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Entered, according to act of Congress, in the year eighteen hundred and ninety-four,


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Page. Ainsworth v. U. S. 31 Keith v. State..

231 Alpaugb v. Wilson.. 290 Kelly v. Williams

295 American Accident Co. v. Reigart.. 244 Ketcham v. Newman

226 Averill v. Sawyer... 199 Kilgus v. Trustees

24 Knott v. Tidyman

56 Baker v. Baker et al. 376 | Kohn v. Colliston

119 Baumann v. Moseley.

132 Kraut v. Frankford & Southwark Phila. City Pas. Ry. Bell v. State. 278

425 Benson v. Daly

119 Berthold v. Seevers Man. Co.. 31 Lane v. Holmes..

199 Birmingham Loan & Auction Co. v. First Nat. Bank of Lang v. Houston, W. S. & P. F. R. Co.

376 Anniston 135 Lawton et al. v. Steele.

- 301 Blair v. Adams. 376 Lee v. State

278 Brown v. U. S. 156 Lewy v. Crawford.

8 Brown v. U. S. 119 Little v. Banks..

332 Buyck v. Schwing.. 295 Louisville & R. Co. v. Stewart

199 Lovee v. Abper.

119 Cameron v. Mount 182 Lowe v. Woods....

327 Clements v. McGinn..

150 Clow v. Pittsburgh Traction Co. 135 Malsky v. Schumacker...

295 Collins v. United States...

52 Mansfield Insurance Com. v. Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Commonwealth v. Douglass. 321 Co

356 Commonwealth v. Gilbert, 119 Matter of Badger

242 Consolidated Ice-Machine Co. v. Trenton Hygeian Ice Matter of Cancellation from Registry List.

146 119 Matter of Clarissa E. Curtis

286 Cote v. Murphy. 128 Matter of Holt's Will...

231 Craft Refrigerator Co. v. Quindipial Brewing Co... 855 Matter of Howell Thomas

271 Crandall v. Allen.. 199 Matter of Lum Sin Yung.

410 Cunningham v. Eutrekill.. 288 Matter of Looram..

135 Matter of Racy

252 Dakin v. Dakin 15 Matter of Tax of Ella S. Hoffman, deceased

319 Dammert v. Osborne. 182 McDaniel v. State..

135 De Ham v. Mexican N. R. Co. 166. McHugh v. Schlosser

827 Driessen v. State 182 McLane v. Elder..

119 Monahan v. State.

15 Eldridge v. Heaton 135 | Morgan v. Daniels

363 Exchange Nat. B’k of Spokane v. Bank of Little Rock. 126 Murray v. Gast Lith, and Eng. Co..

287 Murray v. Peterson

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150 Farrell v. School Dist., etc.

167 First Nat. B'k of Cobleskill v. Emmet. 263 Netherland-American Steam Co. v. Hollander.

410 Foss v. Cummings

327 New York & New England R. Co. v. Town of Bristol... 171 N. N. & M. V. Co. v. Eifort..

289 Gabert v. Olcott.. 135 Northwestern Trav, Men's Assn. v, Schauss.

231 Geraghty v. New 295 Norwalk Gas Co. v. Borough of Norwalk.

355 German Sav. B’k of Baltimore v. Renshaw..

295 Gibson v. Minneapolis, St. P. & S. S. Ry, Co. 31 Odone v. New England Mortgage Security Co.

182 Grant v. City of Fitchburg 13 Osborne & Co. v. Francis.

231 Grant v. Grant 855 Osburn v. Throckmorton.

135 Greenfield y. Getman 268 | Oyster & Fish Co. v. Bank

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355 Gump v. Sibley.. 263 Palmer v. Banfield..

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376 Hague v. Wheeler.. 31 Parker v. State

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410 Halle's Curator v. Texas & P. Ry. Co. 376 People v. Attridge..

193 Hammond, Geo. H., Co. v. Johnson

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327 | People, ex rel. Second Ave. R. R. Co., v. Barker et al. 162 Harper v. State.. 327 People v. Berlin..

