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British and Foreign State Papers, 1919. Vol. 112. Foreign Office. 31s.

Copyright Convention, Berne. Brazil Order, April 21, 1922. (S. R. & 0. 1922, No. 464); Hungary Order, April 21, 1922. (S. R. & O. 1922, No. 465.) lid. each.

Copyright. Order in Council regulating relations with Bulgaria. Feb. 6, 1922. (S. R. & 0. 1922, No. 122.) lid.

East Africa. Papers relating to native disturbances in Kenya (March, 1922). (Cmd. 1691.) 7d.

Egypt, Status of. Despatch to His Majesty's representatives abroad respecting the. (Cmd. 1617.) 2£d.

France, Convention between United Kingdom and, respecting legal proceedings in civil and commercial matters. (Treaty Series, 1922, No. 5.) 3id.

Genoa Conference. Resolutions adopted by the Supreme Council at Cannes as the basis of. January, 1922. (Cmd. 1621.) 4d.

. Telegram from M. Chicherin, Moscow, to the Governments of

Great Britain, France, and Italy, respecting the. (Cmd. 1637.) 2id.

. Resolutions of the Financial Commission recommending certain

resolutions for adoption by the conference; reports of the Committee of Experts appointed currency and exchange subcommissions of the Financial Commission. (Cmd. 1650.) 3id.

. Memorandum sent to Russian delegation, May 3, 1922. (Cmd.

1657.) 3id.

. Papers relating to, April-May, 1922. (Cmd. 1667.) 2s. 2id.

German Reparation Recovery. Orders made by the Board of Trade under the Act of 1921: No. 1 (S. R. & 0. 1922, No. 139); No. 2 (S. R. & O. 1922, No. 140). lid. each.

German Reparation Recovery Act, 1921, Statement showing the amounts paid during the period April 1, 1921, to March 31, 1922, into the special account under Sec. 1 (3) of the, and the application thereof. (Cmd. 1664.) 2id.

1 Parliamentary and official publications of Great Britain may be obtained for the amount noted from the Superintendent of Publications, H. M. Stationery Office, Imperial House, Kingsway, London, W. C. 2.

Hertslet's Commercial Treaties, Vol. 28. Foreign Office. 33s. 6d.

Hungary. Agreement between British and Hungarian Governments respecting settlement of enemy debts referred to in Sec. 1ll of Part X of Treaty of Trianon of June 4, 1920. Signed at London, Dec. 20, 1921. (Treaty Series, 1922, No. 4.) 2\A.

International Labor Conference. Draft conventions and recommendations adopted at third session, Oct. 25-Nov. 19, 1921. [French and English.] (Cmd. 1612.) 10id.

Irish Free State Agreement. (Ch. 4,12 Geo. V.) 4d.

Limitation of armament, Washington, 1921-1922. Treaties, resolutions, etc. (Miscl. No. 1, 1922. Cmd. 1627.) 2s. 2d.

Naturalization regulations, April 12, 1922. (S. R. & 0. 1922, No. 447.)

Near Eastern situation. Pronouncement by three Allied Ministers for Foreign Affairs, Paris, March 27, 1922. (Cmd. 1641.) 2£d.

Peace Conference, Paris, 1919. Memorandum circulated by the Prime Minister on March 25, 1919. (Cmd. 1614.) 4d.

Peace Treaties Orders (Amendment) Order, 1922. (S. R. & 0. 1922, No. 249.) Hd.

Real Estate and acquisition of mines, mining and oil rights, etc., by aliens in foreign countries, Holding of. Foreign Office. 3s. 8Jd.

Reparation. Agreement between the Allies for settlement of certain questions as to the application of the treaties of peace and complementary agreements with Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Bulgaria, signed at Spa, July 16, 1920. (Cmd. 1615.) 4d.

. Financial agreement between Belgium, France, Great Britain,

Italy, and Japan, together with a covering note by the Finance Ministers, signed at Paris, March 11, 1922. (Cmd. 1616.) 4d.

. Decision of Reparation Commission on payments by Germany

in 1922. (Cmd. 1634.) 4d.

