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LETTER OR FIRST-CLASS MATTER. Includes letters and all matter in the

nature of a personal correspondence, all manuscript copy for books, newspapers, etc. (except when accompanying printed proof-sheet of the same), all matter in a sealed package, or that is so inclosed that the contents can not be examined without injuring the wrapper; all matter wholly or partly in writing (except as hereinafter provided), and paintings and drawings produced by hand.

On mailable matter of the first-class, except postal cards, postage must be prepaid at the rate of two cents for each ounce or fraction thereof, including drop or local letters at post-offices having letter carriers; at offices having no carriers one cent per half ounce is charged on local letters.

Letter rate is charged on all productions of the manifold process by the copying press and by the typewriter.

Letters addressed to the care of another person, or wrongly delivered, | may be redirected, and if promptly returned to the post-office will be forwarded again without additional postage.

Letter rate of postage will be charged on all matter that has any communication in writing, or by any signs, except those noted under "Second," Third," or "Fourth" class matter, and upon all matter that is so inclosed that it can not be examined without destroying the wrapper.


The postage of one cent each is paid by the stamp impressed on these cards, vnd no further payment is required.

No card is a "postal card" except such as are issued by the Post Office Department. An ordinary printed business card may be sent through the mails when prepaid by a one cent postage stamp attached; but such card must contain absolutely no written matter except the address; otherwise it will be treated as not fully prepaid and refused admission into the mails.


All kinds of postal matter may be registered, except "second-class matter," at the rate of ten cents for each package, in addition to the regular postage rates.

SECOND-CLASS-NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICAL PUBLICATION. Mailable matter of this class embraces newspapers, magazines and other periodicals issued at stated intervals not exceeding three months, dated and numbered, having a list of legitimate subscribers, and not designed primarily for advertising purposes, nor for circulation fee, or at nominal subscription rates. When sent by the publisher or news agents, the rates of postage is twa cents per pound, payable in currency; and when sent by others, one cent for each four ounces, payable by postage stamps. The above rates apply also to foreign publications of the same character as those above named.

Publishers have the right to mail sample copies at the pound rate, but the words "sample copy" should be placed upon the wrapper.

Publications designed primarily for advertising purposes or for free circula

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Mailable matter of the third class embraces printed books, pamphlets, circulars, engravings, lithographs, proofsheets and manuscript accompanying the same, transient newspapers and periodicals (except those belonging in the second class), and all matter of the same general character, the printing on which is designed to instruct, amuse, cultivate the mind or taste, or impart general information, and not having the character of personal correspondence. Circulars produced by hectograph or similar process, or by electric pen, are rated as third class. Upon matter of this class, or on its wrapper, the sender may write his own name, preceded by the word "from," may mark any printed passage to call attention to it, may write date, address or signature of circulars, correct typographical errors, and write on cover or blank leaves of any book or of any other printed article of the third class, a simple dedication or presentation inscription not in the nature of personal correspondence. No other writing is permitted in or on third-class matter. The limit of weight for mail matter of the third class is four pounds, except in the case of single books exceeding that weight. The rate of postage on mail matter of the third class is one cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof.

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in its form or nature liable to destroy, deface, or otherwise damage the contents of the mail bag, or harm the person of anyone engaged in the postal service.

Other articles of the fourth class which, unless properly secured, might destroy, deface or otherwise damage the contents of the mail bag, or harm the person of anyone engaged in the postal service, may be transmitted in the mails when they conform to the fol lowing conditions: First, they must be placed in a bag, box or removable envelope made of paper, cloth or parchment; second, such bag, box or envelope must again be placed in a box of tube made of metal or some hard wood, with sliding, clasp or screw lid; third, in case of articles liable to break (as of glass), the inside box, bag or envelope must be surrounded by sawdust, cotton or spongy substance; fourth, in case of sharp-pointed instruments, the points must be capped or encased, so that they may not, by any means, be liable to cut through their inclosures; and where they have blades, such blades must be bound with wire, so that they shall remain firmly attached to each other; fifth, the whole must be capable of easy inspection.

All matter of the fourth class is sub. ject to a postage charge at the rate of one cent an ounce or fraction thereof, to be prepaid by stamps affixed.

Upon any packages of matter of the fourth class the sender may write or print his own name and address, preceded by the word "from," and there may also be written or printed the num⚫ ber and names of the articles inclosed; and the sender thereof may write upon or attach to any such article, by tag or label, a single mark, number, name or letter, for the purpose of identification only. No other writing permitted, but prices, sizes, etc., may be printed and sent in same package.

All packages of matter of the fourth class must be so wrapped or enveloped,

with open sides or ends, that their contents may be readily and thoroughly examined by postmasters without destroying the wrappers; but seeds, and other articles liable, from their form or nature, to loss or damage unless specially protected, may be inclosed in unsealed bags or boxes, which can readily be opened for examination of the contents and reclosed; or sealed bags, made of material sufficiently transparent to show the contents clearly without opening, may be used for such matter.

Merchandise in packages sealed by internal revenue stamps may be sent at fourth-class rates. Packages of matter of the fourth class may weigh not ex ceeding four pounds.

NOTE.-On any package of third or fourth-class matter there may be written or printed a request in the following or similar form: "If undeliverable, P. M. please notify and stamps

for return postage will be forwarded." Letters only are returned free to writers.

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