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The French Nautical Phrase Book and

The Spanish Nautical Phrase Book have been Announcements revised and enlarged by professors in the

Department of Modern Languages at the Naval Academy. “The Northern Barrage,” containing a pictorial record and short version of the operations of the U. S. Mine Force in the North Sea, will be ready for issue about April 1.

The annual dues ($2.50) for the year 1919 are now Dues payable.

Regular and associate members of the U. S. Naval Institute are subject to the payment of the annual dues until the date of the receipt of their resignation.

Life, regular and associate membership, 5783. Membership Resignations: 40.

Deaths :
Rear Admiral John Hood, U. S. N., retired.
Rear Admiral F. E. Chadwick, U. S. N., retired.
Lieutenant D.W. Hand, U. S. N.
Lieutenant L. Townsend, U. S. N.
Lieutenant E. S. Barker, U. S. N.
Lieutenant P. J. Bean, E. C. U. S. N.
Commander C. M. McGill, U. S. N.
Lieutenant G. A. Trevor, U. S. N.
Lieutenant D. F. Duncan, U.S. M. C.
Mr. S. S. Cooke.
Mr. D. M. Morris.
Mr. J. C. Richberg
Mr. H. A. Stillwell.

All members are urged to keep the Secretary and Address Treasurer' informed of the address to which PROof

CEEDINGS are to be sent, and thus insure their receipt. Members This precaution is now of particular importance as

notices of changes of stations are not now available for use of the Institute's staff.

Members and subscribers are urged to notify the Secretary and Treasurer promptly of the non-receipt of PROCEEDINGS, in order that tracers may be started. The issue is completed by the 10th of each month.

The Institute Book Department will supply any Book obtainable book, of any kind, at retail price, postDepartment age prepaid. The trouble saved the purchaser

through having one source of supply for all books, should be considered. The cost will not be greater and sometimes less than when obtained from dealers.

The attention of authors of articles is called to Reprints of the fact that the cost to them of reprints other Articles than the usual number furnished, can be greatly

reduced if the reprints are struck off while the article is in press. They are requested to notify the Secretary and Treasurer of the number of reprints desired when the article is submitted. Twenty copies of reprints are furnished authors free of charge.

Authors of articles submitted are urged to furIllustrations nish with their manuscript any illustrations they

may have in their possession for such articles. The Institute will gladly co-operate in obtaining such illustrations as may be suggested by authors.

Original photographs of objects and events which may be of interest to our readers are also desired, and members who have opportunities to obtain such photographs are requested to secure them for the Institute.

Whole Nos. 145, 146, 147, 149, 155, 166 and 179 of Notice the PROCEEDINGS (March, 1913, June, 1913, September,

1913, January-February, 1914, January-February, 1915, and November-December, 1916, January, 1918) are exhausted; there are so many calls for single copies of these numbers that the Institute offers to pay for copies thereof returned in good condition at the rate of 25 cents per copy.

ANNAPOLIS, Mo., February 15, 1919.


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Underwood and Underwood, “New Mexico," Uncle Sam's Latest DREADNOUGHT, AS SHE APPEARED FROM AN AEROPLANE DURING THE RECENT Naval Review On


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