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lack of a quorum shall be disclosed upon a roll-call of the ayes and noes. Whenever upon a roll-call any Senator who is upon the floor of the Senate chamber refuses to make response when his name is called, it shall be the duty of the presiding officer, either upon his own motion or upon the suggestion of any Senator, to request the Senator so remaining silent to respond to his name, and if such Senator fails to do so, the fact of such request and refusal shall be entered in the Journal, and such Senator shall be counted as present for the purpose of constituting

a quorum.

Of Questions of Order.

ever, that upon a report from the committee on rules, which committee may sit at any time, a motion to close debate thereon shall cut off all debate and bring the Senate to a direct vote upon the immediate question or ques tions on which it has been asked or ordered, and that when the motion to close debate is ordered on any proposition on which there has been no debate, it shall be in order to debate the proposition to be voted on for two hours, one-half of such time to be given to debate in opposition to such proposition. The motion to close debate may be ordered upon a single motion, a series of motions allowable under the rules, or an amendment or amendments, or may be made to embrace all authorized motions or amendments and include the bill to its passage or rejection. It shall be in order, pending or after the motion to close debate shall have been ordered on its passage, for the President to entertain and permit a motion to commit, with or without instructions, to a standing or select committee, and a motion to lay upon the table shall be in order when the bill is announced for its third reading. All incidental questions of order, or motions to commit, arising after a motion is made to close debate, and pending such motion, shall be decided, whether on appeal or other-ate by any Senator. No second appeal wise, without debate.

RULE 34. If at any time during the session of the Senate a question shall be raised by any Senator as to the presence of a quorum, the presiding officer shall forthwith direct the Clerk to call the roll, and shall announce the result, and such proceedings shall be without debate; but no Senator while speaking shall be interrupted by any other Senator raising the question of a lack of a quorum, and the question as to the presence of a quorum shall not be raised oftener than once in every hour unless the

RULE 35. All questions relating to the priority of business shall be decided without debate.

RULE 36. When the reading of a paper is called for, except petitions, and the same is objected to by any Senator, it shall be determined by a vote of the Senate, without debate.

RULE 37. When a Senator shall be

called to order, he shall take his seat until the President shall have determined whether he is in order or not; and if decided to be out of order, he shall not proceed without the permission of the Senate; and every question of order shall be decided by the President, subject to an appeal to the Sen

shall be determined until the original appeal shall be decided; and if a Senator shall be called to order for words spoken, the words excepted to shall be immediately taken down in writing.

RULE 38. Upon a division in the Senate, the names of those who voted for or against a question shall be entered alphabetically on the minutes, if any Senator requires it, except on motion to excuse a Senator from voting, which shall be decided by count; and each Senator called upon, unless for special reasons he be excused by the Senate, shall declare openly and with

out debate, his assent or dissent to the to take books belonging to the Sen


Of Executive Session.

RULE 39. On motion to close the doors of the Senate, on the discussion of business which in the opinion of any Senator may require secrecy, and during the consideration of all business in executive session, the President shall direct all persons, except the Senators and Clerk of the Senate, his messenger, the Journal Clerk and Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate to withdraw; and during the discussion of said motion the doors shall remain shut; and every Senator and officer of the Senate shall keep secret all such matters, proceedings and things which shall transpire while the doors remain closed. RULE 40. The proceedings of the Senate upon executive business shall be kept in a Journal separate from its proceedings upon legislative business.

RULE 41. The Senate shall go into consideration of executive business on the first and third Wednesdays of every month that it is in session at 12 o'clock, noon, and at such other times as may be ordered by a vote of the majority of the Senators present. All nominations sent by the Governor for the appointment of any officer (except notaries public) shall be referred, unless the Senate so otherwise orders, to any standing committee of the Senate. Nominations of persons for the office of notary public shall be referred to the Senator from the district in which the nominee resides, except that when the nominee resides in the city and county of New York, the reference shall be to the Senators from that city and county; and when the nominee resides in the county of Kings, the reference shall be to the Senators from that county.

Miscellaneous Provisions.

