1996 IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals

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The 1994 IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals was a major advance on its predecessors in clarity of layout and amount of information presented. This is taken further in the 1996 edition, which is also the first global compilation to use the complete new IUCN Red List category system.

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Jonathan Baillie
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Страница 363 - It is important to recognise that taxa that are poorly known can often be assigned a threat category on the basis of background information concerning the deterioration of their habitat and/or other causal factors; therefore the liberal use of 'Data Deficient' is discouraged. 9. Implications of listing Listing in the categories of Not Evaluated and Data Deficient indicates that no assessment of extinction risk has been made, though for different reasons. Until such time as an assessment is made,...
Страница 364 - Inference and projection may be based on extrapolation of current or potential threats into the future (including their rate of change), or of factors related to population abundance or distribution (including dependence on other taxa), so long as these can reasonably be supported. Suspected or inferred patterns in...
Страница 365 - Gardenfors et al. 2001). When applied at national or regional levels it must be recognised that a global category may not be the same as a national or regional category for a particular taxon. For example, taxa classified as Least Concern globally might be Critically Endangered within a particular region where numbers are very small or declining, perhaps only because they are at the margins of their global range. Conversely, taxa classified as Vulnerable on the basis of their global declines in numbers...
Страница 363 - ..an attempt to establish a species, for the purpose of conservation, outside its recorded distribution, but within an appropriate habitat and ecogeographical area"). 2. Nature of the categories All taxa listed as Critically Endangered qualify for Vulnerable and Endangered, and all listed as Endangered qualify for Vulnerable. Together these categories are described as 'threatened'.
Страница 2 - Continuing decline, inferred, observed or projected, in any of the following: (a) extent of occurrence (b) area of occupancy (c) area, extent and/or quality of habitat (d) number of locations or subpopulations (e) number of mature individuals.

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