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L 1727

JUL 1930

[blocks in formation]

To the Senate and House of Representatives:

You have met as the representatives of the people of a great and growing State. You have been honestly elected. Perhaps not one of you holds his seat by a title that has a shadow on it. I congratulate myself on the character of my co-workers in the State's interest,--and the State. I am not unmindful, either, in this congratulation, that you are the choice, respectively, of a cleaner electoral constituency than the State has known for a generation. You ought to partake of the increased respectability of the voters and we have a right to assume that in intelligence and patriotism you cannot at least be inferior to the wisest and strongest and most patriotic like body which has met in our sacred halls since the great war. I appeal to you, as such, to see to it that the time heretofore trifled away in local legislation, the continuous hunt by representatives for local monetary or other small advantage to his immediate constituents shall be given to the larger study of questions affecting the whole State. It is fortunate for you, too, that local legislation is, in a large way, out of your reach. It has heretofore had a tendency to dwarf our legislative stature. Under new conditions, the largest personality, and the strongest, will take his easy place at the head. This is one of the blessings which the new Constitution brings us for which we should not be unthankful.


The labor which confronts you will demand your best efforts. If you have industry, you will have occasion for it; if learning, immediate need, and if patriotism,

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