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Hartford Press:


NOTE. — Chapter 202 of the Public Acts of 1903, entitled “An Act concerning the Definition of Spirituous and Intoxicating Liquors," having failed to receive the governor's approval within the three days required by the constitution, and the legislature having in the meantime adjourned, did not become a law.

L 1590

MAY 2 6 1930



At a General Assembly of the State of Connecticut, holden at Hartford, in said State, on the Wednesday following the first Monday of January, being the seventh day of said month, and continued until the final adjournment thereof, on the eighteenth day of June next following, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and three.

[Substitute for Senate Bill No. 5.]


An Act concerning the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors.


and hearing

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in

General Assembly convened:

SECTION 1. Section 2657 of the general statutes is hereby Application for amended by striking out in the eighth and ninth lines thereof Remonstrance the words "no license shall be granted for the sale of intoxicating liquors therein," and by inserting in lieu thereof the words “such application shall state the distance therefrom," so that said section when amended shall read as follows: All applications for licenses shall be in writing, signed by the applicant, and indorsed by five electors and taxpayers of the town within the limits of which the business under such license is to be transacted. Every such application shall specify the particular building in which spirituous and intoxicating liquors are to be sold, and, if said building is within two hundred feet in a direct line from any church edifice, or public schoolhouse, or the premises pertaining thereto, or any post office, public library, or cemetery, such application shall state the distance therefrom. No person indorsing such application shall himself be a licensed dealer in spirituous and intoxicating liquors. The application so indorsed shall be submitted to the town clerk of the town in which the business so licensed is to be carried on, who shall certify upon the same that each of said indorsers is an elector and taxpayer in said town, and said application shall

nd, if say church eto, or any state the

spaper publiseks, and, if 11 be by posting in said

then be transmitted to the county commissioners, and a copy thereof, including said indorsement, shall be filed with said town clerk, and the town clerk shall be paid a fee of fifty cents for his services herein required by said applicant at the time the copy of said application is filed with said clerk. The county commissioners shall advertise the said application in some daily or weekly newspaper published in said town, at least once a week for two successive weeks, and, if no newspaper be published in said town, the advertisement shall be by posting a copy of said application and indorsement upon the signpost in said town nearest the building specified in said application, during a period of two weeks before the same shall be acted upon by the county commissioners, and the expense of such advertising or posting shall be paid to the county commissioners* by said applicant at the time the application is filed with the county commissioners. Any citizen of the town within which the business under any license is to be transacted may file with the county commissioners any objection to the granting of any license to any applicant therefor, and, upon the filing of such objection, said county commissioners shall give such notice as they shall deem reasonable of the time and place of the hearing of such objection, at least five days before such hearing shall be had, and upon such hearing said county commissioners shall decide whether or not such license shall be granted.

SEC. 2. All decisions of the county commissioners rendered since July 1, 1902, refusing to grant a license or revoking a license, solely upon the ground of their legal inability to issue such license for a place located within the two hundred feet limit prescribed in section one of this act, are hereby vacated and set aside, and the applications upon which such decisions were rendered shall be reheard by said county commissioners upon a notice of at least five days to the respective applicants, and to such remonstrants as appeared at the original hearing; but no such case, in which an appeal to the superior court has been taken, shall be reheard by said commissioners, unless and until the applicant or original licensee shall have filed with said commissioners a certificate of the clerk of said court that such appeal has been withdrawn, which certificate said clerk shall issue upon the request of the applicant and without pay

ment of further costs. Amendment to SEC. 3. At such rehearing the county commissioners may

permit any application for a license to be amended by stating therein whether the building for which a license is asked is within two hundred feet in a direct line from any church edifice, public schoolhouse, or the premises pertaining thereto, or any post office, public library, or cemetery.

Sec. 4. This act shall take effect from its passage, and shall affect every application for a license pending on such date,

Rehearing by commissioners.


Scope of this act

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