An Introduction to the Study of the Dependent, Defective and Delinquent Classes

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D. C. Heath, 1893 - 277 страница

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Страница 51 - Whose walls of mud scarce bear the broken door; There, where the putrid vapours, flagging, play, And the dull wheel hums doleful through the day ;— There children dwell who know no parents' care; Parents, who know no children's love, dwell there! Heart-broken matrons on their joyless bed, Forsaken wives, and mothers never wed ; Dejected widows with unheeded tears, And crippled age with more than childhood fears; The lame, the blind, and, far the happiest they ! The moping idiot, and the madman...
Страница 141 - Cum prorepserunt primis animalia terris, Mutum et turpe pecus, glandem atque cubilia propter Unguibus et pugnis, dein fustibus, atque ita porro Pugnabant armis, quae post fabricaverat usus ; Donee verba, quibus voces sensusque notarent, Nominaque invenere : dehinc absistere bello, Oppida coeperunt muñiré, et poneré leges, Ne quis fur esset, neu latro, neu quis adulter.
Страница 1 - Masses indeed : and yet, singular to say, if, with an effort of imagination, thou follow them, over broad France, into their clay hovels, into their garrets and hutches, the masses consist all of units. Every unit of whom has his own heart and sorrows ; stands covered there with his own skin, and if you prick him, he will bleed.
Страница 116 - Yet why, you ask, these humble crimes relate,. Why make the Poor as guilty as the Great ? To show the Great, those mightier sons of Pride, How near in vice the lowest are allied ; • Such are their natures and their passions such.
Страница 51 - Theirs is yon House that holds the parish poor, Whose walls of mud scarce bear the broken door; There, where the putrid vapours, flagging, play, And the dull wheel hums doleful through the day;— There children dwell who know no parents...
Страница 177 - It is a melancholy truth, that, among the variety of actions which men are daily liable to commit, no less than a hundred and sixty have been declared, by act of parliament, to be felonies without benefit of clergy ; or, in other words, to be worthy of instant death.
Страница 196 - I think it highly desirable that criminals should be hated, that the punishments inflicted upon them should be so contrived as to give expression to that hatred, and to justify it so far as the public provision of means for expressing and gratifying a healthy natural sentiment can justify and encourage it.
Страница 37 - That every society upon arriving at a certain stage of civilization finds it positively necessary for its own sake, — that is to say, for the satisfaction of its own humanity, and for the due performance of the purposes for which societies exist, — to provide that no person, no matter what has -been his life, or what may oe the consequences, shall perish for want of the bare necessaries of existence.
Страница 63 - To be a centre of intercommunication between the various churches and charitable agencies in the city. To foster harmonious co-operation between them, and to check the evils of the overlapping of relief.
Страница 117 - To show the great, those mightier sons of pride, How near in vice the lowest are allied; Such are their natures and their passions such, But these disguise too little, those too much: So shall the man of power and pleasure see In his own slave as vile a wretch as he ; In his luxurious lord the servant find His own low pleasures and degenerate mind: And each in all the kindred vices trace, Of a poor, blind, bewilder'd, erring race; Who, a short time in varied fortune past, Die, and are equal in the...

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