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867 For the relief of the heirs of Horatio N.

870 To provide for the erection of a public build.

ing at Aberdeen, Miss., for use as a post-
office, United States court, and for United
States internal-revenue officials, and for

other Government purposes.
891 Granting a pension to Reuben J. Ebberman..
919 For the relief of Edward S. Armstrong
944 Granting a pension to Joel E. Cady.
945 Granting a pension to Daniel Cornwell
948 For the relief of John M. Dorsey and William

F. Shepard 964 For the relief of Rachael J. Floyd 988 To increase the pension of Anne S. Mellach.. 996 For the erection of a public building at Cam

den, N. J. 1004 Relative to the Chinese indemnity fund 1013 For the erection of a public building at Troy,

NY. 1016 For the relief of William W. Bush. 1017 Relative to the Inspector-General's Depart

nient of the Army. 1046 Granting a pension to Mary A. Griffin 1057 Granting an increase of pension to Francis

Traynor. 1070 To amend section 5 of an act approved Feb.

ruary 21, 1879, entitled "An act to fix the

pay of letter-carriers." 1072 For the relief of Robert Tillson and Maitland

Boon. 1084 Granting a pension to Dorat hea Bothner.... 1085 For the relief of Joseph M. Cumming, Ham

ilton J. Miller, and William McRoberts. 1089 For the relief of the heirs of the late Solomon

1091 Granting an increase of pension to Sophia

A. Morgan, widow of the late Charles H.
Morgan, a brevet brigadier-general in the

United States Army.
1096 Granting a pension to Mary Abbott, widow

of William Abbott. 1108 For the relief of James L. Cardwell 1132 To place J. Washington Brank on the muster

rolls of Company B, Second North Carolina

Mounted Infantry. 1140 For the relief of Elizabeth Fleming, Fran.

ces E. Robinson, and Mary and Margaret

Johnston. 1142 Granting a pension to Nelly Roberts 1164 To restore to the pension-roll the name of

Elenor Stough 1171 Granting a pension to Isabel Campbell 1194 For the relief of the estate of Joseph Cooper,

deceased. U98 For the relief of John Taylor & Son 1219 Granting a pension to Charles Hendrix 1235 Granting a pension to Annie E. Bailey.

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25 736, 812 21 727, 736 89 811, 812 01 509.


United States. Congress. House

90 812, 813 ..


cers of the Nary.
To establish a department of agriculture....



95, 106, 118,


For the relief of the heirs of Thomas Black

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