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VIII. O Governo Portuguez VIII. The Portuguese Goterá o direito de impôr Porte em vernment will have a right to todas as Cartas vindas dos Domi. demand Postage on all Letters nios Britannicos para os de Por- brought from the Dominions of tugal.

Great Britain to those of Portugal. IX. O Porte das Cartas envie IX. The Postage of Letters to adas ou recibidas da Grande and from Great Britain and Brazil Bretanha e do Brazil, dererá ser is to be for the present at the rate por agora do valor de 3 shillings of 3s. 8d. in British money for a e 8 pences sterlinos da moeda single Letter, and in that proporBritannica por huma simplestion for double and treble Letters. Carta, e nesta proporção pelo duplo ou triplo das Cartas. Observarse hão

The same rules shall be obserregras, que se practicavão antiga- ved respecting Letters for His Brimente em Lisboa relativamente ás tannic Majesty's Navy and Army Cartas destinadas para a Marinha as were practised formerly at e Exercito de Sua Magestade Bri- Lisbon ; and in England reciprotannica, e em Inglaterra se con- cal exemptions shall also be cederão iguaes isenções em favor granted in favour of the Letters das Cartas pertencentes aos Ma- belonging to the Sailors and Sol. rinheros e Soldados de Sua Alteza diers of His Royal Highness the Real o Principe Regente de Por- Prince Regent of Portugal. tugal.

X. As Cartas e os Despachos X. The Letters and Despatches conduzidos pelos Paquetes aos brought by the Packets to the Enviados ou Ministros das 2 Envoys or Ministers of the 2 Cortes, e sendo bonâ fide para o Courts, and being bonâ fide for serviço dos seus respectivos Sobe- the service of their respective ranos, não pagarão Porte. Far- Sovereigns, shall not be charged se ha no Correio Geral Britannico with Postage. A regulation shall huma regulação para dar effeito be made at the British General a esta Estipulação e para fixar o Post Office for the purpose of peso e numero das Cartas e Des- carrying this Stipulation into pachos que devem ser isentos de effect, and of fixing the weight and Porte em virtude do presente number of the Letters and DesArtigo.

patches which are to be exempted from Postage in virtue of the

present Article. XI. Depois da chegada do Pa. XI. After the arrival of a quete ao Rio de Janeiro, o En- Packet at Rio de Janeiro, His viado ou Ministro de Sua Mages- Britannic Majesty's Envoy or tade Britannica fixará o dia em Minister shall fix a day for the que o refferido Paquete voltará return to England of the said para Inglaterra, reservando so.

Packet, reserving to himself the

mente a si o direito de prolongar sole right of further prolonging mais o periodo assim fixado, no the period so fixed, in case he caso de julgar que o serviço de should judge that His Majesty's Sua Magestade o exige, e atten- services should require it, and dendo quanto for possivel a qual. paying attention as far as may be quer requisição para este fim que possible to any request for further lhe for feita por parte do Governo delay on the part of the PortuPortuguez. Eos Paquetes, du- guese Government. And the rante a sua estada nos Portos ou Packets, during their stay in the Bahias de Sua Alteza Real 0 Ports or Harbours of His Royal Principe Regente, serão considera- Highness the Prince Regent, are dos como debaixo da especial to be considered as under the protecção do Enviado ou Minis- special protection of His Britantro de Sua Magestade Britannica, nic Majesty's Envoy or Minister, da mesma forma como os seus in the same manner as his CouCorreios ou Expressos.

riers or Messengers. XII. Os principios geraes da XII. The general principles of presente Convenção serão appli. the present Convention are to be caveis a todos os Paquetes que se applied to all Packets that may houverem para o futuro de esta- hereafter be established between belecer entre a Grande Bretanha Great Britain and any Port or e qualquer Porto ou Portos nos Ports in the Dominions of His Dominios de Sua Alteza Real o

Royal Highness the Prince Re. Principe Regente de Portugal gent of Portugal not specifically não especificadamente menciona- mentioned in the present Convendos na presente Convenção. tion.

XIII. A presente Convenção XIII. The present Convention sera devidamente ratificada, e a shall be duly ratified, and the mutua troca das Ratificações se mutual exchange of Ratifications fará na Cidade de Londres, den- shall take place in the City of Lontro do espaço de 4 mezes, ou don within the space of 4 months, mais breve se for possivel, conta- or sooner if it be possible, to dos do dia da assignatura da be computed from the day of the presente Convenção.

signature of the present Conven

tion. Em testemunho do que, nos In witness whereof, we the Un. Abaixo-Assignados Plenipotenci. dersigned Plenipotentiaries of arios de Sua Alteza Real o Prin- His Royal Highness the Prince cipe Regente de Portugal e de Regent of Portugal and of His Sua Magestade Britannica, em Britannic Majesty, by virtue of virtude dos nossos respectivos our respective Full Powers, have Plenos Poderes, assignamos a signed the present Convention, presente Convenção, e lhe fizemos and have caused the Seals of our pôr os Séllos dos nossas Armas. Arms to be annexed thereto.

Feita na Cidade do Rio de Ja- Done in the City of Rio de [1812-14.]

2 0

neiro a os 19 de Fevereiro, do
anno de nosso Senhor Jesus
Christo 1810.


Janeiro on the 19th day of Feb-
ruary, in the year of our Lord

(14.)–AGREEMENT between the British and Portuguese Com.

missioners, on 4 Points connected with the execution of the Treaty of Navigation and Commerce, of 1810.-Signed at London, 18th December, 1812.

We, the Undersigned Commissioners, appointed by His Britannic Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, and by the Ambassador of the Prince Regent of Portugal resident at this Court, for the settlement of some matters under the late Treaty of Commerce, which require to be adjusted with as much precision as the nature of the circumstances will admit, have mutually agreed on the several points hereafter mentioned, and have authenticated such agreement by our respective Signatures.

