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Part I
Declaration of London


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From and to whom.

The Secretary of State to
Charge Laughlin.

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1916. Sept. 18

Oct. 11

Nov. 24


Instructs him to address a
formal note to Lord Grey
with reference to Order
in Council of July 7, 1916,
entitled "The Maritime
Rights Order in Council,
1916," and say the United
States Government deems
the rules therein set forth
as at variance with the
law and practice of na
t ions in several respects.

Encloses copy of a note
from British Foreign Of-
fice dated Oct. 10, stating
if the rules cited in Order
in Council are not deemed
by the United States Gov-
ernment to be in accord-
ance with international
law, they should be chal-
lenged in the Prize Court.

Instructs him to address to
British Foreign Office note
to the effect that without
admitting that even in-
dividual rights when clear-
ly violated by Orders in
Council must be main-
tained by resort to local
tribunals, this Govern-


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which they state they will
try to indicate certain
routes and channels for
trade to pass to the

Points out that if Great Brit-
ain refrains from adopt-
ing the methods of Ger-
many in mining North
Sea, the result is that
Germany receives impu-
nity unless the neutral
Powers can find some
means of making Germany
feel that she can not con
tinue to receive trade and
supplies through neutral

Quotes telegram from Brit
ish Foreign Office warning
against German mines in
the North Sea and stat
ing that the British Ad
miralty have not so far
laid any mines during the
present war.

Quotes text of telegram
from Sir E. Grey stating
that an Iceland trawler
was reported to have
struck a mine 25 miles off
the Tyne and sunk, and
stating that no British
mines have been laid.

States no German port
is blockaded and nothing
stands in the way of neu
tral states' sea trade with
Germany. Denies British
reports that North Sea
has been infested with
mines by Germany.


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Transmits a protest made by the British Govern ment against the methods pursued by the German Navy in laying mines in the North Sea.

Notification of British mine area in North Sea.

Incloses copy in translation, together with its inclosure, of a note from the Minister for Foreign Af fairs, giving the text of notice relative to the use of submarine mines in the Adriatic Sea.

States that a German mine field has been discovered off the north coast of Ireland and the British Ad miralty warns shipping not to pass within 60 miles of Tory Island.

Reports Sir Edward Grey informs him mine fields north of Ireland were laid by Germans.

Incloses copy of a telegram received from the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in which notice is given that the whole of the North Sea must be considered a military area.

Reports official notification by Russian Government of mined zone.

Incloses German reply to the British protest against the laying of German mines.

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