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The American Society Op International Law

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Concobd, N. H. Washington, D. C. ILSfifi-


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Copyright, 1982


FEB 18 1936



American "good Offices" In Asia. Tyler Dennett 1

American Diplomacy And The Financing Of China. George A. Finch 25

The Protection Of American Citizens In China: Extraterritoriality. Benj.

H. Williams 43

Conference On The Limitation Of Armament. Report of the American Delegation.

February 9, 1922 159

Address Of The President Of The United States Submitting To The Senate The

Treaties And Resolutions Approved And Adopted Bt The Conference On

The Limitation Of Armament. February 10, 1922 234

Some Aspects Of The Work Of The Department Of State. Charles E. Hughes 355

Some Observations On The Conduct Of Our Foreign Relations. Charles E.

Hughe* 365

Seizures In Land And Naval Warfare Distinguished. Manley 0. Hudson 375

The Rights Of Visit And Search, Capture, Angary And Requisition. Jennings

C. Wise 391

Orders In Council And The Law Of The Sea. Gordon E. Sherman 400

The Armistices. Tanker H. Bliss 509

The Negotiation Of External Loans With Foreign Governments. Charles

Cheney Hyde 523

The Extradition Of The Assassins Of The Spanish Premier Dato By The German

Reich (fort Extradition Case). Wolfgang Mettgenberg 542

Orders In Council And The Law Of The Sea, II. Gordon E. Sherman 561

Jurisdiction Over Foreigners In Siam. Eldon R. James 585

Editorial Comment:

The Second Assembly of the League of Nations. David Jayne Hill 59

Some thoughts on the Mexican oil question. T. S. Woolsey 66

Landing and operation of submarine cables in the United States. George G. Wilson. 68

The Resolution of the Conference on Limitation of Armament respecting extraterri-

torial rights in China. Charles Cheney Hyde 70

Upper Silesia. George A. Finch 75

The power of public opinion for peace. Chandler P. Anderson 241

The Institute of International Law. James Brown Scott 243

The Treaty as to Yap and the mandated North Pacific Islands. Charles Noble

Gregory 248

The Department of State on the flotation of foreign public loans. Charles Cheney

Hyde 251

The classification of justiciable disputes. Philip Marshall Brown 254

"As if for an act of piracy." Chandler P. Anderson 260

The Nobel Peace Prize for 1921. James Brown Scott 261

Proposed amendments to the Covenant of the League of Nations. George A.

Finch 263

The decision in California relating to the holding of land by Japanese. James

Brown Scott 420


Practical codification of international law. Theodore S. Woolsey 423

The status of Mr. Bakhmeteff, the Russian Ambassador at Washington. Amos S.

Hershey 426

The Swiss decision in the boundary dispute between Colombia and Venezuela.

James Brown Scott 428

Hague Arbitration Court award in the French claims against Peru. George 0.

Wilson 431

Report of the International Commission of Inquiry in the loss of the Dutch steamer

Tubantia. George G. Wilson 432

International responsibility in Haiti and Santo Domingo. Philip Marshall Brown.. 433

The Revista de Derecho Internacional. James Brown Scott 437

The claims convention with Germany. Charles Cheney Hyde 604

American intervention in Haiti. Philip Marshall Brown 607

The revision of the reparation clauses of the Treaty of Versailles and the cancellation

of the inter-Allied indebtedness. George A. Finch 611

Current Notes:

An arbitration with Norway. Stanley P. Smith 81

Annual meeting of the American Society of International Law 274

Notice of proposed amendment to the Constitution 275

The annual meeting of the American Society of International Law. George A.

Finch 439

The thirtieth conference of the International Law Association. Charles Noble

Gregory 451

German war trials. Report of proceedings before the Supreme Court at Leipzig.... 628
Explanatory memorandum relating to the Wiesbaden agreement of October 6, 1921,

between France and Germany 640

Chronicije Op International Events. M. Alice Matthews 85, 277, 457,646

Public Documents Relating To International Law. George A. Finch

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Supreme Court at Leipzig: Page

German War Trials:

Judgment in the case of Karl Heynen 674

Judgment in the case of Emil M Oiler 684

Judgment in the case of Robert Neumann 696

Judgment in the case of Commander Karl Neumann 704

Judgment in the case of Lieutenants Dithmar and Boldt 708

Book Reviews And Notes:

Demangeon: America and the race for world dominion 144

Dupuis: Le droit des gens et les rapports des grandes puissances avec les autres états

avant le pacte de la Soctete" des Nations 145

Holland: Letters to "The Times" upon war and neutrality, 1881-1920 147

MacMurray: Treaties and agreements with and concerning China, 1894-1919.... 149

Poetzsch: Handausgabe der reichsverfassung vom 11 August, 1919 151

Snow: The question of aborigines in the law and practice of nations 152

Stevens and Westcott: A history of sea power 154

Stuart: French foreign policy from Fashoda to Serajevo 334

Schucking and Wehberg: Die satzung des vdlkerbundes 336

Vanderpol: La doctrine scholastique du droit de guerre 337

Satow: A diplomat in Japan 340

Travers: Le droit penal international et sa mise en oeuvre en temps de paix et en

temps de guerre 342

Strupp: Grundzflge des positiven v6lkerrechts 344

Martin: The policy of the United States as regards intervention 345

Stockton: A manual of international law 346

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: The proceedings of the Hague Peace

conferences 348

British Year Book of International Law, 1921-22 348

United States Court for China: Extraterritorial cases 349

Donnedieu de Vabres: Introduction a l'ltude du droit international 493

Hyde: International law chiefly as interpreted and applied by the United States. 495

Kautaky: Documents allemands relatifs a l'origine de la guerre 498

Lammasch and Sperl: Heinrich Lammasch 499

Potter: An introduction to the study of international organization 501

Snow: The American philosophy of government 502

Weiss: Manuel de droit international prive' 504

Willoughby and Rogers: An introduction to the problem of government 505

Armstrong: War and treaty legislation 725

Fauchille: Traité de droit international public. Tome II 726

Hill: Leading American treaties 727

Lavergne: Le principe des nationality's et les guerres 730

Mathews: The conduct of American foreign relations 732

Myers: Manual of collections of treaties and of collections relating to treaties 734

Porritt: Fiscal and diplomatic freedom of the British oversea dominions 735

Pribram: The secret treaties of Austra-Hungary, 1879-1914 741

Stowell: Intervention in international law 744

Torriente: La liga de las naciones—Trabajos de la Segunda Asamblea 746

Notes 748

Periodical Literature On International Law Subjects. Hope K. Thompson,

156, 351,506; W. S. Finch 757

Index 765

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