Russian Soviet Government. Correspondence with the, respecting imprisonment of Mrs. Stan Harding. (Cmd. 1602.) 4d.

Treaty of Versailles, June 28, 1919. .Agreement between the British and German Governments respecting Art. 297 (c). (Payment of compensation in respect of damage, etc., to property, rights or interests.) Signed, Nov. 23, 1921. (Treaty Series, 1921, No. 27.) 4d.

. Convention between United Kingdom and Siam respecting

settlement of enemy debts referred to in Sec. 1ll of Part X. Signed London, Dec. 20, 1921. (Treaty Series, 1922, No. 3.) 2|d

Tribunaux Arbitraux Mixtes, institués par les Traites de Paix. Recueil des Decisions des. No. 8, Nov. 1921, Nos. 9-10, Dec. 1921-Jan. 1922 (one number). Foreign Office. 7s. 3d.


Alien property and its relation to trade, commerce, and American claims. Speech by Thomas W. Miller, Alien Property Custodian, Jan. 14,1922. 5 p. (H. doc. 322.) House of Representatives.

Aliens, Deportation of, convicted of violation of narcotic and prohibition acts. Hearings. March 29, 1922. 537-555 p. (Serial 3-B.) Immigration and Naturalization Com.

. Report to accompany H. R. 11118. Apr. 3, 1922. 4 p.

(H.rp. 867.) Immigration and Naturalization Com.

Armenians. Hearings on H. Res. 244 in behalf of. March 7, 1922. 49 p. For. Aff. Com.

Austria. S. J. Res. 160, joint resolution authorizing extension, for period of not to exceed 25 years, of time for payment of principal and interest of debt incurred by Austria for purchase of flour from Grain Corporation. Approved April 6, 1922. 1 p. (Pub. Res. 46.) 5c.

China, promotion of trade in. Conference report on H. R. 4810 to authorize incorporation of companies to promote trade in China. Apr. 24, 1922. 8 p. (S. doc. 193). 13 p. (H. rp. 922).

Colombia, Treaty between United States and, for settlement of differences; signed Bogota, Apr. 6, 1914, proclaimed March 30, 1922. 6 p. (Treaty Series 661.) [English and Spanish.] State Dept.

Colonial tariff policies, with bibliographies. 1922. 869 p. 5 maps. Tariff Commission. Paper, $1.00.

Commercial travelers convention between United States and Paraguay, signed Washington Oct. 20, 1919, proclaimed Apr. 28, 1922. 5 p. (Treaty Series 662.) [English and Spanish.] State Dept.

Commercial treaties, Handbook of, digests of commercial treaties, conventions and agreements between all nations, with bibliography. 1922. 899 p. Tariff Commission. Paper, 75c.

Copyright. Proclamations extending all benefits of act of Dec. 18, 1919, to citizens of Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, and New Zealand. (Nos. 1629, 1628, 1632, 1631, and 1630.) State Dept.

Copyright law of United States as amended, with rules for practice and procedure. July, 1922. (Bulletin 14.) Copyright Office. Paper, 10c.

Hague rules, 1921, defining liabilities of ocean cargo carriers; analyzed clause by clause by A. J. Wolfe. April 19, 1922. 39 p. (Trade Information Bulletin 19, Division of Commercial Laws.) For. & Dom. Com. Bureau.

* Where prices are given, the document may be obtained for the amount noted from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C.

Haiti. Inquiry into occupation and administration of Haiti and Santo Domingo. Hearings pursuant to S. Res. 112. 1922. Pt. 4. 1199-1445 p. Select Com.

Haiti. Report relating to Haiti. June 26, 1922. 37 p. map. (S. rp. 794, 67th Cong. 2d sess.) Select Com.

Haitian Customs Receivership. Report of fifth fiscal period, Oct. 1, 1920-Sept. 30, 1921, with summary of commerce for fiscal year. 38 p. il. Insular Affairs Bureau.

Immigration. Joint resolution extending operation of Immigration Act of May 19, 1921. Approved May 11, 1922. 1 p. (Pub. Rete. 55.) 5c.

Immigration. Transportation of immigrants on American ships. Hearings on merchant marine bill, May 4, 1922. 557-568 p. (Serial 4-B.) Immigration and Naturalization Com.