RULE 42. None but the President, Senators and Clerks shall be allowed


ate library; and on taking books, each of the persons above mentioned shall furnish to the Librarian a list of those taken and his name, shall be responsible for them; and it shall be the duty of the Librarian to have a book in which to enter the delivery of the books so taken and their return; and it shall be his duty to see that the books in the library are kept in order and in their place at the opening of each morning session.

RULE 43. It shall be the duty of the Superintendent of Documents and his assistants to have the documents and bills promptly placed on the files of the President and Senators in the order of their numbers, and it shall be the duty of the Postmaster to see that the mails are punctually delivered.

RULE 44. The Senate library, postoffice and document rooms shall be opened every morning during the session at 8:30 o'clock and remain open until 5 o'clock, P. M., and shall also be open at all times when the Senate may be in session.

RULE 45. A rule of the Senate shall not be altered, suspended or rescinded without a vote of a majority of all the Senators elected; and a motion to suspend, alter or rescind any such rule, or any joint rule of the two Houses, shall not be in order, without the unanimous consent of the Senate, unless one day's previous notice thereof in writing shall be given; syecifying the purpose of the proposed suspension, alteration or rescission; provided, that nothing in this rule shall limit the provisions of the first and thirty-third


RULE 46. Whenever a claim is referred to a committee, and the committee reports that the claim ought not to be allowed, and the report is adopted by the Senate, it shall not be in order to move to take the papers

from the files for the purpose of referrring them to a subsequent session, unless the claimants shall present a memorial for that purpose, stating in what manner the committee have erred in their report, or that new evidence had been discovered since the report, and setting forth the same in the memorial.

RULE 47. All resolutions calling for the expenditure of moneys must be decided by a majority vote of all the members elected to the Senate, upon a call of the roll.

RULE 48. For the purpose of securing the attendance of Senators, a call of the Senate may be ordered at any time, but such call shall not be in order after the voting on any question has begun, nor after the third reading of a bill has been completed, nor after the motion to close debate has been ordered pursuant to Rule 33, unless it shall appear upon an actual count by

the President that a quorum is not present.

RULE 49. The following persons only shall be admitted to the floor of the Senate during its sessions:

1. The Governor, his Private Secretary.

2. The members and Clerk of the Assembly.

Upon the card of the President or of the Temporary President, as follows: 3. The elected State officers. 4. The Adjutant-General. 5. The Commissioner sto Revise the Statutes.

6. The messenger of the Governor and of the Assembly, on official duty. 7. Reporters of the Senate and of the Assembly, designated under the rules. 8. Ladies, and members of a Senator's family.

9. Admission to the parlors of the Senate may be granted on the card of a Senator.


Senate Committees.

On Finance.-Messrs. Mullin, Ellsworth,
Higgins, Raines, Malby, Stewart, Brown,
Higbie, Harrison, Cantor, Guy, Koehler.
Clerk, L. G. De Cant.

On the Judiciary.-Messrs. Lexow, Ells.
worth, Wray, Pavey, Krum, Brackett, Daley,
Davis, C., Davis, G. A., McCarren, Cantor,
Guy. Clerk, N. C. Smith.

On Taration and R trenchment. -Messrs.
Higgins, Krum, Stranahan, Humphrey, Daley,
Johnson, Coggeshall, Coffey, Foley. Clerk,
F. J. Davis.

On Codes.-Messrs. Malby, Burns, White,
Ford, Nussbaum, Page, Coggeshall, Guy,
Grady. Clerk, Frank Tallman.

On Railroads.- Messrs. Raines, Parsons,
Mullin, Chahoon, Wilcox, Brackett, Cogge-
shall, Page, Grant, Munzinger, Featherson.
Clerk, L. C. Lincoln.

On Affairs of Cities.-Messrs. Stranahan,
Ellsworth, Lexow, Brush, Nussbaum, White,
Tibbits, Page, Seibert, Ahearn, Grady, Mc-
Carren. Clerk, W. A. Robbins.

On Commerce and Navigation. -Messrs. Parsons, Burns, Higbie, Ford, Tibbits, Davis, G. A., Coggeshall, Sullivan, McCarren. Clerk, Geo. L. Nichols.

