A Compendious View of the Civil Law: And of the Law of the Admiralty, Being the Substance of a Course of Lectures Read in the University of Dublin, Том 2

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Halsted and Voorhies, 1840

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Страница 298 - of the blockading force doth not remove a blockade. 6th. That the right of visiting and searching merchant ships upon the high seas, and not merely their papers but their cargoes, whatever be the ship, its cargo, or its destination, is an incontestible right of the lawfully commissioned cruisers of
Страница 324 - pledge, no third party has a right to quarrel with it, any more than with any other pledge which they may agree mutually to accept. But surely no sovereign can legally compel the acceptance of such a security by mere force. The only security known to the law of nations,
Страница 516 - and navigation. IX. His majesty the king of Denmark, and his majesty the king of Sweden, shall be immediately invited by his Imperial Majesty, in the name of the two contracting parties, to accede to the present convention, and at the same time to renew and confirm their respective treaties of commerce with his Britannic Majesty ; and his
Страница 316 - by a notification accompanied with the fact. In the former case, when the fact ceases (otherwise than by accident, or the shifting of the wind) there is immediately an end of the blockade ; but where the fact is attended with a public notification from the government of the belligerent country to neutral governments, it
Страница 91 - Nevertheless, of the death of a man, and of mayhem done in great ships being and hovering in the main stream of great rivers, only beneath the bridge of the same rivers nigh to the sea,
Страница 209 - all captures, seizures, prizes, and reprisals, of all ships and goods that are or shall be taken, and to hear and determine according to the course of the admiralty and the law of nations.
Страница 127 - such as has been built in Great Britain or Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, or the Isle of Man, or in some of the colonies, plantations, islands, or territories in Asia, Africa, or America, which, at the time of building the ship, belonged to or were in the possession of
Страница 74 - that it is no uncommon thing for a plaintiff to feign that a contract, really made at sea, was made at the Royal Exchange, or other inland place, in order to draw the cognizance of the suit from the courts of admiralty to those of Westminster hall,
Страница 323 - interposed in any manner of mere force, cannot legally vary the rights of a lawfully commissioned belligerent cruiser. Two sovereigns may unquestionably agree if they think fit (as in some late instances
Страница 272 - retaken shall appear to have been, after the taking of his majesty's enemies, by them set forth as a ship or vessel of war, the said ship or vessel shall not be restored to the former owners or proprietors, but shall, in all cases, whether retaken by any of his majesty's ships, or by any privateer, be adjudged

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