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Understanding, good, necessary in a scholar .....197, 844 William III. of England, eulogium on.... ..

Unnion and Valentine, story of
5 Will's Coffee-house

Upholders, company of, their civility to Mr. Bicker- Window-breakers with half-pence....


.......... 189 Wine, to whom and when to be allowed.....
Petition and proposals of ..........
99 Present of, to Mr. Bickerstaff.....

1 +7, isi
Permitted to bury their dead

99 Adulteration of....
Advertisernent for the funeral of Dr. Partridge..... 99 Brewers, the fraternity of tried
Ipholster, the great newsmonger.....


A request to them.....
His early visit.....

160 Winter-gardens described and recommended.
Much esteemed in alley coffee-houses .............. 178 Winter-piece, by Mr. Phillips.....
Carried to Bedlam

178 Wisdom, (Walter) character of, and manner of court.
Letters of news from him....

160, 299

Urbanus, his modesty and condescension.

........... 244

Wit, definitions of.....
Vulgar, who to be accounted so......
69 Local


WAGS, the lowest pretenders to wit.................... 184 Judged by men's purses ...........

Waiting-maids, a petition from them ...
136 Wits opposed to critics..

War, religious, discussed

155 Bodily wits
War-horse to be let....

64 Professed wits, silly and troublesome..
Watch invented for the use of clubs..........


Withers, (general) character of
Water, circumspection

94 Witchcraft described and explained
Wax-work in Germany

.................... 257 Women have not the allowances men make for
Wealth, a distinction only in traffic,
203 theinselves

Wealthy persons fix characters and wit to circum- The villany of deluding them exposed..

57 The happiness of mankind depends on their educa.
Weather-glass, state


Wedlock, picture of.....
7 Want regular education...

Welch a nation of gentlemen
31 Natural to them to talk of themselves...

Harp, an instrument in a female concert ..... 157 Of the present age, compared with those of the last 61
Whetters reproved.....

138, 141 More subtle than men in their own affairs..
Whigs, a religious order in England...........
199 Their common failing.........

Whisperers, censured ....
38 Bad taste in dress ...

Whitaker's, (admiral) arrival at Barcelona ........... 5 Unmarried, instructions to them...

Widowhood, male, considered

114 Wren, (sir Christopher) described under the name of
Wife, the most amiable term in life, and derided only

by fools ..

Scheme to govern one..

XERXES, why he burst into tears ...........

sign of wives loving their husbands ....... 104
Wildair, (Tom) how reformed by his father......... 60 YOUNG, (Margery) life and adventures of......
Wilks, the comedian, his excellencies........




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Castle Street, Ansbury.


Volume the First.



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vantage from the example of successful merit, In the character of Guardian, it beboves me

than the deserving man bimself can possibly to do bonour to such as have deserved well be possessed of; your country knows how of society, and laid out worthy and manly eminently you excel in the several parts of qualities, in the service of the public. No military skill, whether in assigning the en. man bas more eminently distinguished himself campment, accommodating the troops, leading this way, than Mr. Cadogan; with a contempt to the charge, or pursuing the enemy: the reof pleasure, rest, and ease, when called to the treat being the only part of the profession duties of your girious profession, you have which has not fallen within the experience of lived in a familiarity with dangers, and with a those, who learned their warfare under the strict eye upon the final purpose of the attempt, duke of Marlborough. But the true and hobave wholly disregarded what should befall nest purpose of this epistle is to desire a place yourself in the prosecution of.it; thus has life in your friendship, without pretending to add risen to you, as fast as you resigned it, and any thing to your reputation, who, by your own every new bour, for having so frankly lent the gallant actions, bave acquired that your name preceding moments to the cause of justice and through all ages shall be read with honour, of liberty, has come home to you, improved wherever mention shall be made of that illus with honour: This happy distinction, which is trious captain, 80 very peculiar to you, with the addition of I am, Sir, industry, vigilance, patience of labour, thrist, and hunger, in common with the meanest

your most obedient, soldier, has made your present fortune unen

and most humble servant, vjed. For the public always reap greater ad


Volume the Second.




