Neues historisch-biographisches Lexikon der Tonkünstler: Th. K-R

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Страница 891 - Mémoire sur la Musique des Anciens, où l'on expose le Principe des Proportions authentiques dites de Pythagore, et de divers systèmes de Musique chez les Grecs, les Chinois et les Egyptiens.
Страница 347 - A copious Collection of those portions of the Psalms of David, Bible, and Liturgy, which have been set to music, and sung as Anthems in the Cathedral and Collegiate Churches of England.
Страница 439 - Cours complet d'harmonie et de composition, d'après une théorie neuve et générale de la musique, basée sur des principes incontestables...
Страница 333 - Longmann eiBroderip. 18° First Book of eighteen voluntaries, chiefly intended for the use of young practitioners, to which is prefixed an explanation of the different stops of the organ, and of the several combinations that may be made thereof, with a few thoughts on style, ex tempere playing, modulations, etc.
Страница 31 - Godfrey Keller; with a variety of proper lessons and fugues, explaining the several rules throughout the whole work; and a scale for tuning the harpsichord or spinet; all taken from his own copies, which he did design to print...
Страница 815 - Discourse of the True (but neglected) use of charactering the Degrees, by their Perfection, Imperfection, and Diminution in Measurable Musick, against the common practise and custome of these times.
Страница 241 - Psyche was printed in 1675, under the following title: " The English Opera, or the vocal music in Psyche, with the instrumental therein intermixed. To which is adjoined, the instrumental music in the Tempest. By Matthew Lock, composer in ordinary to his majesty, and organist to the queen.
Страница 259 - La troisième pour ceux qui sont capables de raisonner sur les principes de la musique. Avec l'estampe, la description et l'usage du chronomètre ou instrument de nouvelle invention, par...
Страница 45 - A general treatise on music particularly on harmony or thorough bass and its application in composition, containing also many essential and original subjects, tending to explain and illustrate the whole.
Страница 259 - Short Directions formerly printed for the Performance of Cathedral Service, with many useful Additions according to the Common Prayer-book, as it is now established. Published for the information of such as are ignorant in the Performance of that Service, and shall be called to officiate in Cathedral or Collegiate Churches, or any other that religiously desire to beaie a Part in that Service.

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