Annual Report of the New York Zoological Society, Том 22

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The 27th report, 1922, includes a brief history of the society from its foundation.

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Страница 156 - SEC. 1. The officers of the Society shall consist of a President, two VicePresidents, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and a Director of the Zoological Park.
Страница 151 - ... and shall possess the general powers and be subject to the restrictions and liabilities prescribed in the third title of the eighteenth chapter of the first part of the revised statutes.
Страница 151 - AN ACT to amend chapter four hundred and thirty-five of the laws of eighteen hundred and ninety-five, entitled "An act to incorporate the New York Zoological Society and to provide for the establishment of a zoological garden in the City of New York" in relation to real and other property.
Страница 152 - Chapter four hundred and forty-one of the laws of nineteen hundred and two, entitled "An act to authorize a further appropriation to the New York Zoological Society for the support of the New York Aquarium," is hereby amended to read as follows: SECTION 1.
Страница 154 - Communications. 10. Miscellaneous business. 11. Reports and resolutions. ARTICLE II. BOARD OF MANAGERS. SEC. 1. The Board of Managers shall consist of thirty-six members, together with the Mayor of New York and President of the Park Board, or Commissioner for the Bronx, who shall be members ex-officio of the Board. SEC. 2. Nineteen Managers shall constitute a quorum, but ten managers may transact current business, and adjourn, subject to the subsequent approval of a meeting at which a quorum shall...
Страница 150 - Said corporation shall have power to establish, maintain and control zoological parks, gardens, or other collections for the promotion of zoology and kindred subjects, and for the instruction and recreation of the people. Said corporation may collect, hold, and expend funds for zoological research and publication, for the protection of wild animal life, and for kindred purposes, and may promote, form, and co-operate with other associations with similar purposes, and may purchase, sell, or exchange...
Страница 152 - Chapter twenty-one of the laws of nineteen hundred and nine, entitled "An act relating to education, constituting chapter sixteen of the consolidated laws...
Страница 154 - At the annual meeting of the society the order of business shall be as follows: 1. Roll call; 2. Reading of minutes of last meeting; 3.
Страница 150 - ... and for the safe-keeping of its property, and from time to time to alter, modify or change such constitution, bylaws, rules and regulations ; provided, however, that no...
Страница 151 - The affairs and business of said corporation shall be managed and controlled by a board of managers, the number of whom shall be prescribed by the by-laws. The first board of managers shall be divided by lot into three classes, equal in number, one of which classes shall hold office for one year, another for two years, and the other for three years; and all persons elected to be managers at any subsequent election shall hold offce for three years, and until others are elected in their stead.

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