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-Successes of the French.—The allied cause ruined by the defection of
Prussia and Spain.-King of Sardinia submits to France. Followed by the
duke of Parma.–Subsequent career of the French arms.—Buonaparte's pro-
fessions. He avails himself of the pope's wavering conduct to seize Bologna,
&c.—Buonaparte's abuse of power respecting the duke of Tuscany.-Conduct
of different Italian states.-Siege of Mantua.-Siege of Mantua.-Action with
Wurmser.-Buonaparte invades the Venetian territories.-Events of the cam.
paign in Germany.-Change of public opinion respecting France.-Effects of
that and heavy contributions.-Exploits of the archduke Charles.-Distresses
of the Dutch from their alliance with France. - Internal dissension in France.
-A conspiracy against the government. 07437. 154.3.2.NE!


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1786.- INSURRECTIONS in the Spanish colonies.-Reflections on them.
1788.-_ Line of conduct relative to the northern war.-Death of Charles the Third,

and accession of Charles the Fourth.
1789. - The king adopts pacific councils.
1790.--Dispute respecting Nootka Sound.
1791. - The king's conduct respecting France.
1792.- His majesty interposes to save the French king's life.
1793.- The king joins the coalition.
1794.— The court is thrown into consternation by the disasters of the campaign.
1795.- The king concludes a treaty of peace with France.
1796.- The king is forced to declare war against England.



COMMERCIAL treaty with Russia.
Portugal declares for neutrality.
The queen declares Lisbon a free port.


1786.- Affair of cardinal de Rohan, said to have been implicated in the affair of

the necklace.-See France.

1787.----Causes of 'dissatisfaction between the courts of Rome and Paris.

1788.---Transactions in France relative to the revenues of the church.

1789.- Pius experiences further mortification from the French government.

1790.--- -Pius's conduct relative to Avignon.-His ill-judged policy.

1791.— Disputes with the French government.

1792.- The pope discovers a disposition to take an active part against France.
1793. Pius's bad policy respecting France.
1796.-- See France for events of this and the next campaign in Italy.


Revolution in favour of the people.
Affair between Geneva and France.-Revolution at Geneva.-Merits of the
contest between the Swiss and France.
A revolution in favour of the French partisans.


1786.---TRANSACTIONS with Russia and the Porte.- New code of laws ordered and

new system of judicial proceedings.-Measures respecting the church.-Ordi.

nances respecting gaming.-See ecclesiastical history.
1787. Strennous resistance made to the emperor's arbitrary proceedings in the

Netherlands. He is forced to abandon his project.

1788. -Reflections on Joseph's conduct relative to the war with the Porte.-Strength

of his armies.--Events of the campaign.--His distress.-Affairs of the univer.

sities in the Netherlands.


-Events propitious to the emperor.--Events of the campaign.-The emperor's
health declines.-Civil war in the Netherlands.

1790.---Thc civil war continues.—Death of Joseph the Second and accession of

Leopold. -Characters.-Leopold's line of conduct.—Is raised to the imperial

throne.-Restores tranquillity in Hungary and the Netherlands.
1791. -Pacification in the Netherlands.-Treaty of Reichenbach.-Affair of Liege.

Congress of Mantua and Pilnitz.—Different sentiments of the emperor and
king of Prussia respecting France.—Plea for war in the infringement of

rights in Alsace.
1792.---The emperor's proposals relative to the war.-He dies and is succeeded by


1793. Policy of Prussia respecting Poland and France.

1794. See France and Poland for the events of this year.

1795. -See France for the events of this year.

1796.- State of Germany. - See France for the events of the campaign in Italy and


1786.- TREATY with Holland.-Death and character of Frederic the Second, and

accession of Frederic. William the Second. His character and popular mea.

1787.- Frederic William interposes in the affairs of Holland. His policy respecting

the affairs of the imperial courts and Turkey.
1788.-Frederic William's general line of policy.--His conduct respecting the war

in the east.-His perfidious conduct towards the Poles.

1789. See Poland and Russia.

1790.— See Germany and Poland.


-Councils of the Prussian court.

Conncils of

1793.- Frederic William grows indifferent to the common cause.Policy respecting

Poland. Proceedings in that country.

1794.- War in Poland and final partition of that country.

1795.- The king's conduct respecting the war.See France.

1796,- See Germany and France.






War with the Tartars, headed by a prophet named the Sheik Mansour.--
Events of it unfavourable to Russia.
The empress's progress to Cherson.-Interviews with the emperor and king
of Poland.—Consequences.—Potemkin's object in this progress.- Incidents
unfavourable to the friends of peace.-
Negotiations with France and other powers.—Plan of the campaign.
Russian naval force.--Events of the campaign.
The empress's policy.--Events of the campaign.

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1790.- -Events of the campaign in the Baltic.--Treaty of peace' with Sweden.

Events of the campaign with the Turks. 1791.-Conferences at Sistovia.--Conduct of the Anglo-Prussian allies.-Events of

the campaign.-Treaty concluded at Sistovia. Treaty of peace signed.

Prince Potemkin's death and character.". Les .' ; :" ) 1792.-—-Empress's conduct respecting Poland. !. . ." 1793.- Measures relative to Poland. in....!.

w 1794. War in Poland and final partition of that country. 1795.- Policy of the empress relative to the war with France.-She finally annexes

Courland to her empire.
1796. – The empress's schemes of conquest 'in Asia.— Negotiations—for a marriage

between the archduchess Alexandra and the king of Sweden-unsuccessful.
-Death and character of the empress.-Succeeded by the emperor Paul.
Changes at court.,

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POLAND. arueng isang ing ..

Toni P ille:)... 1788.— Policy of Prussia respecting this state. - . Bue nas 1789. -Character and circumstances of the Poles.-Effects of the feudal system.-

Measures adopted to 'free themselves from dependency on Russia. 1790.- Proceedings relative to a new constitution.New treaty with Prussia., ! 1791.

- The patriots frame a new constitution.—Nature of it. Behaviour of Prussia

and other powers on the occasion.—That of Russia. 1792.- Contrast between the Polish patriots and French democrats. --Conduct of

Frederic William.-Military events.-Conduct of Stanislaus. He prevails on

the states to lay down their arms.—The patriots protest.
1793.- Oppressive measures of Russia and -, Prussia.-Constrained assent of the diet.
1794.- The patriots make their last effort under the command of Kosciusko.-

Events of the campaign. Kosciusko carried prisoner to Petersburg.--The
patriots are defeated.—They submit.-Final partition of Poland.


1786. EVENTS of the war in Egypt. 1787. Feelings of the sultan and divan on the subject of the empress's progress..

-Consequent negotiations at the Porte. VOL. III.


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