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1898 Esprit de Corps: A Tract for the Times. Prize Essay, 1898. By Captain Caspar Frederick Goodrich, U.S. N. OUR NAVAL Power. Honorable Mention, 1898. By Lieut. Commander Richard Wainwright, U. S. N. TARGET PRAcTICE AND THE TRAINING of GUN CAPTAINs. Honorable Mention, 1898. By Ensign R. H. Jackson, U.S. N.

1900 Torpedo Craft: Types and Employment. Prize Essay, 1900. By Lieutenant R. H. Jackson, U.S. N

THE AUToMoBILE ToRPEpo AND Its USEs. Honorable Mention, 1900. By Lieutenant L. H. Chandler, U.S. N.

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Naval Administration and Organization. Prize Essay, 1901. By Lieutenant John Hood, U.S. N.

I903 Gunnery in Our Navy. The Causes of Its Inferiority and Their Remedies. Prize Essay, 1903. By Professor Philip R. Alger, U.S. N. A NAVAL TRAINING Policy AND SYSTEM. Honorable Mention, 1903. By Lieutenant James H. Reid, U. S. N. SYSTEMATIC TRAINING of THE ENLISTED PERson NEL of THE NAVY. Honorable Mention, 1903. By Lieutenant C. L. Hussey, U.S. N. OUR ToRPEDO-BOAT FLOTILLA. The Training Needed to Insure Its Efficiency. Honorable Mention, 1903. By Lieutenant E. L. Beach, U. S. N.


The Fleet and Its Personnel. Prize Essay, 1904. By Lieutenant S. P. Fullinwider, U.S. N.

A PLEA FoR A HIGHER PHYSICAL, MoRAL AND INTELLECTUAL STANDARD of THE PERsonNEL FoR THE NAVY. Honorable Mention, 1904. By Medical Inspector Howard E. Ames, U. S. N.

I905 American Naval Policy. Prize, Essay 1905. By Commander Bradley A. Fiske, U.S. N.

THE DEPARTMENT of THE NAVY. Honorable Mention, 1905. By Rear Admiral Stephen B. Luce, U.S. N.

1906 Promotion by Selection. Prize Essay, 1906. By Commander Hawley O.

Rittenhouse, U.S. N. THE ELEMENTs of FLEET TACTIcs. First Honorable Mention, 1906. By Lieut. Commander A. P. Niblack, U.S. N. GLEANINGs from The Sea of JAPAN. Second Honorable Mention, 1906 By Captain Seaton Schroeder, U.S. N. THE HURCHASE SysreM of THE Navy. Third Honorable Mention, 1906 By Pay Inspector J. A. Mudd. U.S. N.

1907 Storekeeping at the Navy Yards. Prize Essay, 1907. By Pay Inspector John A. Mudd, U.S. N. BATTLE REHEARSALs. A Few Thoughts on Our Next Step in Fleet-Gunnery. # #onorable Mention, 1907. By Lieut. Commander Yates Stirling,

THE NAVAL PROFESSION. Second Honorable Mention, 1907. By Commander Bradley A. Fiske, U.S. N.

1908 A Few Hints to the Study of Naval Tactics. Prize Essay, 1908. By Lieutenant W. S. Pye, U.S. N. THE Money FoR THE NAVY. First Honorable Mention, 1908. By Pay Inspector John A. Mudd, U. S. N. THE NATION's DEFENCE—THE OFFENSIVE FLEET. How Shall We Prepare It for Battle? Second Honorable Mention, 1908. By Lieut. Commander Yates Stirling, U. S. N.

1909 Some Ideas about Organization on Board Ship. Prize Essay, 1909. By Lieutenant Ernest J. King, U.S. N. THE NAVY AND CoAST DEFENCE. Honorable Mention, 1909. By Commodore W. H. Beehler, U.S. N. THE REORGANIZATION OF THE NAVAL EstABLISHMENT. Honorable Mention, 1909. By Pay Inspector J. A. Mudd, U.S. N. A PLEA FoR PHYSICAL TRAINING IN THE NAVY. Honorable Mention, 1909. By Commander A. P. Niblack, U.S. N.

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The Merchant Marine and the Navy. Prize Essay, 1910. By Naval Constructor T. G. Roberts, U.S. N.