327 Hayward v. Lopes.. 182 People v. Crews.

410 Hayward Homestead Tract Ass'p y. Miller.

135 People, ex rel. Keene, v. Board of Supervisors of Hill v. Rich Hill Coal Min. Co.... 231 Queens County

851 Holmes v. First Nat. Bank of Lincoln. 182 People v. Curtis..

13 People v. De Foor..

166 Irving v. Britton..... 323 People v. Ewer

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15 Jaeger v. Bowery Bank of New York.. 375 People v. Gordou..

150 Johnson v. Chesapeake & 0. Ry. Co.. 231 People v. Gardner

135 Johnson v. Johnson. 135 People v. Hill..

135 Johpson v. Watson.. 182 People v. Morphy.

166 Johoson St. Steel Rail Co. v. Wm. Wharton, Jr., et al., 223 | People v. Petrea.


People v. Pierce....
People v. Squires..
People v. Weigner
People v. Welch.
Press Pub. Co. v. Falk et al..
Prichard v. People....
Republican Pub. Co. v. Mines..
Rider v, Rulison.
Riordan v. First Presbyterian Church.
Ross v. Ross..
Rottenberg v. Segelke
Sandford v. Peck
Scott v. State..
Shaw v. Jacobs..
Shelby v. Commonwealth.
Shields v. State...
Simon v. People
Sinsheimer v. United Garment Workers.
Smith v. Parsons
Solomon v. State
Spokane St. Ry. Co. v. Spokane Falls.
Stambler v. Order of Peute..
Stanley v. U. S...
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Strakosch v. Wray


Page. 52 Taylor v. McGrath...

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135 317 Tillinghast v. Boston & Pt. Royal Lumber Co.

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15 376 Wiedenfield v. Gallagher.

199 26 Williams v. State

166 295 Wilson v. King.

410 55 Wise et al. v. Grant.

284 119 Wolert v. Arledge.

77 55 Wolf v, Buttner

182 270 | Wupsch v. Weber





The Albany Law Journal.

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These papers will be followed by a general discussion of the Judiciary Article, and also by

a consideration of the work of the Constitutional ALBANY, JANUARY 6, 1894.


The committee of arrangements has provided Current Lopics.

generously for the social side of the meeting.

Governer Flower has invited the members of Tis announced that Senator Dolph will address the association to attend his annual reception

the Bar Association on the 16th inst. upon the to the members of the Legislature, to be held on subject of law reform. The Senator is better the evening of the 16th. known as a lawyer at the West perhaps than in The association will entertain its members this State, but aside from his well-earned repu- and guests at the Fort Orange Club at luncheon tation as a senator, he is well known to the pro- on the 17th, at the recess between the morning fession in the State of New York as a lawyer. and afternoon meetings, and in the evening a What he has to say upon this interesting sub- reception will be tendered by the association ject will be well worth hearing and considering to the judges of the Court of Appeals and

The address of President J. Newton Fiero justices of the Supreme Court of the State. will be upon a kindred topic, “ Law Reform in

These social functions will enable the memthe State of New York.” Mr. Fiero has devoted bers of the bar to meet each other and make much time and attention to the study and dis- new acquaintances and renew old ones as well cussion of this subject, and has been active in as to meet the chief executive and members of the association before and since becoming its the judiciary of the State. president, in promoting law reform in the State in its different phases. He touched upon the The presence of Vice-President Adlai E. subject in his address last year, but the subject Stevenson as one of the speakers at the meetis doubly interesting at this time, in view of the ing of the association on the evening of the coming Constitutional Convention. His criti- 16th at the Assembly Chamber, will give added

, cism of the Code of Procedure as it now exists, interest to this gathering.

Aside from his reas made at that time, created much interest and lation to the Federal government, the vicewas well received by the bar.

president has, before as well as since he has Among others who will read papers or deliver held his present position, obtained a well deaddresses relative to the Judiciary Article of the served reputation for ability and capacity as a Constitution with reference to the coming con- presiding officer, not only, but as a man of varied vention are Walter S. Logan, of New York city; accomplishments, great versatility and possessHon. William H. Robertson, of Westchester; ing the power of concisely and clearly expressHon. Augustus Schoonmaker, of the third dis-ing his views upon all subjects. trict; Louis Marshall, John B. Stanchfield, Martin W. Cooke and Norris Morey, representing The question whether an attorney or solicitor the other districts of the State.

can be lawfully stricken from the roll for any VOL. 49 – No. 1,

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