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Kelsey, Otto..


1894, 95, '96.


Koster, J. S...



1895, '96. 1896.

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1895, '96.

New York


New York.. Clinton


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1895, '96.

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Laimbeer, F. E..
Lennon, Jr, James.
Leonard, W. H.....
Maccabe, James F..
Mackey, D. H..
Marshall, Henry.
McGraw, Edward.
McKeown, John
Meyer, Jr., G. W
Miles, I. C.
Miller, C. H.
Matteson, G. A
Murphy, P. H..
Myers. T. F.
Nixon, S. F.

O'Grady, J. M. E
Perkins, W. L....
Pierce, James H..
Post, E. F.

Reinhard, Jr., P. W.
Robbins, Fred. A..
Roche, P. H...

Rounds, E. B.

Sanders, A. U. Sanger, W.C... Saunders, F. P. Scherer, R. G.. Schmid. F.. Schmidt, E. L... Schulum, Joseph. Sears, T. A Sheldon, W. C.. Springer, O. H.. Steiner, H. L.... Sweet, Newton.

St. Lawrence 1896.
Cattaraugus. 1896.
Cattaraugus. 1896.
New York
New York

Monroe Kings Essex. Suffolk..

New York

New York...


1888, 89,

94, 95, 96.


1893, 94, 95, 96.


1870. 71, 72.


1894, 95, 96.


1883, 84, 85, '91,



1894, 95, '96.

[blocks in formation]

Costello, T. M..
Coughlin, C..

Cromwell, Morton.

Cullen, Thomas H...

Donnelly, T. F..
Downs, F. L..

Dudley, F. A...


New York





1894, 95, 96. 1896.

1894, 95, 96,

[blocks in formation]

Eldridge, T. J...


Finn, D. E..

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Harrison, J. S..




1895, '96. 1895, '96.

Hart, E. W.

New York




Hill, H. W.

[blocks in formation]

Wells, E. M...

Hobbie, W. R..

Hoffman, Benjamin. Horton, George S.... Hughes, F. G.... Huested, J. W.....

[blocks in formation]


Fitzgerald, J. B. Forrester, O. L.. Fritz, Jacob Gledhill, W. H. Glen, H. M... Goodsell, L. F. Gorham, C. B. Graves, W. B.. Gray, A. B. Green, Joseph I. Hanna, J. A...

Otsego Oneida. Dutchess New York

1894, 95, '96.

Van Keuren, W. S..

Wagstaff, Thos. H..

Warner, H. E..

Onondaga 1-96.




Powers and Duties of Speaker. Rule I. To take the chair, call to order, and, if a quorum be present, proceed to business.

Rule II. To preserve order, decide questions of order subject to appeal, appoint committees, except where otherwise ordered, substitute any member to perform duties of Chair, name chairman to preside in Committee of the Whole, and designate reporters. Not required to vote except where his vote would be decisive In case of disturbance may order galleries and lobby cleared. Ex-officio member and Chairman Committee on Rules.


Order of Business.

Rule III. Reading and correction of Journal; general order of business; not to be departed from, except, etc.; orders of the day specified; order of business after regular orders of any day concluded; orders of the day not finished, acted upon next day.


Rights and Duties of Members. Rule IV. Petitions, memorials, etc., how presented; bills to be deposited in "bill box," in charge of Clerk, and box kept locked; bills to be in duplicate and indorsed, etc.; original bills handed to Speaker; introduction of bills and reference to committees:

"copy" bills to be filed with Librarian, and open to public inspection.

Rule V. Indorsements on reports of committees, petition, memorial, remonstrance, notice or resolution.

Rule VI. To vote, unless excused or directly interested; what deemed bar of the House.


Order and Decorum.

Rule VII. Members to address Speaker, and be recognized by him before proceeding in debate, etc.

Rule VIII. Private discourse forbidden while member is speaking.

Rule IX. Member not to speak or leave his place while question is being put, or a count being had.

Rule X. Members to keep seats until Speaker declares House adjourned.


Order in Debate.

Rule XI. No member to speak more than twice, etc., without leave.

Rule XII. When member may be called to order; to take his seat, except, etc.

Rule XIII. Priority of business to be decided without debate.


Committees and their Duties. Rule XIV. Standing committees, list of, to be appointed.

Rule XV. Not adopted in 1895 or 1896.

Rule XVI. On revision; duties; all bills shall be so referred prior to third reading.

CHAPTER VII. Special Orders.

Rule XVII. Any matter may be made a special order by assent of twothirds; similar vote to postpone or rescind. Notice may be given last ten days making any matter special order.

Committee of the Whole.

Rule XVIII. Any matter committed to, by assent of two-thirds.

Rule XIX. Rules to be observed in. Rule XX. Bills shall receive three


[blocks in formation]

Rule XXIII. How introduced. Rule XXIV. Private, duced.

Rule XXV. From Senate, with accompanying documents, to be referred.

CHAPTER XIII. Assembly Chamber; and the Privileges of Admission to the Floor Thereof.

Rule XXXIX. Use of, may be granted to State Agricultural and other societies; application not to be entertained without unanimous consent.

Rule XL. Who may be admitted to floor of House.

Miscellaneous Provisions.