Immigration laws. Information relative to, and their enforcement in connection with admission of aliens. 1922. Immigration Bureau.

Inter-American High Commission. List of officers, resolution on permanent organization adopted in Buenos Aires, Apr. 3-12, 1916, and lists of officers and members of national sections. 1922. 22 p. Inter-American High Commission.

Japan. Treaty between United States and, regarding rights in former German islands in Pacific Ocean, and in particular the Island of Yap, signed Feb. 11, 1922, proclaimed July 13, 1922. 6 p. (Treaty Series 664.) State Dept.

Japanese immigration and colonization. Counter brief submitted in behalf of California Committee of Justice and other citizens. 1922. 7 p. (S. doc. 188.) Senate.

Jews in Palestine, Establishment of national home. Hearings on H. Con. Res. 52, expressing satisfaction at re-creation of. April 18-21, 1922. 170 p. For. Aff. Com.

. Report to accompany H. J. Res. 322. May 31, 1922. 3 p.

(H. rp. 1038.) For. Aff. Com.

Liberia. Credit for government of. Hearings on H. J. Res. 270. Apr. 19, 1922. Pt. 2. 143-156 p. Ways & Means Com.

. Report to accompany. Apr. 25, 1922. 4 p. (H. rp. 924, pt.

1); minority views, Apr. 26,1922. (H. rp. 924, pt. 2.) Ways & Means Com.

. . May 31, 1922. 3 p. (S. rp. 727.) Finance Com.

Lusitania claims. Report concerning American passengers on the Lusitania when sunk, and claims filed with Department of State by American citizens. Apr. 3, 1922. 22 p. (S. doc. 176.) State Dept.

Luxemburg. Report in regard to transferring United States diplomatic representation from The Hague to Brussels. July 18, 1922. 2 p. (S. doc. 235, 67th Cong. 2d sess.) State Dept.

Merchant Marine. Report to accompany ship subsidy bill (H. R. 12021). June 16, 1922. 35 p. (H. rp. 1112, pt. 1.) Merchant Marine & Fish. Com.

. Minority views. June 28, 1922. 26 p. (H. rp. 1112, pt. 2.)

Merchant Marine & Fish. Com.

. Joint hearings before Senate and House committees. May 19,

1922. 2 vols. Commerce Com.

Naval policy as outlined in messages of Presidents of United States, 17901922. 30 p. Navy Dept. Paper, 5c.

Pan American Postal Union. Principal convention of Buenos Aires, Sept. 15, 1921, with detailed regulations for its execution. 1922. 22 p. [Spanish and English.] Post Office Dept.

Parcel post convention between United States and Siam, signed Washington, Feb. 24, 1922, Bangkok, Oct. 15, 1921, approved Feb. 28, 1922. 7 p. Post Office Dept.

Parcel post convention between United States and Sweden, approved May 1, 1922. 6 p. State Dept.

Peace treaty between United States and Germany, signed Berlin, Aug. 25, 1921. (Reprint with change of title and ratification.) 10 p. (Treaty series 658.) [English and German.] State Dept.

Peace treaties with Austria and with Hungary, and protocols and declarations annexed thereto, with notes and index, 1920. Compiled by George Grafton Wilson. 263 p. (International Law Documents.) Naval War College. Cloth, 65c.

Real and personal property convention of 1899 between Great Britain and United States. Supplementary convention providing for accession of Canada to, signed Oct. 21, 1921, proclaimed June 19, 1922. 2 p. (Treaty Series 663.) State Dept.

Russia. Statement from Boris Bakhmeteff, Russian Ambassador, with letter of transmittal from Secretary of State, in regard to advances made by United States Treasury to provisional government of Russia. May 6, 1922. 2 p. (S. doc. 200.) State Dept.

St. Lawrence waterway. Report of United States and Canadian Government engineers on improvement of. 1922. 104 p. 7 pl. (S. doc. 179.) State Dept.

State Department, Some aspects of work of. Address of Secretary of State Hughes before Chamber of Commerce of United States, May 18, 1922. 10 p. (S. doc. 206.) Senate.

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