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Attack on Fort Mifflin go
Abandoning the Wessels at Gloucester *
Chairing Colonel Wood as Proxy for Washington .
Washington and Lee at Monmouth
Washington Dragging the Poacher Ashore
Moll Pitcher at Monmouth . * * # &
Scene at Stockbridge, on receiving News of the Battle of Lexington
Tearing Down the Statue of George III.
Washington Taking Leave of the Army .
Duche's Prayer in Congress & go
Washington at the Death-bed of young Custis
Washington Taking Leave of his Mother

r Washington as a Farmer

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Chief of the Virginia. Forces—Head-quarters at Winchester—inroads of the

Indians—Terror of the Settlerg–Sternmess of Washington-False Rumors---


Difficulty with Captain Dagworthy-Goes to Boston to refer it to Governor

Shirley—Reception on the way–Walls in love with Miss Phillips of New
York—His Return. so to 3 ro {j go io *_3 ū? £o e


Fresh Hostilities of the Indians—Attempts to Supersede Washington—Anonyo

mous Libels—Washington wishes to Resign—Prevented by his Friends—

Establishes a fine of Forts—Harassing Nature of his Duties–Attends a

Convention at Philadelphia–His Sickness and Retirement to Mount Vernon–

Progress of the War—Frederick the Great—Washington's first Acquaint-

ance with Mrs. Custis—Advance of the Army to Tort Du Quesne—Wash”

ington required to cut a New Road—His Forebodings likely to prove true--

Capture of the Tort—Flection of Washington to the House of Burgesses—

His Marriage—Life at Mount Vernon–Collision with a Poacher—Settles the

Soldiers' Claims-Expedition to the Western Wilderness to examine the

Wild Lands—Admirable Preparation for his Future Career. “ so





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