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Entered, according to the act of Congress, in the year 1841, by

NATHAN LANESFORD FOSTER, in the cheik's office of the district court of the eastern district of




Most of the poems which compose this volume have already appeared in various periodicals, and been favourably noticed. Prompted by the advice of a Reverend and much esteemed friend, who had read with approbation many of these poems, as they from time to time appeared before the publick; and also by a laudable desire to minister to the wants of a numerous family, dependent on him for support; the author is induced to commit this volume to the press; believing that it is as honourable to traffic in the products of the brain, as in the goods and wares manufactured by the hands.

In presenting these poems, in their present form, to an enlightened and discriminating community, the author does not aspire to poetical eminence,-For, should any degree of desirable distinction attach to him in consequence of their publication, he may not even hope to live long to enjoy it; conscious that his day of probation is near its close,

From candid reviewers, who are not strangers to sensibility and refined feeling, he has nothing to fear. Nor can the strictures of the self-constituted critick, nor any thing earthly, deprive him of the pleasure he has already enjoyed in writing some of these effusions; which, he has the happiness to believe, breathe the spirit of piety and devotion, which will be duly appreciated by the true disciple of the meek and lowly Saviour. The sentiments contained herein, -none of which, it is believed, can reasonably offend any denomination or sect, in religion or politicks, - the author fearlessly avows. With regard to the dress in which these sentiments are clad, he only desires it may be viewed with the eye of candour, and not be rent with a ruthless hand.

N. L. F.
Philadelphia, June, 1841.


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