people of, by Benjamin Meadows; capture of a body of the enemy; Fort No-
Rush, 847; observations on the dispute between the cessity; Braddock's defeat ; narrow escape; appointed
and France, 439; the commercial system of; tonnage “ Commander-in-chief of all the forces raised, sed to
and seamen employed in before the Revolution, ii. 87; be raised in Virginia," i. 251; expedition to Fort Da

value of exports from the to the British West Indies, 39. Quesne; marriage ; delegate to the Congress of 1774;
United States Bank, Wm. B. Giles' remarks on, ii. 189.

chosen Commander-in-chief of the American army; his
United States Supreme Court, at Philadelphia, ii. 9.

career; retires to Mount Vernon; the Federal Conven-
UPHAM, CHARLES W., his sketch of John Quincy Adams, tion; appointed its President; elected President of the
ii. 247.

United States; farewell address; appointed Lieutenant-
Utrecht, the treaty of, compared with the British treaty, general of the American army; his death, 252 ; inaugural
1794, i. 112.

address, 1789, 252; reception at New York, 252.

Farewell address, 254; speech on receiving his apo
pointment as Commander-in-chief of the American

army, 254; union, 255; North and South; East and
Valley Forge, ii. 8.

West; geographical discriminations, 256; Mississippi ;

treaties with Spain and Great Britain ; a government
VAN SANTvOORD, GEORGE, his lives of the Chief Justices, 1. for the whole indispensable ; danger from factions, 257

faction enfeebles administration parties; reciprocal
VERGENNES, COUNT DE, difference with John Adams, i. 301. checks; religion and morality necessary to political
VERVALEN, MR. See trial of R. M. Goodwin,

prosperity; education; public credit, 255; revenue;

peace to be cultivated; foreign influence, 259; alliances ; 397 ; "Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and in
proclamation of 220 April, 1793 ; neutrality, 260; antici- separable," 399.
pations, 261 ; authorship of farewell address, 261; ap- WEBSTER, EBENEZER, ii. 357.
pointed with Patrick Henry, by the Va House of Bur. | WEBSTER, EZEKIEL, il. 859.
gesses, to prepare a plan of defence for the colony, i. 10; WEBSTER, PETER E., testimony in the trial of J. F. Knapp
offers the position of Secretary of State to Patrick ii. 415.
Henry, 11; member of Congress, 1774, 42; letter to WELLINGTON, Duke of, ii. 261.

John Jay, tendering him the Chief Justiceship, 157; WELLS, WM. VINCENT, his life of Samuel Adams, i. 325.
John Adams's tribute to, 249 ; Elias Boudinot's dedication WELSH, JOHN, son-in-law of John Knox, i. 290.
to, 269; the title given to, by Lord Howe, 294; life of, West Indies, British, i. 100, 101.
by Ramsay, 309; oath of office administered to, 851; at Westmoreland County, Va., the birth-place of Washington,
Trenton, 450 ; “ First in War, first in peace, and first in i. 553.
the hearts of his countrymen,” 452 ; Henry Lee's Eulogy | Westphalia, treaty of, 1648, 467.
on, i. 449; correspondence with Gouverneur Morris, 455; West Point, cannon conveyed to, i. 154.
George Minot's Eulogy of, 552 ; "an assassin," 504; | Wexford County, Ireland, insurrection of, i. 526.
Marshall's life of, ii. 8; origin of Chief Justice Mar. WHEATLAND, MR., testimony in Knapp's trial, ii. 419.
shall's acquaintance with, 8; appoints John Marshall | WHEATON, HENRY, his life of William Pinkney, ii. 98, 237.
Attorney General of the United States, 9; Albert Gal- Whiskey Insurrection, the, in Penn., i. 448; Albert Galla-
latin's first interview with, 181; Tristam Burges' speech tin's speech on the, ii. 182.
on the removal of the remains of, 822.

WHITE, HENRY, ii. 404.
Washington National Journal, i. 490.

WHITE, JOSEPH, murder of, ii. 399.
Watch Tower, the account of, i. 83.

White Plains, battle of, ii. 357.
WATERHOUSE, BENJAMIN, letter from John Adams to, ii. WHITE, STEPHEN, Il. 405.

WHITMAN, MR., in the trial of Thomas 0. Selfridge, il. 242.
Waterloo, battle of, ii. 261.

WHITNEY, STEPHEN, the inventor of the cotton-gin, ii. 430.
WATKINS, HENRY, ii. 259.

WICKHAM, JOHx, counsel in the trial of Aaron Burr, ii. 461;
Wayne, GEN. ANTHONY, I. 572.

answer to his argument by Wm. Wirt, 462.
WEBB, MR.-See Knapp's trial.

