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PATRICK HENRY, celebrated not more for his oratory than for the zeal and earnestness with which he wielded it in defence of his countrymen. He remained in this situation, however, until 1792, when his mother, having married Mr. Henry WATKINS, removed to Woodford County, Kentucky, where she lived until her death, which occurred but a few years since. At her departure, he was placed in the office of Mr. PETER TINSLEY, Clerk of the High Court of Chancery in the City of Richmond—being left,' as he says himself, in his latest speech, without guardian, without pecuniary means of support, to steer his course as he might or could.' While here as clerk, he sought, as far as his leisure would admit, to repair, by his own irregular but earnest exertions, the lack of a systematic and thorough discipline; and he was aided in this endeavor, and encouraged in his half-formed intentions to make Law his profession, by the counsel and conversation of the then venerable Chancellor WYTHE, who was frequently drawn to the office by his official business, and whose friendly attention was attracted by the mental acuteness and discreet deportment of the youthful student. The Chancellor finally employed him as his amanuensis; and he thus learned indirectly much that was useful in his after life. His principal business was to write, at the dictation of the Chancellor, his decisions, and comments upon those of the Court of Appeals, by which they were now and then reversed: the drudgery of his task, which, at best, was tiresome enough, was greatly enhanced by the passionate fondness of his employer for Grecian Literature, which led him to introduce into all his papers most liberal quotations from his favorite authors; and these, in their original, of which the laborious clerk knew not a letter, he had to copy. But of this he made no complaint; it taught him the great lesson

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ENTERED according to an act of Congress, in the year 1842, by

In the Clerk's Office of the U. S. Court for the Southern District of New York.

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