On canals.-Messrs. Lamy, Wieman, Pavey, Sheppard, Davis, C., Harrison, Foley, Gallagher, Martin. Clerk, J. E. Grezinger.

On Insurance.- Messrs. Burns, Higgins,
Parsons, Raines, Malby, Wieman, Cantor,
Ahearn, Koehler. Clerk, H. L. Weeks.
On Miscellaneous Corp rations. Messrs.
Brown, Wilcox, Malby, Chahoon, Wieman,
Sullivan, Munzinger. Clerk, E. Wieman.
On Banks.-Messrs. Humphrey, Sheppard,
Harrison, Lamy, Ford, McNulty, Munzinger.
Clerk, F. J. Davis.

On Penal Institutions.-Messrs. Wilcox,

Stewart, Davis, G. A., Pavey, Humphrey,
Foley, Martin.

On Printed and Engrossed Bills.-Messrs.
Clerk, Byron R. Newton.
White, Seibert, Grant, Ford, McCarren.

Tibbits, Gallagher, Munzinger. Clerk, F. M.
On Internal Affairs f Towns and Count ́es.
-Messrs. Stewart, Krum, Burns, Brown,


Stewart, Humphrey, Featherson, Gallagher.
Clerk, F. D. Weaver.
On Affairs of Villages.-Messrs. Brackett,

O Public Education.-Messrs. Wray, Par-
McNulty. Clerk, F. S. Shumway.
Stewart, White, Brackett, Foley,
Seibert, Krum, Coggeshall, Coffey.
On Roads and Bridg-8.-Messrs. Sheppard,
Wray, White, Higbie, Gallagher.
On Indian Affairs.-Messrs. Davis, G. A.,

baum, Davis, C., Stranahan, Grady, Guy.
On Privileges a d Elections.-Messrs. Nuss-

Krum, Higbie, Chahoon, Grant, Davis, C.,
O Forest, Fish and Game Lus.-Messrs.
Gallagher, Sullivan.

Wray, Ford, Grant, Grady, McNulty.
On Reviso".-Messrs. Pavey, Nussbaum,

On Agriculture.-Messrs. Higbie, Chahoon,
Krum, Koehler, Ahearn. Clerk, George L.

Ол Military Affairs.-Messrs. Johnson,
Daley, Brush, Page, Seibert, Coffey, McNulty.
Wilcox, McNulty, Munzinger. Clerk, M. S.
On Pub ic Printing.-Messrs. Grant, Pavey,

Lamy, Page, Sheppard, Coffey, Martin. Clerk,
On Pulic Health.-Messrs. Brush, Johnson,
F. W. Kristeller.

worth, Raines, Cantor.
On Rules (Senate Library).-Messrs. Ells-

hoon, Lamy, Johnson, Featherson, Martin.
On Trade and Manufactures.-Messrs. Cha-
Assembly Committees.

Ways and Means.-Messrs. Nixon, of Chautauqua; Kelsey, of Livingston; Horton, of Wayne; Sears, of Franklin; Wells, of Onondaga: Allds, of Chenango; Blasdell, of Erie; Costello, of Oswego; Clark, C. J., of Jefferson; Roehr, of Kings; Finn, of New York; Fitzgerald, of New York; Kelly, of Albany. Clerk, E. J. Griswold.

Judiciary.-Messrs. Scherer, of Albany; Armstrong, of Monroe: Robbins, of Allegany; Marshall, of Kings; Bondy, of Onondaga; Sanger, of Oneida; Warner, of Niagara; Perkins, of Kings; Peterson, of Chautauqua; Mazet, of New York; Saunders, of Cortland; Hoffman, of New York; Green, of New York. Clerk, W. L. Coughtry.

Revision.- Messrs. Hill, of Erie; Costello, of Oswego; Fuller, of Broome; Philo, of Oneida; Ten Eyck, of Onondaga; Pratt, of Ulster; Garby, of Richmond; Benham, of Ontario; Bayliss, of Kings: Peterson, of Chautauqua: Palmer, of Schoharie; Hutton, of Rensselaer; Maloney, of Erie.