THE NAVAL STRATEGY of THE RUsso-JAPANESE WAR. Honorable Mention, 1910. By Lieutenant Lyman A. Cotton, U. S. N.

19II Next, '' Economy. Prize Essay, 1911. By Paymaster Charles Conard, . S.

Nat: #" Honorable Mention, 1911. By Captain Bradley A. Fiske, warren–First AID. Honorable Mention, 1911. By Commander C. C. Marsh, U. S. N.


": # Prize Essay, 1912. By Lieutenant Ridgely Hunt, U.S. N.


INSPECTION DUTY AT THE NAVY YARDs. Honorable Mention, 1912. By Lieut. Commander T. D. Parker, U.S. N.

I913 The Greatest Need of the Atlantic Fleet. Prize Essay, 1913. By Lieut. Commander Harry E. Yarnell, U.S. N. NAVY DEPARTMENT ORGANIZATION. A Study of Principles. First Honorable Mention, 1913. By Commander Yates Stirling, Jr., U.S. N. TRAINED INITIATIVE AND UNITY OF ACTION. Second Honorable Mention. 1913. By Lieut. Commander Dudley W. Knox, U. S. N.

I9I4 The Great Lesson from Nelson for To-day. Prize Essay, 1914. By Lieut. Commander Dudley W. Knox, U. S. N. NAVAL Policy As IT RELATEs to THE SHORE ESTABLISHMENT AND THE MAINTENANCE of THE FLEET. Honorable Mention, 1914. By Captain John Hood, U.S. N. OLD PRINCIPLES AND MoDERN APPLICATIONS. Honorable Mention, 1914. By Lieut. Commander Dudley W. Knox, U. S. N. MILITARY PREPAREDNEss. Honorable Mention, 1914. By Naval Constructor Richard D. Gatewood, U. S. N.

1915 The Rôle of Doctrine in Naval Warfare. Prize Essay, 1915. By Lieut. Commander Dudley W. Knox, U. S. N. AN AIR FLEET: OUR PRESSING NAVAL WANT. First Honorable Mention, 1915. By Lieut. Commander Thomas Drayton Parker, U.S. N. T“: $econd Honorable Mention, 1915. By Ensign H. H. Frost,

Derence Against SURPRISE TORPEDO ATTACK. Third Honorable Mention, 1915. By Ensign R. T. Merrill, 2d, U.S. N.

1916 The Moral Factor in War. Prize Essay, 1916. By Lieutenant (J. G.) H. H. Frost, U.S. N. NAVAL PERson NEL. First Honorable Mention, 1916. By Lieut. Commander J. K. Taussig, U. S. N. EDUCATION AT THE U. S. NAVAL ACADEMY. Second Honorable Mention, 1916. By Lieutenant Ridgely Hunt, U.S. N. SoME UNDERLYING PRINCIPLEs of MoRALE. Third Honorable Mention, 1916. By Commander Dudley W. Knox, U.S. N. \ LARGE vs. A GREATER NUMBER of SMALLER BATTLESHIPs. Lippincott Prize Essay. By Lieut. Commander Thomas Lee Johnson, U.S. N.

1917 Commerce Destroying in War. Prize Essay, 1917. By Commander Lyman A. Cotten, U. S. Navy. THE PEOPLE's RóLE IN WAR. First Honorable Mention, 1917. By Lieutenant H. H. Frost, U. S. Navy. THE NATION's GREATEST NEED. £cond Honorable Mention, 1917. By Colonel Dion Williams, U. S. Marine Corps.

1918 Letters g Saval Tactics. Prize Essay, 1918. By Lieutenant H. H. Frost,

THE PREPAREDNEss of THE FUTURE. First Honorable mention, 1918. By Commander H. O. Rittenhouse, U. S. N. Retired.

NAVAL STRATEGY. Second Honorable Mention, 1918. By Rear Admiral Bradley A. Fiske, U. S. N.

1919 MILITARY CHARACTER. First Honorable Mention, 1918. By Captain Reginald R. Belknap, U. S. N. SoME REFLECTIONS ON THE THREE FACTORs of BATTLESHIP DESIGN. Second £ *::tion 1918. By Lieut. Commander Beirne S. Bullard,

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