1st.-The Identification of British Ships. It is agreed, that the Official Certificate of Registry, signed by the proper Officer of the British Customs, shall be deemed sufficient to identify a British-built Ship; and that on the production of such Certificate she shall be admitted as such in any of the Ports within the Dominions of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent of Portugal. 2d.The Verification of British Merchandise in the Portuguese

Dominions. It is agreed, that on the importation of any goods or merchandise from the United Kingdom, into any of the Ports in the Dominions of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent of Portugal, all such goods shall be accompanied by the original Cockets, signed and sealed by the proper Officers of the British Customs, at the Port of Shipping, and that the Cockets belonging to each Ship shall be numbered progressively, the total number stated on the first and last Cocket, by the proper Officers of the Customs, at the final clearance of each Vessel at the British Port; and it is further agreed, that prior to the final clearance by the Searchers at the Shipping Port, the Cockets for each Ship must be collected and fastened together, to which shall be annexed a Paper, with the number of the Cockets, sealed with the Official Seal, and signed by the Searchers; the Cockets, so collected, shall be produced, together with the Manifest sworn to by the Captain, to the Portuguese Consul, who shall certify the same on the Manifest; the Cockets, thus secured together, and the Manisest, so authenticated, to be returned to the Searcher, in order to the final clearance of the Ship

3d.-An Arrangement of Scavage, Package, and Trinity Dues.

It is agreed to place the Portuguese Merchant on the same footing with the British, both with regard to the Duties of Scavage and Pack. age payable to the Corporation of London, and the Duties payable on Shipping to the Corporation of the Trinity House in London. To effect this, and at the same time to preserve the Chartered Rights of the Corporation of London, and of the Trinity House, it will be necessary that those Duties should, in the first instance, be paid as at present, and in all cases where it shall appear that the Portuguese Merchant shall bave paid more than the British, the difference to be returned without expense, in such manner as the British Government shall direct, 4th.The mode of levying Duties of 15 per cent. on British Goods

in Portuguese Ports. It is agreed, that the most equitable mode of adjusting this matter, so as to secure to the Portuguese revenue the full payment of the Duty of 15 per cent., and to afford to the Merchant the certainty of not being compelled to pay more in any case, appears to be thus :

That the Importer shall, on making the entry at the Portuguese Custom-house, sign a declaration of the value of his goods, to such amount as he shall deem proper; and in case the Portuguese Examining Officers should be of opinion that such valuation is insufficient, they shall be at liberty to take the goods, on paying the Importer the amount, according to his declaration, with the addition of 10 per cent. and also returning the Duty paid.

The amount to be paid on the goods being delivered to the Portuguese Officer, which must be within 15 days from the first detention of the goods. London, 18th December, 1812. R. FREWIN.



TREATIES of Commerce and Alliance between Great

Britain and Spain; subsisting between the Two Powers in 1814*.

(1.)-TREATY of Peace and Friendship between Great Britain and Spain.-Signed at Madrid, 23rd May, 1667.

(Translation.) ART. J. First, it is agreed and concluded, that from this day forward there shall be, between the 2 Crowns of Great Britain and Spain, a general, good, sincere, true, firm, and perfect Amity, Confederation and Peace, which shall endure for ever, and be observed in. violably, as well by land as by sea, and fresh waters; and also between the Lands, Countries, Kingdoins, Dominions, and Territories belong. ing unto, or under the obedience of either of them. And that their Subjects, People, and Inhabitants respectively, of what condition, degree, or quality soever, from henceforth reciprocally, shall help, assist, and show to one another all manner of love, good offices, and friendship

* See Page 292.

II. That neither of the said Kings, nor their respective People, Subjects or Inhabitants within their Dominions, upon any pretence, may, in public or secret, do, or procure to be done, anything against the other, in any place, by sea or land, nor in the Ports or Rivers of the one or the other, but shall treat one another with all love and friendship; and may, by water aud by land, freely and securely pass into the Confines, Countries, Lands, Kingdoms, Islands, Dominions, Cities, Towns, Villages, walled or without wall, fortified or unfortified, their Havens and Ports (where hitherto trade and commerce hath been accustomed), and there trade, buy, and sell, as well of and to the Inhabitants of the respective places, as those of their own Nation, or any other Nation that shall be or come there.

III. That the said Kings of Great Britain and Spain shall take care that their respective People and Subjects from henceforward do abstain from all force, violence, or wrong; and if any injury shall be done by either of the said Kings, or by the People or Subjects of either of them, to the People or Subjects of the other, against the Articles of this Alliance, or against common right, there shall not therefore be given Letters of reprisal, marque, or counter-marque, by any of the Confederates, until such time as justice is sought and followed in the ordinary course of Law. But if justice be denied or delayed, then the King, whose People or Inhabitants have received harm, shall ask it of the other, by whom (as is said) the justice shall bave been denied or delayed, or of the Commissioners that shall be by the one King or the other appointed to receive and hear such demands, to the end that all such differences may be compounded in friendship, or according to Law. But if there should be yet a delay, or justice should not be done, nor satisfaction given within 6 months after having the same so demanded, then may be given Letters of reprisal, marque, or counter-marque.

IV. That between the King of Great Britain, and the King of Spain, and their respective People, Subjects, and Inhabitants, as well as upon sea as upon land and fresh waters, in all and every their Kingdoms, Lands, Countries, Dominions, Confines, Territories, Provinces, Islands, Plantations, Cities, Villages, Towns, Ports, Rivers, Creeks, Bays, Streights, and Currents, where hitherto trade and commerce hath been accustomed, there shall be free trade and commerce,

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