Robbins, of Allegany; Laimbeer, of New
Armstrong, of Monroe:
York; Kelsey, of Livingston; Steiner, of Erie;
Bedell, of Orange: Abell, of Kings: Brown,

E., of New York; Fish, of Madison;
McLaughlin, of Sullivan; Mathewson, of New
York; Palmer, of Schoharie; Dempsey, of
New York. Clerk, Otto Stall.

General Laws. -Messrs. Horton, of Wayne; Hill, of Erie; Tupper, of Broome; Marshall, of Kings; Burr, of Suffolk; Miles, of St. Lawrence; Forrester, of Kings; Addis, of Putnam; Smith, of Westchester; Cromwell, of Queens; Laimbeer, of New York: Sullivan, T. P., of New York; Hutton, of Rensselaer. Clerk, Joseph Frank.

Taxation and R trenchment. - Messrs. Dudley, of Niagara; Miller, of Cattaraugus: Miles, of St. Laurence; Erown, B. P., of Fulton

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Hamilton; Bates, of Tompkins; Brennan, of
Kings; Budd, of Schuyler; Raplee, of Yates;
Mathewson, of New York; Fish, of Madison;
Coughlin, of Erie; Maccabe, of New York;
Hart, of New York. Clerk, James V. Banks.
Winne, of Schenectady; Miller, of Cattarau-
Canals. Messrs. Bondy, of Onondaga;
Springer, of Herkimer; Brown, B. Ď., of
gus; Taylor, of Oswego; Sheldon, of Cayuga;
Fulton-Hamilton; Pierce, of Essex; Leversee.
of Albany; Pratt, of Ulster; Schulum, of New
York; Maloney, of Erie; Lennon, of Kings.
Clerk, J. J. Traphagen.

York; Andrews, of New York; Wells, of
Affans of Cities.- Messrs. Austin, of New
York; Abell, of Kings; Brennan, of Kings;
Onondaga; Hill, of Erie; Reinhard, of New
Lewis, of Monroe; McEwan, of Albany: Philo,
of Oneida; Finn, of New York; McKeown, of
Kings; Kennedy, of Queens. Clerk, George
C. Snedden.

Rat roads. Messrs. Eldridge, of Warren; of Kings; Dudley, of Niagara; McGraw, of of Schuyler: Cromwell, of Queens; Hughes. Braun, of Erie; Sanders, of Genesee: Budd, Rensselaer; Bedell, of Orange; Clark, of Steuben; Cain, of Kings; Coughlin, of Erie; Trainor, of New York. Clerk, M. R. Wait.

Keuren, of Ulster; Anderson, of Rensselaer; Commerce and Navigation. - Messrs. Van of Dutchess; Wilson, of Kings; Andrews, of Post, of Suffolk: Costello, of Oswego; Gray, New York; Mackey, of Delaware; Holbert, of Chemung; Schneider, of Erie; Knaup. of Kings; of Kings. Clerk, Edward Yelverton. Leonard, of New York; Cullen, ter; Hobbie, of Washington; Adler, of New Insurance.- Messrs. Husted, of Westchestaraugus; Forrester, of Kings: Sweet, of York; Sheldon, of Cayuga; Matteson, of CatGreene; Addis, of Putnam; McLaughlin, of Sullivan; Van Cott, of New York; Bellen, of

Onondaga; Roche, of New York; Donnelly, | of New York. Clerk, T. B. Sole.

Banks.-Messrs. Gray, of Dutchess; Adler, of New York; Wilson, of Kings; Saunders, of Cortland; Ives, of St. Lawrence; Scherer, of Albany; Van Keuren, of Ulster; Bayliss, of Kings; Smith, of Westchester; Miller, N. J., of Erie; Warner, of Niagara; Maccabe, of New York; Cullen, of Kings. Clerk, Wm. S. Hopkins.

Electricity, Gas and Water Supply.Messrs. Goodsell, of Orange; Braun, of Erie; Cole, of Wyoming; Taylor, of Oswego; Schmidt, E. L., of Montgomery; Graves, of Oneida; Springer, of Herkimer; Winne, of Schenectady; Whritner, of Rockland; Soper, of Kings; McKeown, of Kings; Corrigan, of New York; Kelly, of Albany. Clerk, Jacob A. Livingston.