a gentleman, that has a refined taste of letters, The greatest bonour of human life, is to live and a disposition in which those letters found well with men of merit; and I bope you will nothing to correct, but very much to exert, is pardon me the vanity of publishing, by this a good fortune too uncommon to be enjoyed in means, my happiness in being able to name silence. In others, the greatest business of you among my friends. The conversation of learning is to weed the soil; in you, it had

nothing else to do, but to bring forth fruit. Affability, complacency, and generosity of heart,

.lllerwards Carl of Bath.

which are natural to you, wanted nothing from with nobler views, and know that the distinc. literature, but to refine and direct the appli- tion of wealth and plenteous circumstances, is cation of them. After I have boasted I had a tax upon an honest mind, to endeavour, as some share in your familiarity, I know not how much as the occurrences of life will give him to do you the justice of celebrating you for the leave, to guard the properties of others, and choice of an elegant and worthy acquaintance, be vigilant for the good of his fellow-subjects. with whom you live in the happy communi- This generous inclination, no man possesses cation of generous sentiments, which contri in a warmer degree than yourself; which, that bute not oniy to your own mutual entertain heaven would reward with long possession o meat and improvement, but to the honour that reputation into which you have made so and service of your country. Zral for the early an entrance, the reputatiou of a man of public good is the characteristic of a nian of selise, a good cirizen, and agreeable companion, honour, and a gentleman, and must take place a disinterested friend, avd an unbiassed patriut, of pleasures, profits, aou all other private gra. is the hearty prayer of, tifications. Whoever wants it is motive, is an

Sir, open enemy, or an inglorious Deuter to man.

your most obliged, kini, in proportion to the misapplied advan

and most obedient, tages with which nature and fortune bave

buinble servant, blessed him. But you have a soul animated



" It is a justice which Mr. Ironside owes I take this opportunity, out of the affection gentlemen who have sent him their assistances I have for his person, and respect to his merit, from time to time, in the carrying on of this to let the world know, that he is now trauswork, to acknowledge that obligation, though lating Homer's lliad by subscription. He has at the same time he himself dwindles into the given good proof of his ability for the work, character of a mere publisher, by making the aud the men of greatest wit and learning of acknowledgment. But whether a man does it this nation, of all parties, are, according to out of justice or gratitude, or any other virtu- their different abilities, zealous encouragers, ous reason or not, it is also a prudential act to or solicitors for the work. take no more upon a man than be cap bear. But to my present purpose. The letter Too large a credit has made many a bankrupt, from Gnatho of the Cures performed by Flatbut taking even less than a man can answertery, and that of comparing Dress to Criticism, with ease, is a sure fund for extending it when- / are Mr. Gay's. Mr. Martin, Mr. Pbilips, ever his occasions require. All those papers Mr. Tickell, Mr. Carey, Mr. Eusden, Mr. Ince, which are distinguished by the mark of a and Mi Hughes, have obliged the town with Hand, were written by a gentleman who has entertaining discourses in these voluwes; and obliged the world with productions too sublime Mr. Berkeley, of Trinity College in Dublin, to admit that the author of them should re. has embellished them with many excellent ceive any addition to his reputation, from such arguments in honour of religion and virtue. loose occasional thoughts as make up these Mr. Parnell will I hope forgive me, that withlittle treatises ; for which reason his name out his leave I mention, that I have seen bis shall be concealed. Those which are marked | hand on the like occasion. There are some with a Star, were composed by Mr. Budgell. discourses of a less pleasing nature which reThat upon Dedications, with the Epistle of an late to the divisions amongst us, and such (lest Author to Himself, the Club of little Men, any of these gentlemen should suffer from the Receipt to make an Epic Poem, the paper unjust suspicion,) I must impute to the right of the Gardens of Alcinous, and the Catalogue author of them, who is one Mr. Steele, of of Greens, that against Barbarity to Animals, Langunnor, in the county of Carmarthen, in and some others, have Mr. Pope for their South Wales. uthor. Now I mention this gentleman, 1

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