Wicklow County, Ireland, insurrection of, i. 526.
WEBSTER, DANIEL, birth; ancestry, education; anecdotes WIER, MR.-See trial of R. M. Goodwin.

of his early life; student at Phillip's Academy, ii. 357 ; WILBERFORCE, ii. 123.
returns to Salisbury; preparation for and admission to WILCOOKS, JOIN.-See "Fort Wilson."
Dartmouth College; commences the study of law; stu- WILKINSON, JUDGE, Prentiss's defence of, il. 582.
dent in the office of Christopher Gore, Boston; refusal William and Mary College, i. 163; John Marshall at, ii. &
of a clerkship in the Court of Common Pleas; commences WILLIAMS, ELISHA, 1. 527.
practice at Boscawen; removal to Portsmouth; elected | Wilson, JAMES, birth of; early education; emigrates to
to Congress ; speeches; residence in Boston; Dartmouth Pennsylvania; studies law; his success in his profes-
College case; argument before United States Supremo sion; the great land case; chosen to the command of the
Court; delegate to Massachusetts Convention for re- militia of Carlisle, Penn.; pecuniary misfortunes; com-
vision of State constitution; oration at Plymouth; mences political life, i. 65; elected to the Provincial
elected to Congress from Massachusetts, il. 859; enters Convention of Pennsylvania; nominated to the Con-
Senate of United States; reply to Hayne; visits Europe; tinental Congress; is opposed by Joseph Gallaway;
appointed Secretary of State by General Harrison; Ash- elected to Congress ; removes to Maryland; appointed
burton treaty; resignation, and return to Massachusetts; advocate-general of the French nation in the United
re-election to Senate; re-appointed Secretary of State States; signs the Declaration of Independence; the
by President Fillmore; death; estimates of his character, affair of "Fort Wilson," i. 66; appointed director of
Il. 360; address at Bunker Hill, 17th June, 1825, ii. 362, the Bank of North America; re-elected to Congress;
869; argament in Knapp's trial, 899, 421; tribute to appointed on a commission to settle the difficulties be-
Alexander Hamilton, i. 156; notices of, ii. 238, 807, 557. tween Pennsylvania and Connecticut, 1782; a mem-

Speech on Foot's resolution ; reference to Mr. Ben- ber of the Federal Convention of the United States;
ton; "matches and over matches," il. 871; the coalition; advocates the ratification of the Constitution, in the
Banquo's ghost; Nathan Dane, 872; ordinance of 1787; Pennsylvania Convention; appointed judge of the Su-
Missouri question, 873; resolution of March, 1790, 374; preme Court of the United States; professor in the
north-west territory; Hartford Convention, 875; further College of Philadelphia; revises the laws of Pennsyl.
remarks; speech of Colonel Barre in the British Parlia- vania; his death; his literary productions; speech in
ment, 876; sale of public lands, 377; internal improve- vindication of the colonies, 1775, i. 68; resolution against
ment, 878; education to be promoted by the States, 878; the Boston Port Bill, i. 71, 120.
the course of New England relative to the public lands, Speech on the Federal Constitution ; difficulties the
879; powers of government in regard to internal affairs, Federal Convention were obliged to encounter in the
350; Mr. McDuffie's speech; " Consolidation;" Cumber- formation of the Constitution, and the difficulty of pre-
land Road, 382; reply to Mr. Calhoun, 883; the tariff, paring an efficient systein, i. 74; diversity of sentiment
884; parties; General Washington and John Adams, among the members of the convention; the citizens of
886; Essex Junto, 387; character of South Carolina, 838; the United States warm and earnest in their sense of
Massachusetts, 889; Virginia resolution, 889, 890; con- freedom; voted according to his judgment; extent of
stitutional resistance, 890; origin of government, and country to be governed, considered, 75; confederate
the source of its power, 390, 891; tariff of 1828; an usur- states of Europe; the Swiss Cantons, the United Nether.
pation in South Carolina, 391; New England puts forth lands, the Achæan League, the Lycian Confederacy, the
no such doctrine, 892; the embargo law, 893; tribute Amphictyonic Council, differ from the United States;
to Samuel Dexter, 894; Virginia resolutions of 1793; the science of government yet in its infancy; govern
right of States, 395; consequences of State interference, ments, in general, the result of force or accident; repro

sentation not the sole principle of government in Europe, Speech on the conference with Lord Howe, 298;
76; line between national and state governments; suc- Washington's title; message of Lord Howe to Cop-
cess of the convention; society requires civil restraint; gress ;-should have been secret, 294; the Scotch rebel
civil government necessary to man, 77; division danger- lion of 1745; cowardice of the British troops at Preston
ous; one confederate republic best, 78; “federal liber- and Falkirk; militia of England compared with that of
ty" the end of the system; States should resign a part America ; Lord Howe's letter to Dr. Franklin; the
of their political liberty; States and citizens represented; three classes in America; the tories, the whigs, and the
illustration of the end proposed to be obtained by the

army, 295, 296.
convention; the confederation inadequate, 79; supreme Speoch on the Confederation; necessity of union; a
power; parliamentary power absolute; in the United lasting confederacy desirable, 296; danger from treacbr
States, constitutions are superior to legislatures; the ery among the colonies; slaves of freemen most griev-
people superior to constitutions; all authority derived ously oppressed; Lacedæmonians and Helotes; Romans;
from the people, 80, 81.