Internal Affairs.-Messrs. Witter, of Tioga; Budd, of Schuyler; Hanna, of Dutchess; Sweet, of Greene; Zimmerman, of Jefferson; Wagstaff, of Kings; Burr, of Suffolk; Ten Eyck, of Onondaga; Garby, of Richmond; McKnight, of Queens; Kavanaugh, of Saratoga; Hart, of New York; Schmid, of Kings. Clerk, J. Branch Stocking.

Labor and Industries.-Messrs. Sanders, of Genesee; Winne, of Schenectady; Brown, B. D., of Fulton-Hamilton; Downs, of Orleans; Allds, of Chenango; Cole, of Wyoming; Degnan, of New York; Soper, of Kings; Murray, of Kings; Knaup, of Kings; Maccabe, of New York; Zurn, of Kings; French, of Kings. Clerk, Albert Schaefer.

Excise.-Messrs. Allds, of Chenango; Sears, of Franklin: Tupper, of Broome; Bedell, of Orange; Witter, of Tioga; Miller, of Cattaraugus; Hanna, of Dutchess; Ives, of St. Lawrence; Benham, of Ontario; Garby, of Richmond; Barry, of New York; Tooher, of New York; Lennon, of Kings. Clerk, J. Branch Stocking.

Affairs of Villages.-Messrs. Downs, of Orleans; Hanna, of Dutchess; Anderson, of Rensselaer; Harrison, of Steuben; Cole, of Wyoming; Rounds, of Cayuga; Zimmerman, of Jefferson; Post, of Suffolk: Gott, of Monroe; Pierce, of Essex; Hoes, of Columbia; Zurn, of Kings; Andrews, P. J., of New York. Clerk, Thos. A. Burke,

Public Printing.-Messrs. Glen, of Seneca: Wagstaff, of Kings; Burr, of Suffolk; Harrison, of Steuben; Degnan, of New York; Gray, of Dutchess; Lewis, of Monroe; Sullivan, J. J., of New York: Schneider, of Erie; Trainor, of New York; Maloney, of Erie. Clerk, T. B. Sole.

Public Health.- Messrs. Murphy, of New York; Eldridge, of Warren; Hughes, of Kings; Rounds, of Cayuga; Schmidt, of Montgomery; Parshall, of Kings; Benham, of Ontario; McEwan, of Albany; Daly, of New York; Kennedy, of Queens; Palmer, of Schoharie. Clerk, J. J. Traphagen.

Public Education.- Messrs. Sanger, of Oneida; Husted, of Westchester; Marshall, of Kings; Saunders, of Cortland; Sweet, of Greene; Leversee, of Albany; Kavanaugh, of Saratoga; Hoes, of Columbia; Burr, of Suffolk; Sullivan. T. P., of New York; Hutton, of Rensselaer. Clerk, James V. Banks.

Public Lands and Forestry-Messrs. Gorham, of Otsego; Wagstaff, of Kings; McGraw, of Rensselaer; Brown, B. D., of Fulton-Hamilton; Koster, of Lewis; Hoes, of Columbia; Pierce, of Essex; Lewis, of Monroe; Murray, of Kings; Brown, L. E., of New York; Green, of New York. Clerk, Frank E. Price."

Public Institution 8.-Messrs. McGraw, of Rensselaer; Robbins, of Allegany; Blasdell, of Erie; Warner, of Niagara; Clark, C. J., of Jefferson; Clark, J., of Steuben; Roehr, of Kings; Whritner, of Rockland; Holbert, of Chemung; Fritz, of New York; Daly, of New York. Clerk, Albert Schaefer.

Military Affairs.- Messrs. Koster, of Lewis; Murphy, of New York; Tupper, of Broome; Sanger, of Oneida; Kavanaugh, of Saratoga; Mazet, of New York; Addis, of Putnam; Gil

leland, of New York; Hoffman, of New York; Dempsey, of New York; French, of Kings. Clerk, Jas. V. Banks.

Soldiers' Home.-Messrs. Harrison, of Steuben; Clark, J., of Steuben; Forrester, of Kings; Raplee, of Yates; Peterson, of Chautauqua; Fuller, of Broome; Philo, of Oneida; Degnan, of New York; Mathewson, of New York; Daly, of New York; Corrigan, of New York. Clerk, C. J. Smith.

