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in 1790


34 Kansas.

the Indian Smoky 1861 Americans. Atchison ? 1854 82,080

West Virginia. From Virginia.

1863 English.

24,780 included


in Va. Nevada. From the Spanish Sierra Ne- 1864 Americans. Genoa, at the 1850 110,700

42,335 vada (Snowy mountain ridge),

base of the

From the Indian-Water Valley, 1867 Americans. Bellevue (near 1847


or Shallow River.

38 Colorado.
From the Spanish — Red or 1876 Americans. Denver?

1859?| 103,925

Colored (referring to the color of

the rocks).
North Dakota. From the Indian
- Leagued or 1889 English. Pembina.


Allied (referring to the confedera.

tion or league of the Sioux tribes).
40 South Dakota.
From the Indian – See above. 1889 Americans. Yankton ? 1859? 77,650

401,570 Montana. From the Latin Mons, a moun 1889 Americans. Helena?

1861? 146,080

tain, – The Land of Mountains.
42 Washington.
In honor of George Washington. 1889 Americans. Tumwater. 1845 69,180

From the Indian – Diadem of 1890 Americans. Pioneer City ? 1862 84,800

the Mountains.
From the Indian - Great Plains. 1890 Americans. Cheyenne. 1867 97,890

Mountain Home. 1896 Americans. Salt Lake City. 1847 84,970

Total population in 1790, 3,929,214. Total population in 1880, 50,189,200 ; in 1890, 62,622,250; in 1900, 76,304,799:

Five territories : (1) New Mexico, (2) Arizona, (3) Alaska, (4) Indian Territory, (5) Oklahoma ; the District of Columbia, the
islands of Hawaii, Guam, the Philippines, Porto Rico; and the Dependency of Cuba.

Note. - Authorities disagree on a number of the dates and place of settlement of states. The total area of the United States,
including Alaska (577,390 sq. m.), New Mexico (122,580 sq. m.), Arizona (113,020 sq. m.), Indian Territory (31,400 sq. m.), Oklahoma
(39,030 sq. m.), and the District of Columbia (70 sq. m.), is about 3,580,242 square miles. "This area,” says Lippincott, “is to some
extent conjectural, and the figures of different authorities vary somewhat." The latest estimate in Chambers's Encyclopædia (New
Edition) makes the total area of the United States, with Alaska, 3,602,990 square miles ; while Professor Whitney, in the Encyclopædia
Britannica (New Edition), gives the total area at 3,550,549 square miles. These estimates do not include Hawaii (6,600 sq. m.), Porto
Rico (3,550 sq. m.), or the Philippines (114,400 sq. m.).

The ? indicates conflict of authorities or lack of positive information.

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Thomas Jefferson.
George Washington. Virginia, Two terms; 1789-1797. . Whole people. John Adams. ...

Edmund Randolph.

Timothy Pickering.
John Adams

Timothy Pickering.
etts. One term; 1797–1801. .
Federalists. Thomas Jefferson

John Marshall.
Aaron Burr

James Madison,
Thomas Jefferson. . Virginia. Two terms; 1801-1809.

George Clinton

George Clinton . . Robert Smith.
4 James Madison Virginia. Two terms; 1809-1817. ·

or Democratic

Elbridge Gerry..James Monroe.
5 James Monroe.....
Virginia. . Two terms; 1817–1825.

Dan'l D. Tompkins. John Quincy Adams.
6 John Quincy Adams. Massachusetts. One term; 1825-1829. House of Rep. John C. Calhoun, Henry Clay.

Martin Van Buren.

John C. Calhoun. Edward Livingston.
Andrew Jackson ..
Tennessee Two terms; 1829–1837.

Martin Van Buren Louis McLane.

John Forsyth.
8 Martin Van Buren ..
New York One term; 1837-1841.

Democrats Rich'd M. Johnson. John Forsyth.
William H. Harrison.

Ohio ... •
One month; 7841 .

John Tyler.

Daniel Webster.

Hugh S. Legaré.
John Tyler

3 yrs. In mos.; 1841-1845. Whigs ..

Abel P. Upshur.

John C. Calhoun.
James K. Polk. Tennessee One term; 1845-1849.


George M. Dallas James Buchanan.
Zachary Taylor.. Louisiana.

John M. Clayton.
1 yr. 4 mos.; 1849, 1850.

Millard Fillmore.

Daniel Webster.
Millard Fillmore ...
New York ... 2 yrs. 8 mos.; 1850-1853

Whigs ..

Edward Everett.
Franklin Pierce
N. Hampshire. One term; 1853–1857. .

Democrats William R. King. . William L. Marcy.

Lewis Cass.
James Buchanan...
Pennsylvania . One term; 1857-1861. . Democrats. J. C. Breckinridge

Jeremiah S. Black.

Hannibal Hamlin William H. Seward. 16 Abraham Lincoln... Illinois I term and 6 w'ks; 1861–1865. Republicans.

Andrew Johnson. Andrew Johnson. Tennessee 3 yrs. toj mos.; 1865-1869. 17


William H. Seward.

Schuyler Colfax. Elihu B. Washburne.
18 Ulysses S. Grant...

Two terms; 1869–1877. . Republicans.

Henry Wilson. Hamilton Fish.
Rutherford B. Hayes. | Ohio

One term; 1877–1881. Republicans.

Wm. A. Wheeler. William M. Evarts.
James A. Garfield


6 mos. 15 dys.; 1881 Republicans. Chester A. Arthur. James G. Blaine.
Chester A. Arthur New York
3 yrs. 5 mos. 15 dys.; 1881-'85 Republicans.

Grover Cleveland, New York One term; 1885-1889.

Democrats.. Thos. A. Hendricks. Thomas F. Bayard.
Benjamin Harrison

Indiana .....

One term; 1889-1893 Republicans. 23

Levi P. Morton. James G. Blaine. Grover Cleveland New York 24

One term ; 1893-1897

Democrats Adlai E. Stevenson Walter Q. Gresham. William McKinley, Ohio

1 term and pt. of ad'; '97-'01 Republicans 25

Garrett A. Hobart John Sherman. 26 Theodore Roosevelt New York Part of one term


John Hay.





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