Rule XLI. Securing

presence of

Rule XLII. Call of House to secure

Rule XXVI. After first reading, to be referred to committee; committee may report without amendment or adversely; proceedings after report. Rule XXVII. Bills on second read-attendance of members. ing subject to debate before ordered to third reading to be considered section by section; time allowed in debate. Rule XXVIII. To receive three sep-ent yeas and nays to be called; conarate readings.

vote Speaker to order bar of House Rule XLIII. When less than quorum closed and roll called; if quorum pres

tempt to refuse to vote unless purged,

Rule XXIX. Not adopted in 1895 or etc. 1896.

Rule XXX. Not adopted in 1895 or House 1896.

Rule XXXI. Not adopted in 1895 or 1896.


Motions and their Precedence. Rule XXXII. When question under consideration, no motion received, except, etc.

Rule XXXIII. Motion to reconsider. Rule XXXIV. Motion to reconsider not to be reconsidered; what votes not to be reconsidered; recalling bill from the Governor for correction; vote for amendment to such bill may be taken immediately upon its return.



Rule XLIV. Persons before bar of for breach of Speaker to execute judgment. privileges; Rule XLV. House equally divided, question lost.

Rule XLVI. Division of question; motions to strike out or insert.

Rule XLVII. Entry of bill, order, member introducing same to be also motion, etc., on Journal; name of entered.

may be taken; to be entered on JourRule XLVIII. Yeas and nays, when nal.


unanimous consent to advance bill.
Rule XLIX. Roll-call on
Rule L. Not adopted in 1895 or 1896.
Rule LI. Reporters; Clerk not to is-
sue orders for stationery to, who are
also reporters for Senate.

Rule LII. Standing rules not to be changed, suspended or rescinded, ex

Rule XXXV. Certain, to lie over cept on notice; what notice to contain one day.

Rule XXXVI. Referring to printing extra copies, etc., to be referred to Committee on Public Printing.

Rule XXXVII. Calling for or leading to expenditures, to be referred.

[blocks in formation]

and when given.


House; no person except officers to be
Rule LIII. Persons privileged to use
of Clerk's desk during session
at Clerk's desk when years and nays
are called.

Rule LIV. Stenographer, duties of.
Rule LV. Questions of order and de-
cisions thereon to be entered in Jour-
as an appendix to Journal.
nal; at close of session to be printed

Rule LVI. Request of members to
be excused from voting, etc.

Rule LVII. Not adopted in 1895 or 1896.

Rule LVIII. Not adopted in 1895 or 1896.

Rule LIX. Sergeant-at-Arms not to allow smoking in Assembly Chamber, and to enforce rules.

Rule LX. Committees shall make final reports on all matters on or before April 5th; no bills introduced after that date except messages from Senate.

6. Not adopted in 1895 or 1896. 7. He shall designate the persons who shall act as reporters for the public press, not exceeding thirty in number; but no reporter shall be admitted to the floor who is not an authorized representative of 9 daily paper. Such reporters, so appointed, shall be entitled to such seats as the Speaker shall designate, and shall have the right to pass to and fro from such seats in entering or leaving the As

Rule LXI. Persons entitled to privi-sembly Chamber. lege of floor as legislative reporters; 8. He shall not be required to vote bills amending consolidation acts of in ordinary legislative proceedings, exNew York or Brooklyn or Codes must cept where his vote would be decisive. state number of chapter and statute In case of a tie vote the question shall to be amended and quote title and be lost. chapter; amendments must be underscored.


Powers and Duties of the Speaker. Rule I. The Speaker shall take the chair each day at the hour to which the House shall have adjourned. He shall call to order, and, except in the absence of a quorum, shall proceed to business in the manner prescribed by these rules.

Rule II. He shall possess the powers and perform the duties herein prescribed, viz.:

1. He shall preserve order and decorum, and, in debate, shall prevent personal reflections, and confine members to the question under discussion. When two or more members rise at the same time, he shall name the one entitled to the floor.

2. He shall decide all questions of order subject to appeal to the House. On every appeal he shall have the right, in his place, to assign his reason for his decision. In case of such appeal no member shall speak more than


3. He shall appoint all committees, except where the House shall otherwise order.

4. He may substitute any member to perform the duties of the Chair for a period not exceeding two consecutive legislative days, but for no longer period, except by special consent of the House.

5. When the House shall be ready to go into Committee of the Whole, he shall name a Chairman to preside therein.

He shall have general control, except as provided by rule or law, of the Assembly Chamber and of the corridors and passages in that part of the Capitol assigned to the use of the Assembly. In case of any disturbance or disorderly conduct in the galleries, corridors or passages, he shall have power to order the same to be cleared, and may cause any person guilty of such disturbance or disorderly conduct to be brought before the bar of the House. In all such cases the members present may take such measures as they shall deem necessary to prevent a repetition of such misconduct, either by the infliction of censure or pecuniary penalty, as they may deem best, on the parties thus offending.

9. He shall be ex-officio member and Chairman of the Committee on Rules.


Order of Business.

Rule III. The first business of each day's session shall be the reading of the Journal of the preceding day, and the correction of any errors that may be found to exist therein. Immediately thereafter, except on days and at times set apart for the consideration of special orders, the order of business, which shall not be departed from, except by a vote of two-thirds of the members present, to be determined by a call of the roll, shall be as follows:

1. Messages from the Governor and from the Senate, communications from State officers, reports from State institutions, and reports from the Committees on Revision and Printed and Engrossed Bills.

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