Claims. Messrs. Sears, of Franklin; Perkins, of Kings; Graves, cf Oneida; Goodsell, of Orange; Matteson, of Cattaraugus; Austin, of New York; Sullivan, J. J., of New York; Donnelly, of New York; French, of Kings. Clerk, Jacob A. Livingston.

Federal Relations.-Messrs. Taylor, of Oswego; Brennan, of Kings; Miller, of Erie; McKnight, of Queens; Murray, of Kings; Holbert, of Chemung; McLaughlin, of Sullivan; Gledhill, of New York; Meyer, G. W., Jr., of New York. Clerk, C. J. Smith.

Charitable and Religious Societies.-Messrs. Braun, of Erie; Springer, of Herkimer; Post, of Suffolk; Baker, of Clinton; Glen, of Seneca; Bellen, of Onondaga; Fitzgerald, of New York; Gledhill, of New York; Leonard, of New York. Clerk, Wm. S. Hopkins.

State Prisons.-Messrs. Baker, of Clinton; Hobbie, of Washington; Sheldon, of Cayuga; Miles, of St. Lawrence; Braun, of Erie; Van Cott, of New York; Roche, of New York; Cain, of Kings; Fritz, of New York. Clerk, Albert Schaefer.

Fisheries and Game.-Messrs. Hobbie, of Washington; Dudley, of Niagara; Mackey, of Delaware; Rounds, of Cayuga; Laimbeer, of New York; Gorham, of Otsego; Andrews, H. T., of New York; Ten Eyck, of Onondaga; Sullivan, J. J., of New York; Andrews, P. J., of New York; Fritz, of New York. Clerk, Frank E. Price.

Privileges and Elections.-Messrs. Steiner, of Erie; Murphy, of New York; Glen, of Seneca; Adler, of New York; Gott, of Monroe; Pratt, of Ulster; Trainor, of New York; Gledhill, of New York; Schmid, F., of Kings. Clerk, Frank E. Price.

Trade and Manufactures.-Messrs. Wilson, of Kings; Baker, of Clinton; Reinhard, of New York; Gilleland, of New York; Emmet, of Westchester; Gott, of Monroe; Parshall, of Kings; Myers, T. F., of New York; Hart, of New York. Clerk, Edw. Yelverton.

Agriculture.-Messrs. Ives, of St. Lawrence; Mackey, of Delaware; Bates, of Tompkins; Fish, of Madison; Fuller, of Broome; McKnight, of Queens; Raplee, of Yates; Myers, T. F., of New York; Meyer, G. W., Jr., of New York. Clerk, Jos. Frank.

Indian Affairs.-Messrs. Graves, of Oneida; Anderson, of Rensselaer; Blasdell, of Erie; Goodsell, of Orange; Matteson, of Cattaraugus; Bayliss, of Kings; Bellen, of Onondaga. Coughlin, of Erie; Green, of New York. Clerk, T. B. Sole.

Rules.-Messrs. Speaker, of Monroe; Nixon, of Chautauqua: Kelsey, of Livingston; Armstrong, of Monroe; Finn, of New York; Kelly, of Albany,

Printed and Engrossed Bills. Messrs. Saunders, of Cortland; Gilleland, of New York; Knaup, of Kings; Tooher, of New York; Schulum, of New York. Clerk, S. J. W. Reynolds.

Unfinished Business.-Messrs. Zimmerman, of Jefferson; Miller, of Erie; Cromwell, of Queens; Myers, T. F., of New York; Schmid, F., of Kings. Clerk, C. J. Smith.

Special-Trust Investigating Committee.Messrs. Bedell, of Orange; Warner, of Niagara; Mazet, of New York; Barry, of New York.

CAUCUS COMMITTEES. Republican.- Messrs. Tupper, of Broome; Bondy, of Onondaga; Van Cott, of New York; Addis, of Putnam; Warner, of Niagara.

Democrats.- Messrs. Roche, of New York; Coughlin, of Erie; McKeown, of Kings; P. J Andrews, of New York; Palmer, of Schoharie.

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