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"But we are admonished to refrain from indulging ourselves in the feelings, which this event naturally calls forth. His associates in office at the University, and all others who knew the real worth of this valuable public officer and excellent man, feel and lament the loss sustained in his death. But by no one can this be more deeply felt than by him, who, in justice to departed worth and as a solace to his own feelings, has attempted this faint memorial of the character of a highly valued and cherished friend. Multis ille bonis flebilis occidit:

Nulli flebilior quam mihi

"Cambridge, July 30, 1831."

Party feelings of the time-Dr. Colman - Vote of the House of
Representatives respecting the Dedication of the Theses; and
orders to the printer not to deliver them till they should be
properly addressed - The popular party, not satisfied to see
the Constitution in the hands of President Leverett, Dr. Colman,
and their Friends - The Author's views of the controversies of
the day - Dr. Colman's sentiments

Dr. Colman and Dr. Sewall have the offer of the Presidency -
Dr. Sewall elected; but declines it - Cotton Mather, his Works
and Character-was a benefactor to the University

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President Wadsworth - Ceremonial of his inauguration — Grant
of the General Court, for the President's House — Further lib-
erality of Hollis; founds a Professorship of Mathematics and
Natural Philosophy - His Donation of a Philosophical Appara-
tus, Books, and Hebrew and Greek Types - His Death and
Character-Donations of other individuals


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