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59. UNDER, beneath ; as, underclerk, beneath the principal clerk, under sell, to sell beneath or under the price of another.

60. UP, aloft, high, over; as, upset, to turn over.

61. Wrth, from, against; as, withhold, to hold from; withstand, to stand against.


62. ABILITY or IBILITY, quality or power; as, durability, quality or power of lasting; divisibility, the quality of being divided or separated into parts.

63. ABLE, IBLE, BLE, that can be; as, portable, that can be carried ; curable, that can be cured; flexible, that can be bent.

64. Ac, of or belonging to, one who; as, elegiac, belonging to elegy ; maniac, one who is mad.

65. Aceous, consisting of, resembling; as, herbaceous, consisting of herbs.

66. Acy, being, state of being, office; as, celibacy, state of being single; magistracy, office of magistrate.

67. AG E, collection, state, being, state of being, thing, sum; as, foliage, collection of leaves ; bondage, state of being tied.

68. AL, ICAL, of, becoming, belonging to, befitting, act of, thing; as, filial, becoming for a son ; botanical, belonging to botany; revisal, the act of revising.

69. Ax, pertaining, belonging, or relating to, one who; as, sylvan, relating to a wood; historian, one who writes history. 70. Ance, ANCY, being or state of being, act or ing;

as, compliance, act of complying; constancy, state of being constant.

71. Ane, belonging to; as, mundane, belonging to the world; urbane, belonging to the city.

72. Ant, being, ing, one who; as, brilliant, shining; assistant, one who assists.

73. Ar, pertaining or relating to, one who; as, solar, relating to the sun; beggar, one who begs.

74. Ard, one who; as, sluggard, one who is sluggish.

75. Ary, belonging or relating to, one who, the place, thing that; liter. ary, relating to literature; missionary, one who is sent; library, the place for books.

76 Are, one who, to make, to give, having, full; as, graduate, one who takes a degree; debilitate, to make feeble; animate, having life.

77. Cle, little; as, canticle, a little song; particle, a little part.

78. Dom; place, power, state of being; as, freedom, state of being free

79. Ee, one who; as, absentee, one who is absent.
80. EER, one who; as, mountaineer, one who lives on a mountain

81. Ex, made of, to make; as, wooden, made of wood; harden, to make

82. ENCE, Excy, state of being, act, being, ing; as, confluence, a flowing
together; adherence, act of adhering; impotency, state of being without

83. Est, being, ing, one who; as, antecedent, going before; agent, one
who acts.

84. ER, one who; as, teacher, one who teaches.

85. Escence, act or state of growing, becoming; as, convalescence, state
of growing well.

86. Escent, growing or becoming; as, convalescent, becoming well

87. Ful, full of; as, doubtful, full of doubt.
88. Fy, to make; as, magnify, to make great.

89. Hood, state of, office; as, childhood, state of a child.

90. Ic, Ics, thing, art, science, one who; as, logic, the science of reason
ing; ethics, the science of morals; critic, one who criticizes.

91. Ic, ICAL, belonging to; as, heroic, or heroical, belonging to a hero.
92. Ice, being, thing that, thing done ; as, justice, being just.
93. Id, belonging to, being, ing; as, timid, being afraid.
91. Ile, belonging to, can be; as, juvenile, belonging to youth.

95. INE, belonging to, thing, act of, one who; as, marine, belonging to the
sea; marine, one who is a soldier on shipboard; doctrine, the thing taught.

96. lox, act of, state of being, ing; as, expulsion, the act of driving out.
47. Ise, IzE, to make, to give; as, fertilize, to make fertile.

98. Ish, belonging to, like, little of, to make; as, boyish, like a boy;
publish, to make public.

99. Ism, an idiom, state of being, doctrine; as, Anglicism, an English
idiom; heroism, state of being a hero.

100. Ist, one who ; as, artist, one who practises an art

101. Ite, one who, having; as, favorite, one who is favored; definite.
having a limit.

102. Ity, Ty, state of being, being; as, felicity, state of being happy.

103. Ive, one who, having power, ing; as, operative, one who works
inventive, having power to invent.

104. Kıx, little · as, manikin, a little man.

105. LENT, full of, containing; as, virulent, containing poison.
106. LESS, without; as, fruitless, without fruit.
107. LET, little; as, streamlct, a little stream.
108. Like, like, or resembling; as, warlike, like or resembling war.
109. LING, little, young; as, duckling, a little or young duck.
110. Ly, like, like in quality; as, manly, like a man.

111. MENT, being, state of being, act, thing; as, retirement state of
being retired; payment, act of paying.

112. Mony, state of being, thing; as, sanctimony, state of being sacred.

113. Ness, being, state of being; as, blessedness, state of being blessed.

114 Ock, little; as, hillock, a little hill.

115. Or, action or effect of the primitive verb, one who; as, clamor, a crying out; benefactor, one who does good.

116. Ory, place, thing, belonging or relating to, ing; as, armory, a place for arms; promissory, relating to a promise; transitory, passing away.

117. Ose, full of; as, verbose, full of words.
118. Or, one who; as, zealot, one who has zeal.

119. Ous, full of, having, consisting of, given to, ing; as, grievous, full of grief; contentious, given to contention.

120. Ry, being, art, place; as, slavery, being a slave ; cookery, art of cooking.

121. SHIP, office, state; as, professorship, the office of a professor.
122. Sone, full of, somewhat; as, toilsome, full of toil.
123. STER, one who; as, songster, one who sings.

124. T, TH, thing, being; as, gift, a thing given; length, thing extended

125. TudE, UDE, being, or state of being; as, gratitude, state of being grateful.

126. ULE, little; as, reticule, a little bag.

127. URE, thing, act, state of being, art; as, scripture, thing written ; composure, state of being composed.

128. WARD, in the direction of; as, homeward, in the direction of home.

129. Y, being, state of being, ing, full of, consisting of; as, antipathy, a feeling against; modesty, state of being modest; dusty, full of dust.

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