Cæsar; danger from postponement, 297 ; human pro-
WINSTON, WILLIAM, anecdote of the oratory of, 1. 8.

gress; rights of conscience in England; Cantons of
Wirt, JACOB, ii. 439.

Switzerland, 298.
WIRT, WILLIAM, birth; parentage; early life and education; Speech on the convention with General Burgoyne ;

anecdotes, ii. 439; tutor in the family of Benjamin Ed- non-compliance with its terms, 298; Burgoyne's letter
wards; studies law with William P. Hunt; removes to in the London Gazette, 298 ; General Gates ; British
the office of Thomas Swann; commences practice at army humiliated; Romans at the Caudine Forks; Sam-
Culpepper Court House, Va., ii. 441; marriage; resi- nites; letter from General Burgoyne to General Gates;
dence in the county of Albemarle; literary pursuits; convention of the Duke of Cumberland, 299; the use
removal to Richmond; elected clerk of House of Dele- of books and systems; character of Burgoyne; his proo
gates ; counsel for Callender; chosen Chancellor of lamations, 800.
Eastern Chancery District ; resignation; the British Speech on the appointment of plenipotentiaries; dif
spy; trial of Aaron Burr; election to Virginia House of ference between John Adams and the Count de Ver-
Delegates; prepares Biography of Patrick Henry ; ap- gennes, 301; Dr. Franklin; Mr. Lee; Mr. Deane ; Mr.
pointed by President Madison United States Attorney Laurens, 302; speech on the Loan Office certificates;
for Virginia, 448; appointed by Mr. Monroe Attorney- public credit, 803; part of a speech on the Finances ;
General of United States; his practice in Supreme Loan Office certificates; continental money; College of
Court; impeachment of Judge Peck; death; discourse New Jersey, 305.
on Jefferson and Adams, 443, 460; speech on the trial WOLCOTT, OLIVER, 1. 431; resigns the Treasury Department,
of Aaron Burr, 461, 470; speech on the Cherokee case, ii. 238.
469, 470; account of Patrick Henry's appearance in the WOLFE, GENERAL, 1. 450 ; ii. 857.
Parson's Cause, I. 9; account of the death of R G. WOLSTONCRAFT, MARY, ii. 127.
Harper, 490; the character of Jefferson, il. 449.

Women, rights of, of New Jersey, L 268
WIBTAR, Caspar, at Edinburgh, 1. 525.

Woods, Rev. SAMUEL, ii. 858.
WITHERSPOON, John, i. 262, 809; ancestry, birth, and educa- WRIGHT, Mr. of Ohio, 1. 477; on the Judiciary Com-
tion; licensed to preach ; church at Beith; his reputa-

mittee, ii. 826.
tion as a preacher; Scotch rebellion of 1745; raises a Writs of Assistance, James Otis's speech on, 1. 4; il. 447.
corps of militia; marches to Glasgow; battle of Fal. WYTHE, GEORGE, chancellor of Virginia, i. 164; il. & 189,
kirk; taken prisoner and confined in the Castle of

259, 449, 454.
Doane; his fellow-prisoners; attempted escape, i. 290,
291; injury of his comrades, 291; battle of Culloden;
release; removal to Paisley; emigrates to America;

presidency of New Jersey College; literary productions;
" ecclesiastical characteristics,” 291, 292 ; Warburton's Yale College, James Hillhouse elected treasurer of, ii. 145;
opinion of them; apology for the “characteristics ;” notice of, 472.
opposes theatrical exhibitions ; death of Dr. Finlay ;| Yazoo Question, John Randolph's remarks on the, il. 157.
New Jersey College ; elected to Congress; anecdote of, YEAMANS, SIB John, i. 48.
292; reply to Governor Franklin; opposition to Thomas Yellow Fever, history of the, by Dr. Rush, i. 347; in New
Paine; his speeches in Congress; addresses of Congress York; account of, ii. 219.
recommending fasts; his literary labors; desh, 298; Yorktown, Pa., Congress at, i. 455; battle of, ii. 864
Rodgers' sketch of his life.

Yorktoron Gazette, ii. 227.

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