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Life, regular and associate membership, 5784. Membership New members: 119. Resignations: 98.

Commander E. G. Blackeslee, U. S. N.
Ensign A. W. Lancashire, U. S. N. R. F.
A. Paymaster B. L. Steele, U. S. N. R. F.
Mr. William L. Oliver.

The annual dues ($2.50) for the year 1919 are now Dues payable.

Regular and associate members of the U. S. Naval Institute are subject to the payment of the annual dues until the date of the receipt of their resignation.

All members are urged to keep the Secretary and Address Treasurer informed of the address to which Proof Ceedings are to be sent, and thus insure their receipt.

Members Members and subscribers are urged to notify the

Secretary and Treasurer promptly of the non-receipt of Proceedings, in order that tracers may be started. The issue is completed by the 10th of each month.

The Institute Book Department will supply any Book obtainable book, of any kind, at retail price, post

Department age prepaid. The trouble saved the purchaser through having one source of supply for all books, should be considered. The cost will not be greater and sometimes less than when obtained from dealers.

The attention of authors of articles is called to

Reprints of the fact that the cost to them of reprints other

Articles than the usual number furnished, can be greatly

reduced if the reprints are struck off while the

article is in press. They are requested to notify the Secretary

and Treasurer of the number of reprints desired when the article is submitted. Twenty copies of reprints are furnished authors free of charge.

Authors of articles submitted are urged to furIllustrations nish with their manuscript any illustrations they may have in their possession for such articles. The Institute will gladly co-operate in obtaining such illustrations as may be suggested by authors.

Original photographs of objects and events which may be of interest to our readers are also desired, and members who have opportunities to obtain such photographs are requested to secure them for the Institute.

Whole Nos. 145, 146, 147, 149, 155, 166 and 179 of Notice the Proceedings (March, 1913, June, 1913, September, 1913, January-February, 1914, January-February, 1915, and November-December, 1916, January, 1918) are exhausted; there are so many calls for single copies of these numbers that the Institute offers to pay for copies thereof returned in good condition at the rate of 25 cents per copy. Annapolis, Md., March 15, 1919.


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New Type Of Submarine 340 Feet In Length Doing 24 Knots Under Steam. Note The Three 4-inch Guns, Two ForWard And One Aft; Also The Two Smokestacks, Which Fold Down When The Submarine Submerges. Displacement Submerged 2700 Tons, Speed 10 Knots.



Commander S. A. Taffinder, U. S. Navy


Vessels Building.
Naval Policy.
Merchant Marine..

Austro-Hungary 639

France 639

_ Germany 643

Great Britain 647

Japan 655

United States 656

Navigation And Radio 667

Engineering 668

Aeronautics 673

Miscellaneous 679

Current Naval And Professional Papers 680


Acstro-hungary's Diminished Merchant Fleet.—At the outbreak of the war Austria possessed 186 ocean-going ships, aggregating 757,043 gross tons. In addition, there were under the Austrian nag 25 vessels employed in short sea trips and 163 miscellaneous craft engaged in the coastwise trade, making a total of 374 vessels with an aggregate tonnage of 812,343 gross tons.

Of the just enumerated merchant tonnage 156,113 tons was captured, 113,053 tons sold to foreign owners, and 46,164 tons sunk by enemy action during the course of the war. The aggregate loss amounted to 315,330 tons. New ocean-going tonnage constructed in the same period amounted to 63,344 tons. When hostilities closed, therefore, Austria's merchant fleet had diminished to 296 ships of a gross tonnage of 560,357 tons.

In the case of Hungary the country had on August I, 1914, only 69 ocean-going ships of 211,621 gross tons, 42 short sea-going vessels of 3600 tons and 62 coasting craft of 18,411 tons, or a total of 173 ships of 233,722 tons. While hostilities lasted ocean-going vessels of 51,391 gross tons were captured and vessels of 7049 tons sunk through enemy action. Seven ocean-going ships of 25,289 tons were sold to foreigners. From this total tonnage of 83,729 tons lost, there should be deducted 6152 new tonnage constructed. At the date of the signing of the armistice Hungary's merchant fleet consisted of only 109 ships of 156,145 tons.—Xautical Gazette, 8/3.


French Destroyer Damaged.—Paris, Jan. 7.—The French destroyer Enseignc Henry was damaged in the Black Sea on the morning of January 1 as the result of a mine explosion. She was able to reach Constantinople under her own steam. Four seamen were killed by the explosion.—■ London Times, 8/1.

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