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U. S. NAVAL INSTITUTE SECRETARY'S NOTES Commander John Downes, U. S. Navy, on Changes in the being detached from the Naval Academy, reOfficers of signed from the Board of Control: Captain the Institute David Potter, Pay Corps U. S. Navy, was selected by the Board to fill the vacancy.

The annual dues ($2.50) for the year 1919 are now Dues- payable.

Orders for all books published by the InstiBook tute can now be filled on receipt of orders. The

Announcements French Nautical Phrase Book and Reader and The Spanish Nautical Phrase Book and Reader are being revised; the revised edition will be out about March 1.

Life, regular and associate membership, 5651. Membership Resignations: One.

Deaths: Lieut. Comdr. E. E. Bell, P. C. U. S. N.

All members are urged to keep the Secretary and Address Treasurer informed of the address to which Proof Ceedings are to be sent, and thus insure their receipt. Members This precaution is now of particular importance as notices of changes of stations are not now available for use of the Institute's staff.

Members and subscribers are urged to notify the Secretary and Treasurer promptly of the non-receipt of Proceedings, in order that tracers may be started. The issue is completed by the 10th of each month.

The Institute Book Department will supply any Book obtainable book, of any kind, at retail price, postDepartment age prepaid. The trouble saved the purchaser through having one source of supply for all books, should be considered. The cost will not be greater and sometimes less than when obtained from dealers.




Lieut. Commander W. B. Jupp, U. S. Navy


Germany 89

Great Britain 99

. Italy 102

Russia 103

Turkey 104

United States 104

Vessels Building.
Characteristics Of Naval Ves-
Naval Policy.
Person Nil.
Merchant Marine.

Ordnance And Gunnery 113

Navigation And Radio 114

Engineering _ 116

Aeronautics 131

Merchant Marine 139

Miscellaneous Notes 139

Lessons Of The War 145

Current Naval And Professional Papers 153

These articles have been taken from various periodicals and newspapers. The Institute has not at any time had any official means of confirming them or establishing their accuracy and they have been incorporated for what they are worth.


"Der Tag."—German Fleet's Surrender.—The first and main instalment of the German High Sea Fleet surrendered to Admiral Sir David Beatty, the Commander:in-Chief of the Grand Fleet, off the Firth of Forth, November 21, 1918.

The full list of the ships is as follows:


Friedrich der Grosse, flying the flag of Rear Admiral von Reuter, who was in command of the whole force.

Konig Albert, Bayern,

Kaiser, Markgraf,

Kronprinz Wilhelm, Prinz-Regent Luitpold,

Kaiserin, Grosser Kurfurst.


Seydlitz, flying the broad pennant of Commodore Taegert.
DeHHinger, Hindenburg,

Von der Tann, Moltke.

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